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First three months in volume up 20

First three months in volume up 20

Firstly I need to thank many senior PEers for a great information and sharing your experiences.
So far I have reached gains:

BPEL 18cm ->19 +1
BPSFL 18cm->19.9 +1.9
MSEG* 13.15cm->13.97 +0.72

*Documented mseg is average from base (15.0), mid-shaft (14.0) and behind the glans (12.9) girths for more accurate volume calculation.
Measurements are taken being two days off PE and geared with 50mg of Viagra.

I already had previous experiments on PE from years back so I knew a little what to except. I used to have optimistically measured 17cm BPEL when I first introduced myself to stretching with a homemade ADS device in late 90´s. I have also experienced some chemical PE with IGF1-LR3 with pumping and edging about ten years ago. This was the time at the peak of my bodybuilding journey. Actually some gains were made but no documentation or gains(?) are left.

I started my new journey 3 months ago (Sept.2018) and since been educating myself and trying different things and methods which should suit my purposes. Firstly the actual purpose was to find a betterment on slightly poor EQ. As you can imagine it turned out to some efforts to gain some more. Starting measurements are taken after two weeks on newbie jelging.
I have used no particular routine but I have worked on myself 2-5 times a week. Newbie Jelqing, manual stretches, fulcrum stretches, stretcher device, hanging, Ulis, and little bit of clamping too. I have made some newbie gains with minimal efforts and I am hopeful that there is more to come.
I started to make it more serious after measuring at two months point in PE. Last four weeks I have been working in a more controlled way with more work and fewer rest days. I can see more efforts put in given slightly better gains. Trend is a bit steeper upwards.

Next to investigate is it the program or workload making these elevating gains. I will keep the routines because gaining and instead doing more I will insert more resting to my program. Even more days of resting outside the program will be included depending on EQ and days having sex. I still have some ED and EQ issues to combat with.
My goals are learning how to reach and maintain EQ as best as possible and gaining some noticeable size both length and girth over the time. I have some numbers in my mind but not obsessed with them at this point. First goal is to keep these gains coming as long as possible at level they are now.

I have a severe “steel cord” so I am not going to bang my head to the wall with it this time. There for I have purchased an ultrasound therapy device to heat all up. Also I am very curious if in long run US itself will have some positive effects on EQ and in vascular growth combined with AM.
This turned out to be the magic. I hit the wall at previous attempts being not able to stretch flaccid length beyond BPEL at that particular moment. Now with US heat I have made serious gains on flaccid stretched length and I am convinced that with a good program I will make some actual gains in erectile measurements as well.
Next three months will be first really serious program to work with. This is based on my tryouts as a newbie and knowledge gathered previously and on studying hundreds of posts here at thunders. It will be the start point and I am looking for monthly gains. In case not gaining routines will be re-evaluated.

Program will be kind of version of IPR protocol. Two days I phase where day one workloads still hitting only elastic range and day two to targeting slightly on the plastic side.
Day three will be P phase with ADS type stretcher and very low US while on ADS. Day four is R phase with AM 2/3 practices. Day five is R day for relax not touching the unit at all excluding some opportunistic sex. Running these cycles five time in a row and then taking at least five days off from anything but AM and low US eod .
If gains are made first month next round is made with same program. When gains eventually start to slow down or stopping completely deconditioning break will be taken.

Looking forward

START 18 cm / 13.15 cm Jul 24th 18

NOW 19 cm / 13.97 cm Oct 26th 18

GOAL 8.5 / 6 inches

Hello, Kyrpa

Nice report and structure for the next cycle of gain. How did you get to buy an US equipment, is it worth it?

How would you comment on your girth gains?

Current stats no serious PE 02/23/2018

BPEL 7.2" MEG 4.3

I need girth, feel free to message for advice

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