Focus Progress

I’m about a month into my PE journey and things are going surprising well. After my first week I think I got a little too gung-ho and ended up getting some veins that were borderline thrombosed so I backed off for a couple of days until they cleared up. A couple of weeks later I’m noticing that after a good session the veins overall are just bigger and more pronounced, I’ve never seen them like that before, so I’m wondering if that’s something that just comes with PE/ slash a growing penis?

I’m still doing the newbie routine religiously making sure to thoroughly warm up and stretch before jelqing. This week and leading up to this week I’ve definitely been noticing a lot of changes to my penis both at rest and after a session. First off my flaccid hang actual hangs, where as before I was more of a pointer. Also my penis seems more relaxed and I definitely don’t turtle nearly as much as before. My EQ has been out of this world, consistent rock hard. I’ve been noticing the head of my penis definitely growing but after last night’s PE session my entire penis felt different in my hand so I (maybe foolishly) grabbed my ruler and tape and sure enough the temporary post workout pump had me at BPEL of 7” and a mid-shaft EG of 6”

I know those are just temporary, in the moment measurements, and it’ll take a while to actually cement those gains, but I see and feel the difference in my penis after just a month of consistent PE. We’ll see what the next month brings.