From a newbie to newbies

Hello everyone. Let me start off with thanking every member for every post and every reply. I have learned a lot and because of that my first 2 weeks of PE have gone extremely well.

This is my first post and what I want to do is quickly list what I have noticed, what I have learned and what progress I have seen. It’s intended to for me to receive input for the future, and for newbies like myself to read so they can see just one more man’s journey through PE.

Some background, I’m a 45 happily married man, married to the same woman for 23 years. Active (very active) sex life. I’ve taken care of myself and have been generally satisfied with the size of my unit. I wanted to give this a try to see what happens. Already I feel more masculine and more in control of my own aging body. Very positive PI. Also note.. My wife has no idea I’m doing this! I will post when she asks me what’s going on or if she actually notices a size increase. I figure that would be a great benchmark for those starting to see when an average woman would notice a size change with something she’s known for years.

Results :
     •EQ substantially better. Better all around, but especially on a rest day. That was noticed by day 2.
     •Impressive FL/FG gains. That was noticed by day 7
     •EL/EG gains took about 14 days to really be seen.
     •Much more vascurlarity

What I’ve learned about me from member posts and personal experience:
     •I’m a tight ass. I clench my kegel muscles all the time and realized it’s not good. I actively relax now and that has made a difference in FL
     •My shaft is already slightly discoloured. I attribute this to extensive masturbation throughout my life
    •Warming up is VERY important
    •Stretching is not comfortable for me
    •Overhand grip works best for me
    •Wet jelqing is most comfortable for me
    •I struggle to stay hard enough when jelqing (it’s work, like math) so I need some soft visual stimulation during a session
    •Slow and steady is always better. I focus on the jelq count and less on time
    •Rest is very important for me. That’s when I noticed better EQ and gains

I have been doing a modified newbie sort of routine. Good warm up and started with only 25 good slow jelqs. Took that up to 50, and now at around 200 by the end of the second week. For me it was all about how I felt, not about a rigid routine. I feel it’s very important to listen to your body and using that in conjunction with all the information you find in this forum to be successful without injury.

I hope something in this post is helpful to someone. I wish my johnson was as long as my post!