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Gaining volume with IPR

Gaining volume with IPR

Firstly I need to thank many senior PEers for a great information and sharing your experiences.
So far I have reached gains:

BPEL 18cm ->19 +1
BPSFL 18cm->19.9 +1.9
MSEG* 13.15cm->13.97 +0.72

*Documented mseg is average from base (15.0), mid-shaft (14.0) and behind the glans (12.9) girths for more accurate volume calculation.
Measurements are taken being two days off PE and geared with 50mg of Viagra.

I already had previous experiments on PE from years back so I knew a little what to except. I used to have optimistically measured 17cm BPEL when I first introduced myself to stretching with a homemade ADS device in late 90´s. I have also experienced some chemical PE with IGF1-LR3 with pumping and edging about ten years ago. This was the time at the peak of my bodybuilding journey. Actually some gains were made but no documentation or gains(?) are left.

I started my new journey 3 months ago (Sept.2018) and since been educating myself and trying different things and methods which should suit my purposes. Firstly the actual purpose was to find a betterment on slightly poor EQ. As you can imagine it turned out to some efforts to gain some more. Starting measurements are taken after two weeks on newbie jelging.
I have used no particular routine but I have worked on myself 2-5 times a week. Newbie Jelqing, manual stretches, fulcrum stretches, stretcher device, hanging, Ulis, and little bit of clamping too. I have made some newbie gains with minimal efforts and I am hopeful that there is more to come.
I started to make it more serious after measuring at two months point in PE. Last four weeks I have been working in a more controlled way with more work and fewer rest days. I can see more efforts put in given slightly better gains. Trend is a bit steeper upwards.

Next to investigate is it the program or workload making these elevating gains. I will keep the routines because gaining and instead doing more I will insert more resting to my program. Even more days of resting outside the program will be included depending on EQ and days having sex. I still have some ED and EQ issues to combat with.
My goals are learning how to reach and maintain EQ as best as possible and gaining some noticeable size both length and girth over the time. I have some numbers in my mind but not obsessed with them at this point. First goal is to keep these gains coming as long as possible at level they are now.

I have a severe “steel cord” so I am not going to bang my head to the wall with it this time. There for I have purchased an ultrasound therapy device to heat all up. Also I am very curious if in long run US itself will have some positive effects on EQ and in vascular growth combined with AM.
This turned out to be the magic. I hit the wall at previous attempts being not able to stretch flaccid length beyond BPEL at that particular moment. Now with US heat I have made serious gains on flaccid stretched length and I am convinced that with a good program I will make some actual gains in erectile measurements as well.
Next three months will be first really serious program to work with. This is based on my tryouts as a newbie and knowledge gathered previously and on studying hundreds of posts here at thunders. It will be the start point and I am looking for monthly gains. In case not gaining routines will be re-evaluated.

Program will be kind of version of IPR protocol. Two days I phase where day one workloads still hitting only elastic range and day two to targeting slightly on the plastic side.
Day three will be P phase with ADS type stretcher and very low US while on ADS. Day four is R phase with AM 2/3 practices. Day five is R day for relax not touching the unit at all excluding some opportunistic sex. Running these cycles five time in a row and then taking at least five days off from anything but AM and low US eod .
If gains are made first month next round is made with same program. When gains eventually start to slow down or stopping completely deconditioning break will be taken.

Looking forward

START 18 cm / 13.15 cm Jul 24th 2018 (7.09 / 5.18 inches)

NOW 21.1 cm / 15 cm May 4th 2019 (8.31 / 5.92 inches)

GOAL 8.5 / 6 inches

Hello, Kyrpa

Nice report and structure for the next cycle of gain. How did you get to buy an US equipment, is it worth it?

How would you comment on your girth gains?

Current stats no serious PE 02/23/2018

BPEL 7.2" MEG 4.3

I need girth, feel free to message for advice

4 months and 1 Inch in BPFSL

Firstly I have to mention that I am very satisfied with the gains and the program I am following.
As planned before I managed to run 5 days cycles 5 times. Totaling 75 hours of PE and 11 days of resting.
66 hours were stretching with equipment and rest were various manual exercises.

