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From Lurker to Jerk-er

From Lurker to Jerk-er

Ok, not my most clever play on words, but hey, it’s a start. I’ve had TP come to my attention several times, and I’ve poked my head around, but not gotten involved. Today that has changed. It’s probably in good order to share a little about myself.

So first, the name: TugnShrug, it is a summary of my attitude towards PE, or rather, the attitude I try to consciously cultivate. I have a tendency to become obsessive, so it is to me a reminder — that this is a hobby and for my own pleasure, not a means of self actualization or anything that defines me.

A little about my history with PE. As a kid I was pretty self conscious of my size, so I spent a lot of time on the internet trying to figure out how to get past the pay-walls to learn the “secret techniques passed down through the generations by Arab men”, and even researching PE surgery.

In college I spent some money on devices, I had a stretching device, similar to Size Genetics that mostly sat in my closet (Have you ever tried to wear one of those things while trying to lead anything other than a sedentary lifestyle?) I also had a Bathmate Hercules. I used the BM religiously over one summer and by the end of the summer I was getting an awful case of ring-dick every time, so I retired the old BM and upgraded. Well, circumstances over the last couple of years didn’t really afford me the kind of time and privacy needed for regular pumping so the new BM also sat in my closet for a couple of years.

So, It’s 2015, and here I am pouring all this out to the inter-webs, I’ve gone through a few major lifestyle changes (for the better) this last year, and as a result I have much more privacy and free time. Shortly after new-years I started pumping fairly regularly, moving from once to twice daily, then after a short break I had a really startling experience. My EQ took a nosedive (even with Tadalafil in my system, Yikes!) and subsequent pumping sessions seemed to yield almost no benefit, not even the temporary swelling attributed to fluid retention. So Earlier this week I started the Newbie Routine, as well as adding MgCL to the pumping sessions and my erections are back with a vengeance as well as an overall healthier dangle.

So without further adieu, here is my routine, which is also posted on my stats page:

2 days on 1 day off, twice daily (morning and night):

10 min: Soak in tub
20 Min: Pump w/ Bathmate and ~23g MgCL in tube.
5 Min: BTC stretch (+15 Sec each calendar day)
10 Min: Wet Jelq (+30 Sec Each Calendar day)

Off days: 2x 10 min testicular massage (to increase size and help with hormone production)

Where I Have indicated +time this is to eventually arrive at 10 min stretch and 30 minute Jelq as per the official newbie routine. When I Hit 6 weeks I will start thinking about adding more stretches and exercises.


The Cum Holy Grail (Thank You Enigmatize)
(1) L-Arginine, 1000mg Strength, Taken 1 time daily = 1000mg
(2) Zinc, 50mg Strength, Taken 1 time daily = 50mg
(3) Pygeum, 100mg Strength, Taken 2 times daily = 200mg
(4) Lecithin, 1200mg Strength, Taken 1 time daily = 1200mg

For increased libido and testicular growth:

Damiania 800mg Taken 2x daily = 1600mg
Tongkat Ali 200mg, Taken 4x daily = 1000mg (double morning dose)
Yohimbe HCl 2.5mg, Taken 2x daily = 5mg
Horny Goat Weed 750mg, Taken 2x daily = 1500mg
Tribulus Terrestris 250mg, Taken 1x daily = 250mg
Ashwagandha 450mg, Taken 1x daily = 450mg

Obviously several of these supplements will require cycling, I’ll get in to the specifics of my cycle as it develops, I will probably adjust the dosages on several of these supplements as well.

I take a scoop (leftover from a tub of protein powder) of Ancient Minerals and dissolve it in to a little bit of water in the tip of the BM (getting poked in the dick with MgCL shards is not awesome) The next part is kind of tricky and took some practice: I flood the BM to 3/4 full and go in hard, then pump out the air and as much water as it takes to get to max pressure. After that it’s pretty simple, I read and occasionally up the pressure for the next 20 minutes. When I’m done I rinse out the the BM as usual and hang it to dry.

Adding the MgCl was an excellent decision. I’m sure there are some confounding factors like change in the viscosity of the water resulting in a better seal but the pumping sensations just feels better and slightly warmer. Also some unsightly spots I had developed almost completely vanished after the first MgCl pump. Finally, after the pump my skin felt thoroughly elastic as well as my EQ being much better than previous pumps. I think the fact that it is being applied under negative pressure increases trans dermal absorption.

Edit: As of yet no negative effects on the pump. The new BM doesn’t seem that great in quality anyways, so I’ve adopted a “ride it ‘till the wheels fall off” attitude. I’ll get something better after I kill this one.

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The Penomet pump was better IMO but as overpriced.
A real simple pro gauge pump beats them all.
But it could be a hassle with such a water mix but surely possible.

I will try it it with magnesium. Have a 20 kg container sitting around lol. Its dirt cheap vs. the ancient minerals B.S( its the same I think as the one you get in a aquarium shop basicly. I dont believe the A.M guys travel to “antarctica” to get the “purest” mag)
I did it with Vit C water but didnt notice any influence of the C. Was unsure about mag cause its so oily disrupting the valves but dont care aboout the equipment anymore too.

with unsightly spots you mean discolorations due to pumping?

lol you lurked since 2005.

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Damn.. It was a weird decade. Things are so much better now, the fact that I have time for PE is amazing.

I saw something about using MgCl here on TP, and just put in an Amazon prime order for the first one that popped up. The stuff is cheap to be sure, and I’m using such small amounts since I’m only putting it in the tube that the price is really negligible.

You might call the spots blood blisters, I didn’t really consider them a symptom of overpumping, because if anything I’ve scaled back on the pumping recently and they got worse. I think it has more to do with the chemical side of things, so no surprise the MgCL did the trick.

I’m also thinking about clamping later down the road, as it seems this is the way to get girth which is what I really want (and If I get a little length along the way so be it) and I understand this causes some discoloration, so I would definitely find a way to integrate this treatment.

Do you mean in regards to integrating clamping? So Pump-clamp-pump?

Let me know if you observe any changes with your supplements.

Will do, but I think it will be a little hard to tell.

I’m throwing throwing a lot at it right now, I just added DMSO gel as my Jelq lube. If this were something I were doing professionally I would want to figure out what’s effective and what’s not (Think their might be a market for professional PE coaches anyone?). But since what I’m interested in personally is gains, and not separating out confounding factors, I’m afraid my data won’t be much better than: “that guy did a bunch of stuff to his dick and it (hopefully) got bigger”.

For sure though, I will try to do regular updates, If there are two things I spend a lot of time with it’s my dick and my computer.

So, I’ve been on my supplements for a couple of weeks now. The biggest difference I’ve noticed is an increase/change in body odor, and a slight increase in spontaneous and morning erections, but that could be the PE. I don’t have any other solid data to suggest that the supplements are affecting testosterone production (like changes in ball size). I’ve had a couple instances recently of my girlfriend and an acquaintance telling me that I smelled amazing on sweaty days, and I sense perhaps a subtle increase in sexual interest towards me in social settings. It’s my understanding that male pheromones are a byproduct of testosterone, so that’s what I am guessing is happening here. I should also note that I haven’t worn deodorant for years, so it could be possible for someone taking the exact same stack as me to have none of these effects if they are a deodorant wearer.

Sounds good. Just keep going. If you have positive signs then jsut keep on doing what you do. No need to increase time/intensity or anything else until you stall or get problems.

Originally Posted by TugnShrug
Do you mean in regards to integrating clamping? So Pump-clamp-pump?

yes thats a good way to do it.
But introduce everything with the lowest possible intensity and watch how you react to the exercise.

Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!

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