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Gainers list.

Gainers list.

In this thread we will see members with penile growth from 05-17-2018, this will serve as a comparison between the results of the angion method that began on the date mentioned and the results of the members who practice real PE in their different ways.

First, I will put the links with photos and secondly testimonies without photos.

This list is incomplete at the moment, it has been a work of the moderator Alberto25 that will be completed little by little.

Progress of manual PE exercises during the last months of 2018 with pics:

May 2018.
Gava - Me Decidi
Gained in 3 months of PE exercises: 2.5 cm. of erect length and 0.2 cm in Girth.

July 2018.
elojodelenny - Incursionando en el PE Fotos Progreso
Gained in one month of PE exercises: 1.0 cm. of EL

August 2018.
Xml77 - Inicio y progreso de X77
Gained in 2 months of PE exercises: 0.8 cm. of EL

August 2018.
Mis Progresos En 5 Meses
Gained in 5 months of PE exercises: 2.5 cm. of EL

August 2018.
MegaXL - Mi Nuevo Comienzo
Gained in one month and 6 days of PE exercises: 0.5 cm in EL and 0.5 cm in EG

September 2018.
quake004 - Mi rutina y fotos
Gained in 2 months of PE exercises: 1.3 cm in EL

October 2018.
Tras 3 meses
Gained in 3 months of PE exercises: 1.5 cm EL and 0.5 cm of EG

October 2018.
Progreso con ganancias - Consejos
Gained in 23 days of PE exercises: 2.0 cm of EL

April 2018.
Le mie foto
Gained 5.5 cm. EL.

October 2018.
Dick Growing28 - Progress To Soon
Gained 0.5 cm. EL of erect length in two weeks of PE.

October 2018.
cabbie - Cab’s new Pictures
Gained 3.5 cm of erect length with PE exercises.

October 2018.
bobikar - Post flaccid and erect pics
Gained 0,9 cm. EL.

October 2018.
My Progress
Gained in the first month 0,7 cm. EL.

October 2018.
Nadgar - Nadgar’s Progress report and pictures
Gained in two months, 1.8 cm. EL.

October 2018.
Sunny008 - My journey
Gained 2.0 cm. EL in three months of PE.

October 2018.
1 Inch gain so far
Gained 1 inch EL in two months of PE.

November 2018.
negrob - Fotos inicio
Gained 0,5 cm. EL in three months of PE.

Progress of manual PE exercises during the last months of 2018 without pics:

October 2018.
Feliz pero confuso
Gained in 5 month: 1cm. of EL.

October 2018.
3 Meses De PE
Gained in 3 months of PE exercises: 1,7 cm. EL

October 2018.
Target1814 - Empiezo rutina para novatos y quiero compartirlo
Gained in 3 months of PE exercises: 1,8 cm. EL

September 2018.
Arma3000 - Diario di Arma3000
Gained 1.0 cm. EL and 0,5 cm, EG.

September 2018.
Antanior - Antanior - Diario di Antanior[/b]
Gained 2.7 cm. EL and 1,4 cm. EG.

New to PE

Actually Working

September 2018.
Nuevo Miembro
Gained in four months: 1,5 cm. EL and 1,0cm. EG.

December 2018.
4 months progress
Gained 0.3” EL and 0.1” EG in four months and a half

January 2019.
Experiencia en casi 6 meses
Gained 4cm. EL and 0,4 EG in six months

Only this at the moment, I have to fix some things, this is just in Spanish forums and there is more inside it, also I’ll have to put the English and Italian forums as well.

-First update-, I have more to add :)
-Second update-

Spread word about this thread for justice

This is an extremely good thread. Well done Mr. Peavy and thank you for this contribution. I am an avid lurker on this website and actually just wanted to thank you for this.

This is my first post. Ever. Never thought I would post, let alone create a profile. Peace out guys, hope everyone has ample opportunities and success!

P.S. I’ve seen you on this website in Italian forums I think, Mr. Peavy. ::back into my lurker cave::

P.P.S. New Chapter.. As jy hier is, hoop jys duidelik my bra. Hierdie kallid sien jou ook, haha. Peace bra.

Don't hate me

Long time lurker, posting to comment now that I’ve checked all the links and most of the gains seem to be due to the reporters measuring differently, I really want this to work just as much as everyone else in here, but the gains don’t seem real.
Just to clarify, I don’t think the guys are lying on purpose, it’s just the bias of really wanting this to work that leads you to take any measurement that gives you gains as progress, even when it’s done in a different way than the initial pictures.

For measurement pictures to be even comparable you need to take them in the same conditions (same point of view, same penis angle, always either standing or sitting but not mixing them up, same point at the base of the penis and not slightly to any side and crossed across the length, etc).

I know no one has an obligation to provide progress pics and they do so to share with the community and make everyone feel optimistic about this, but just wanted to point out that these pics are not any better than no pics because there was no consistence in the process between the first pics and the gain pics.

The good thing is that it’s really easy to fix, all they have to do is post pictures taken in the same way and the same conditions as their initial ones.

I hope no one takes this the wrong way.


Don’t worry, there is a lot more to come, it takes time… :)

As I said in the first post, I have to fix some things, this thread is under construction, first is the compilation of material so that it can be edited later, in the very first post.

These members are new, more photos will come in the future and testimonies without photos.

Originally Posted by morganduck
The good thing is that it’s really easy to fix, all they have to do is post pictures taken in the same way and the same conditions as their initial ones.

Could you help? Go to the links and ask them to measure in the same way for the next time.

I don’t have so much time to work on this material very fast, my moderator and administrator tasks are first and most important for the page in its four languages.

Have a good day.

Nice thread dude, awesome work

Originally Posted by Sweaty rod
Nice thread dude, awesome work

I’m gonna do a serious update next week… :)

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