Workouts were different than were planned though. I was forced to use a lots of ADS and manual stretching due minor breakage on Penimaster. I measured the load of ADS in use to be approximately averaging 0,9kg. Never used more than 6 hours a day.

My approach with hitting the “cord” as gently as possible and making hardest stretches only after making everything out of elastic limits is proven to be fruitful.

I have made huge step on BPSFL jumping from 18cm to 20.8cm in four months. That is more than 1 inch. BPEL is following slowly as is flaccid length as well. I am fully concentrated on gaining length and still making good gains on girth too.
Half of an inch in BPEL and almost another half in girth.
Jelqing kept minimal I guess girth gains are coming from manual fulcrum stretches and simply from CC and CS having some strain now “cord” is giving away a little bit.

START 18 cm / 13.15 cm Jul 24th 2018 (7.09 / 5.18 inches)

NOW 21.1 cm / 15 cm May 4th 2019 (8.31 / 5.92 inches)

GOAL 8.5 / 6 inches

Originally Posted by Dr Cock
Hello, Kyrpa
Nice report and structure for the next cycle of gain. How did you get to buy an US equipment, is it worth it?
How would you comment on your girth gains?

Hi there Dr Cock,

Read a lots of benefits with heat and after some tryouts was convinced there simply is no other way to really be sure of getting your unit to be heated enough inside.
There are other reasons as well. Referring in many studies low intensity ultrasound has positive effects on arranging collagen orientation and angiogenesis as well.

In my case US heat is all was needed for me to start gaining. As simple as that.

I am gaining in girth and guessed the reasoning in post above. I really can’t say if heating is benefiting in that area also. Maybe so.

START 18 cm / 13.15 cm Jul 24th 2018 (7.09 / 5.18 inches)

NOW 21.1 cm / 15 cm May 4th 2019 (8.31 / 5.92 inches)

GOAL 8.5 / 6 inches

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Detailed view of 4th month

Monthly update on progress, which is measurable

BPEL 19cm ->19.3 +0.3
BPSFL 19.9cm->20.8 +0.9
MSEG* 13.97cm->14.3 +0.33

*Documented mseg is average from base (15.5), midshaft (14.2) and behind the glans girth (13.2) for more accurate volume calculation.
Measurements are taken being two days off PE and geared with 50mg of Viagra.

I am taking measurements more often than posting here in stats. I ha ve made charts for lenght and girth progress. On chart 1 you can see arrows pointing where is the ultimate goals.
In my chart can be seen few trajectories drawn from latest data points for getting a glue where we are going in short term.

The dotted trend line is chosen to be logarithmic for a reason. I did brake down some stats of the great gainers and plot them out on excel.
Inserting logarithmic trend line for each ones lenght gains showed to be correlating relatively good on stats data available.
Meaning initial gains firstly follow the steep portion of the logarithmic curve and when gains start to slow down they eventually start to follow the later part of the curve.
Bad news is that gains will slow down and the good news are they are more predictable after one have reached his initial gains.

Attached Images
Chart 1.PNG
(145.3 KB, 88 views)

START 18 cm / 13.15 cm Jul 24th 2018 (7.09 / 5.18 inches)

NOW 21.1 cm / 15 cm May 4th 2019 (8.31 / 5.92 inches)

GOAL 8.5 / 6 inches

5th month in. Still gaining in every field and yet to re-think processes

Monthly update on progress, which is measurable
BPEL 19.3cm ->19.7 +0.4
BPSFL 20.8cm->21.2 +0.4
MSEG* 14.3 cm->14.4 +0.1
Volume is now up by 32%
*Documented mseg is average from base (15.0), midshaft (14.5.) and behind the glans girth (13.7) for more accurate volume calculation.
Measurements were taken being two days off PE and should be mentioned that without Viagra this time.

