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Excel Journal

Excel Journal

Hi All,

I have posted a few threads about a commitment to put in the hours and achieve some goals however for various reasons I have never gone for more than a month with any given bout of PE at once.

I finally have my own place and can truly get some alone time to smash out hours.

My current Tools involve a

- Phallosan forte (Belt strap and TLC Tugger strap to stretch at night)
- LG Hanger
- Monkeybar’s Air clamp
- Androerectest - with this I noticed that as my erections got stronger I lost 1cm of BPEL as at 400 on its scale I measured 16.5cm but at 800 I measured 15.5cm
- Electronic heater

As per the title I have created a basic excel report to track my progress and time invested. Within this stint of PE, I have clocked 40hrs with the phallosan and 10hrs with the LG Hanger.

My most recent purchases will help me invest more hours and start to clock in the hours.

For the LG Hanger, I have brought an adjustable laptop stand, an adjustable stand to work with the LG Hanger’s cable weight system and a Desktop Infrared Lamp.

My progress since this recent revamp into PE has lead to a stronger erection however I know any form of enlargement will come in time and I have taken away any goal size and merely set goals for time invested. The first of these is:

- 400hrs with the LG Hanger
- 1000hrs of Phallosan Forte (Day use) and 500hrs of Phallosan Forte (Night use)

Just to give an idea of time lines around those goals, I aim to build up to 3 hours a days during the week and 5 hours over the weekend (whether this is on one day or over the 2 will depend on what I am up to) for the LG Hanger. For the Phallosan Forte, my aim is to build up to 11 hours during the day and at least 4 hours whilst I sleep (this may increase if it is comfortable to wear all night).

Further to all of the above, I have been taking more photos / videos, both for my self and to prove to others further down my journey of any enlargement I achieve. This is further motivated at the fact I have very few photos of when I first started PE and I have little to back up my original stats.

I hope to be able to a maintain the above standards, to bring in other method of PE which maximise my time and share proof of any achievements.

Current routine - LG Hanger, 1 to 1.5hrs a day.

17-04-2017 to 19-06-2017 - 60hrs of hanging.

Always great to have that privacy; its a game changer. Keep us updated, stay consistent.

It definitely does. I thought I had attached the excel journal, I’ll give it another week of PE then I’ll upload then. Should have my extra pieces of gear by then.

Current routine - LG Hanger, 1 to 1.5hrs a day.

17-04-2017 to 19-06-2017 - 60hrs of hanging.

I have been lately focusing on the phallosan and getting into a consistent routine. This has resulted in around 15+hrs of stretching a day.

I have also been trying different ways of logging progress through short video clips and photos. I have decided to have an A4 sheet with the date, time and my username within most photos and videos.

I want to know from others point of view, what would you require in a before and after scenario to belief any enlargement? For instance, would a short video clip with the above level of information be ideal, videos are harder to manipulate and you can see how hard the ruler is being pressed in for Bone pressed measurements.

Also starting today, I have been measuring my bone pressed flaccid stretched length and my bone pressed erect length. I want to see for me personally how close these 2 are, before and after performing PE. As of this evening, BPEL was 15.8cm or 6.22 inches (not rock hard, with the andro erectest I measured 700 g out of a max potential 1600g)and SBPFL after 1 hour and 40 minutes of hanging at 3 pounds was 16.5(ish)cm or 6.49 inches.

As my efforts are consistent, I want to use these measurements along with how I feel, to see if I should reduce my efforts or take them up another level.

Current routine - LG Hanger, 1 to 1.5hrs a day.

17-04-2017 to 19-06-2017 - 60hrs of hanging.


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