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Gambit's Progress Thread

Gambit's Progress Thread

Restarted my PE journey four weeks ago, I’ve done PE on and off for a few years: This is the most consistent I’ve ever been in both routine in the recording of it.

WEEK 1-4

My routine actually began with pumping and jelqing, then pumping, hanging and jelqing.. and ultimately became hanging and then light jelqing. I realized I still wanted to gain enough length where pumping wasn’t a great idea right now, as most girth work probably isn’t.

The first week was when i was doing most of my research and weeks 2-4 I consistently followed this routine. (Testicular health massage added in the last week.)

10 Min Rice Sock Warmup
Testicular Health Massage with 60 pulls (To help me get rid of my turkey neck)
Hanging 6 sets x 4.5lbs x 20min
Testicular Health Massage 60 pulls
10 min Reverse Jelqing

I began with four sets Hanging Week 2, five sets Week 3, and for the last few days 6 Sets.

I’ve maximized my privacy time and after this week I will begin adding weight, 1lb a week.

As you can see below on my Avatar I’ve made some nice gains in the four weeks!

Very excited to chart the next four weeks of my journey!

Feb 14': EL: 7 1/8 BPEL: 7 1/2 EG (Base): 6 (Mid) 5 5/8 (Head): 4 1/8

Current: EL: 7 3/8 BPEL: 7 7/8 EG (Base): 6 (Mid) 5 5/8 (Head): 4 5/8

A couple of updates for WEEKS 5-8

* Cocoa butter in before and in between hanging sets to help the skin repair, I’ve been using for the last week its wonderful!

*Kegals. Erection quality is a huge thing for me as I’ve been on anxiety medication which can effect it. Right now my EQ is good, not great. I’ll be adding apx 500-600 kegals to every hanging session.

Feb 14': EL: 7 1/8 BPEL: 7 1/2 EG (Base): 6 (Mid) 5 5/8 (Head): 4 1/8

Current: EL: 7 3/8 BPEL: 7 7/8 EG (Base): 6 (Mid) 5 5/8 (Head): 4 5/8

Finally a measurement update!


In these weeks I had to make a few changes.

First off I had gone as high as 8lbs hanging which was too much weight and was hurting my EQ. I took a few days off towards the end and started hanging again with 6lbs after a few days.

My routine was pretty much the same, the last two days I’ve been applying heat with a heating pad while hanging and jelqing for 15 minutes instead of 10. I’ve also cut my hanging sets from 6 to 5.

I’m basically trying to do as little as possible while keeping the soreness meaning I’m deforming the ligaments but keeping erection quality.

Reverse kegals have also been AMAZING in helping me achieve better erections.

My EL has gone from 7 1/4” to 7 3/8”

My BPEL has gone from 7 13/16” to 7 7/8”

My BEG has decreased because I’ve changed the way I’ve measured, but its actually grown I can tell. I’ve been using a ball strap to hold my balls back when I measure because I have some Turkey Neck which is just a pain in the ass to measure with. My BEG with the Turkey
Neck was 6 1/2” .. pulling all of that skin away from the base, tying my balls down and measuring now I am 6”. Those my base has grown I am going to continue to measure this way because I feel it is more accurate. My base is fucking huge.

My HEG has gone from 4 1/2” to 4 5/8”. So much of this has to do with EQ for me which is why it took a while for me to get a great measurement. The reverse kegels are helping a ton. I’d like to add some size here most of all. It’s coming, patience.. I also do a lot of my jelqs from halfway up the penis and out in order to try and get my penis more consistent in size. I don’t need base girth, though its clearly still growing so I’m focusing my jelqs towards the head, upper shaft region. I liken it to going to the gym, having great biceps and lacking triceps. You do more triceps work.

I took a Mid Shaft Erect Girth measurement for the first time. 5 5/8”. Also pretty huge.

So how do I feel after another four weeks. First off, when my dick is hard it feels bigger. EQ has been a definite issue for me which I’ve posted about in more extent in the hangers forum if you’re interested to read about it. I find that doing as little hanging work while still reaching fatigue helps a lot as well as the reverse kegels. Also jelqing not too hard seems to be helping my EQ.

Making some great gains, see you in another four weeks!!!!

Feb 14': EL: 7 1/8 BPEL: 7 1/2 EG (Base): 6 (Mid) 5 5/8 (Head): 4 1/8

Current: EL: 7 3/8 BPEL: 7 7/8 EG (Base): 6 (Mid) 5 5/8 (Head): 4 5/8


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