I have to say I was so pleased with the gains that decided to cut this period early and take a longer break over Christmas holidays. Everything seems to be working quite nicely so there is no rush needed.
Back to the original program as I managed to get my PM working again. So the main difference this month was, it didn’t contain manual stretching as a main component like month 4 did. To be exact no manual stretching at all. I also made some modifications to PMP which seems to be working perfectly.

Some slipping in workout schedule and improvisation as this time I managed to run those 5 days cycles for a 3 times and one extra long cycle with prolonged rest included. Totaling only 31,5 hours of PE and 17 days of resting in 30 days long period.
24 hours were stretching with equipment and rest were mainly girth orientated exercises.
I did´t make such a huge step on BPSFL like previous month as it was predictable. BPEL is growing steadily at the rate of ~ 3mm per month and it took a slight jump upwards at the end because of some tweaks in the procedures. The most developed portion was flaccid length as it jumped nicely and is shown with visually larger hung all day long starting immediately after girth work was introduced.

Over the months I have managed to pull a significant difference in BPFSL and BPEL measures. At highest it was 17mm which is way more than it is ever been. When I started in July the difference was plain zero. Same time EQ has dropped lately as it feels that the amount of blood filling the unit is not enough to fill it and sometimes kind of collapses while trying.
This would be the time to take profit of a theory of TGC presented here at TP years ago. To make a room for growth, one need to get BPFSL/ BPEL difference to be near to ~ 0.5 inch (12,7mm) or more. As this should be enough to confirm that tunica isn’t limiting penile growth at this point.

Then one must focus on exercises which will give you better tools to produce more smooth muscle size and make sinusoid chambers on your CCs larger. This would speed up the process to get better BPEL.
Theory as it is presented includes some major flaws on basic anatomy. For example smoothmuscle orientation and the way they operate in complex environment are misunderstood.
The whole picture is really more complicated and to take good look on it these links below to provide some answers and hints on anatomical point of view.

Physiology and the mechanism of erection explained here very thoroughly:

Below link has interesting findings of skeletal and smooth muscle in penis structures. I will take a closer look on this later on because building skeletal muscles is what I know for sure. Seems that it is plausible to train them and put some muscle mass as well. Will get back on this in separate post as I will start to train these muscles specifically.
Interesting thing is the paucity of collagen fiber bundles in longitudinal layer of TA in the area between 5 o’clock to 7 o’clock. In fact there lays a ventral thickening at bottom of each CC chamber which could be easily grown and stretched with a proper tools to work with. Reasoning behind this claim is the finding ventral thickening and CS containing lots of smooth muscle and more interestingly long fibers of skeletal muscle in them.

Anatomy of the Human Penis.pdf

Despite the gaps and errors in TGC theory the principle is solid to me. In fact there have been PE ers whom have tried it in practice with significant results. They have managed to form new volumetric mass with girth orientated exercises on their units.
Which then brought their BPEL approximating their BPFSL. Main tools have been jelqing and related exercises, pumping and clamping.
As the BPEL approximates BPFSL then more tunica and septum stretching is introduced to get the BPFSL to a new level and so on.
Some would say that if you are growing at least by rate of 3mm per month there is really no need to change anything. Also some could immediately start to yell that one must do length before girth otherwise length gains would stall.
As I have personally managed to perform both simultaneously to date with a reasonable rate I am not concerned about it so much. Should I be remains to be seen.

At halfway of this period I doubled jelqing time in my program and also introduced some narrow cylinder pumping and mild to mediate clamping.
These changes lead to BPEL gains increasing while no positive effect on girth. Introducing pumping and clamping brought initially better spontaneous EQ. Jelqing on its own for some reason have always been negative for me EQ wise. Overall EQ stays not so good still.

Growing the penis is still one of the last frontiers and sticking to repeat the established mantras leaves still too many dicks not growing as they should. At least this is what I personally like to claim.

Merry Christmas

START 18 cm / 13.15 cm Jul 24th 2018 (7.09 / 5.18 inches)

NOW 21.1 cm / 15 cm May 4th 2019 (8.31 / 5.92 inches)

GOAL 8.5 / 6 inches

Penimaster modification

My method of stretching takes a lot of dedication and precision to be done as it should.
As a simplification main workout consists tree phases which are stress relaxation, plastic stretching and remodeling phases.
I have posted some description of it in discussion at
Loading, lengthening, healing.

For stress relaxation the standard Penimaster springload is enough to lengthen the penis to its elastic limit within 45-60 minutes time.

After that I used to bring it beyond the elastic limit to a plastic zone heated and loading it in stretching sets with a elastic band. It involves lot of work to produce a workout precisely enough this way.

Remodeling or cool down was done in original Penimaster setup with rods adjusted to their maximum length and keeping penis cooling at its stretched length while cooling down.

In a need to have more precise set up and to simplify the whole process I made some modifications to Penimaster. Now it has a two phase setup with original springs to stress relaxation and a stronger springs at the top end for plastic stretch and remodeling.
Using only half length of the adjustment rods in first phase there is enough adjustment left to reach work load up to 5kg with this set up.

Now everything is consistent and simple to perform and it is working effectively enough for recommend to give it a try. This set up allows to produce the whole process completely without any extra work and multiple moves within.
Not working with stretching sets anymore as I am now just adjusting these stronger springs and keeping stretched consistent for a 30 minutes and another 30 mins for a cool down.
Now I can concentrate in heating the unit and it also allows me to move freely and do something else while still doing these intensive and precise stretching workouts.

Also the vacuum head has modification as I have mounted a female vacuum valve on tip of it. For producing vacuum LeLuv pistol pump with a gauge is used.

After many experiments I have found a set up with blue diaphragm and sluice to have minimum slippage with them. When vacuum is produced I remove the plastic ring off from sluice and let it float as a cock ring on the surface at edge of the sluice.

Attached Images
(1.22 MB, 103 views)

START 18 cm / 13.15 cm Jul 24th 2018 (7.09 / 5.18 inches)

NOW 21.1 cm / 15 cm May 4th 2019 (8.31 / 5.92 inches)

GOAL 8.5 / 6 inches

I asked moderators to change the topic of this tread to be more describing one. Initial topic was kind of a shortsighted as I am planning to continue this journal for years.

Starting later on today after a week of rest. Measured the morning wood to be 20 cm but after clearing my vision measured just 19,7 cm.

START 18 cm / 13.15 cm Jul 24th 2018 (7.09 / 5.18 inches)

NOW 21.1 cm / 15 cm May 4th 2019 (8.31 / 5.92 inches)

GOAL 8.5 / 6 inches

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Intresting thread, great gains - are you heating whilst in the penimaster?

Start - 6.3 x 5.0 | Current - 6.9 x 5.3

Short term goal - 7.5 x 5.5... The dream Goal 8.5 x 6.3

Focusing on length first...

Originally Posted by BearMeat
Intresting thread, great gains - are you heating whilst in the penimaster?

Yes I am and by US only when stretched. And I strongly recommend that it is the only way ultrasound should be used if person is doing any kind of PE.

According to several studies low intensity ultrasound is effective in increasing collagen organization while strained and in the early stages of the healing process and also to promoting synthesis of type I collagen. That been said I suppose that no one who has put lots of efforts to lenghten their collagen based TA do not wan’t their unit to quickly heal back to its original form.

I have tried to use US without load and strain and for a two separate times got so scared that won’t do it again.
I had made gains in BPFSL and using US as only healing purposes without any stretch BPFSL shrunk to its pre-gain lenghts.

So I think that I have evidence enough for myself that using US without strain accelerates collagen organization to form cross striated mesh as it is in normal or healed stage. This cross linked mesh results as shorten BPFSL.

When used under the strain with Penimaster or any other form of stretching it promotes collagen organization to align with the direction of the force. This then results as a longer BPFSL.

START 18 cm / 13.15 cm Jul 24th 2018 (7.09 / 5.18 inches)

NOW 21.1 cm / 15 cm May 4th 2019 (8.31 / 5.92 inches)

GOAL 8.5 / 6 inches

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All in for the 6th month

After getting to know my potential and finding the tools it is time to put everything at stake for a closure of the first half of an year.
Compilation of the findings from first five should be enough to put some goals for a month period.

Now after getting my BPEL cemented to 19.9 cm during 8 days of rest I am confident enough to try to reach three inspiring milestones before six months of PE expires.

20cm BPEL, 8 inch BPEL and full 1 inch lengthening.

To reach them I will follow adjusted program based on proven methods with some new elements and longer rest periods included in.

Following IPR script is supposed to bring out the goods. No masturbation or sex or edging on workout days.

Penile bodybuilding 3 x 8-12 sets for each crus at three fulcrum pivots.
Fulcrum stretching for a 10 minutes.

Jelqing 15 minutes
PM cold 120 minutes

Main workout of the cycle ~ 3 hours
PM 45 minutes
PM + US 20 minutes
Manual stretching 20 minutes with heat
PM cooldown for a 45 minutes
Pumping 5 -7-10 min sets 5-10 inHG
Clamping 5 -7- 10 min sets 5-10 inHG

Penile bodybuilding 3x 8-12 for each side at three fulcrum pivots.
Jelqing 15mi
ADS 1 hour

ADS + US 30min
ADS 4,5 hours
Pumping 3 - 5 - 7 min sets 5-10 inHG
Clamping 3 - 5 - 7 min sets 5-10 inHG

ADS for a 6 hours

Day 5 R
AM 10 minutes and occasional very mild edging if spontaneous erections and opportunities collide.

Rest day not touching the unit besides sex if available.

Rest day with occasional very mild edging if spontaneous erections and opportunities collides or sex.
By now I know that there is going to be sex marathons coming for a two weekends at least so it would be then, lets say active resting. Needless to say any touching of the penis besides sex wont be necessary these days.

START 18 cm / 13.15 cm Jul 24th 2018 (7.09 / 5.18 inches)

NOW 21.1 cm / 15 cm May 4th 2019 (8.31 / 5.92 inches)

GOAL 8.5 / 6 inches

Penile bodybuilding

I got inspired by this study where it is shown that bulbospongiosus muscle and ischiocavernosus muscle are skeletal muscles and when they attach to TA long fibers of BS run along ventral thickening and blends with thick smooth muscle formation while IS striations runs at sides and top of the TA and radiates from dorsal thickening of TA and penetrate inside and between tunica layers.
According to this study they found significant difference in thickness of these muscle striations with healthy group and erectile dysfunction groups.

Since they are skeletal muscle they can be grown with bodybuilding exercises. From bodybuilding we can see that muscle cells can be enlarged many fold by hypertrophy.
All we need is correct exercises to attack these IS and BS muscle striations.

It would be beneficial EQ wise as well. From strength sports and bodybuilding basics we know that to build muscle and strength one must have well functioning muscles. Well functioning BS ans IS muscles will automatically provide better erections. For well functioning muscles one need a good nervous functions and good muscle control and this is only achieved by practicing these muscles by contracting them in systematic fashion. This is what kegeling does.

By kegeling one can provide well functioning nervous and muscular functions but it is easy to have them unbalanced by BS being dominating muscle when kegeling. To make it properly one must concentrate to contracting IS muscles which may not be so easy at all. There is tons of post about kegeling and I am not going in to it as those threads can be very confusing as there are authors that often do not know which muscles they are even talking about and every reply stirs a pot even more.

In a nutshell one need to find the way how to contract IS muscles and BS muscles separately.
BS is reached best when penis is headed upwards and for attack each side of BS angled left or right.
IS legs are reached best by angled penis sideways and to contract all the radiating striations twisting and bending the shaft your hand as a fulcrum is beneficial. It would be a learning curve but once reached IS muscles can be contracted strongly.
I have been struggling with ED and EQ issues and now finding that my BS and IS muscles are way too unbalanced have them number one priority at the moment.

Stretching only is not going to grow skeletal muscles and in fact heavy stretching and hanging may even be counterproductive to healthy functioning of the BS and IS muscles. That can be the reason why some heavy hangers and stretchers benefit a lot from kegeling. Contracting and and stretching contracted muscle is the definition of bodybuilding exercises.

I have come across with a term Kegel Stretches somewhere here at TP and that would be near enough starting point of penile bodybuilding. Stretching while kegeling is near about what I am doing here.
It turns out to be Penile bodybuilding when performed in cycles in the way that you do a set of contracting squeezes and releases not fully relaxing muscle while doing the set. So you contract and manually stretch contracted muscle like you were doing bicep curls. You take a little breaks between sets to relax these muscles completely before going for another set.
I have been doing 3-5 sets for each IS legs and for BS. First set is with workload that allows me to do 12-15 reps with out any difficulties. For each set I put more effort in it and in last set I pull against strong enough that it is difficult to achieve 6-8 reps.

I found by trying that doing cyclic fulcrum stretches as a pre workout exercise or between sets it activates muscles to contract way harder than doing main workout alone.
With cyclic fulcrum stretches I am talking about exercise this banned Janus guy introduced in one of his videos. It really is a powerful tool to possibly activate smooth muscle in CC to contract with skeletal muscle as they partly share common nervous brands.

At this point after only few weeks of exercising twice a week I can only confirm to have achieved a better control on these muscles and significant improvement on EQ.
I keep on doing it as it feels good and looks to be bringing healthy function in my unit.
Nothing comes quick while bodybuilding but putting some efforts and time to it we will see if it is even measurable after year or so.

Anatomy of the Human Penis.pdf

START 18 cm / 13.15 cm Jul 24th 2018 (7.09 / 5.18 inches)

NOW 21.1 cm / 15 cm May 4th 2019 (8.31 / 5.92 inches)

GOAL 8.5 / 6 inches

Sounds interesting the direction you are going in. Will keep an eye on this thread.

I’ve been playing with the cyclic stretching too. I.e. stretching to stimulate muscle contraction, not to elongate the tissue. I’ve found you can do these at a mild intensity for a long while (minutes, not 12 reps) and all the while you can feel the muscle working. Interesting that you can see vascularity and thickness increasing more than length itself.

My progress log and pics

Jan 2016 _ 8" BPEL _ 5 6/16" MEG | Mar 2016 _ 8 1/4" BPEL _ 5 7/16" MEG

Oct 2017 _ 8" BPEL _ 5 1/4" MEG


I think I saw you posted about it earlier?

I have come to a same conclusion about cyclic stretches when doing them.They can be continued without exhaustion for a long periods. It is a powerful tool.

And I think that the way you describe it would be targeting mainly smooth muscles as they do not exhaust as skeletal muscles do?

I am now targeting both smooth and skeletal muscles with a targeted exercises. And they should be synergistic for each other from improved nervous activation.
Scenario is If a healthy non-trained skeletal muscle striations bundles are up to 2 mm thick one could suppose to double them with a hard core bodybuilding and this would be measurable in girth gains.

START 18 cm / 13.15 cm Jul 24th 2018 (7.09 / 5.18 inches)

NOW 21.1 cm / 15 cm May 4th 2019 (8.31 / 5.92 inches)

GOAL 8.5 / 6 inches

Thats very interesting and thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can tell for sure that consistent kegels training strengthen those muscles and the result is a noticeable improvement in EQ. However my experience is that even if you have strong muscles down there, if you dont train them consistently you lose the EQ benefits to some degree. Now after some months of not consistent kegels training, i do them every day and i can see already improved erections.

I believe that if we want to maximize the benefits from kegels exercises we have to do them almost every day for even years. Kegels in my opinion is a gold discovery, they can for real boost so much your sexual performance and your overall sexual confidence. Thats because the benefits and the results are real but again to maximize them every day training for a loooong time is necessary.

Also when you are erect its a lot easier to target the different muscles.

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