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Ehlolol's progress

Oh I forgot to write this in my last post:

I would like to know what all the fuss is about regarding advanced stretches.

I will be replacing the normal stretches in my maintenance routine partly with the a-stretch.

And see if it feels any different or gives me any gains - not that I am aiming for it but just to see.. xD

Then: 6.5 BPEL | 5.5 NBPEL x 5.5 MSEG | 5.0 BEG

Now: 8.11 BPEL | 7.24 NBPEL x 5.5 MSEG | 5.0 BEG

Aiming for: 20cm+ BPEL with low EQ (= still usable for sex EQ), 6.0 MSEG & BEG!, so the goal is: 8.1'' | 7.2'' x 6.0! || My journal

A little update on whats going on.

Right now, I am doing PE occasionally.
My on off cycle is ~1on1off / 1on2off.
I work out on: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

But this is not a fixed schedule.
On one week, I might do 5 on 2 off,
on another, I might only work it out on Monday, Wednesday but skip Friday.
Thats how its going so far, right now, I am “leaning” more towards 5 on 2 off.
I go much more by feel nowadays!

I am doing a very short routine.
I built myself a rice sock and now I am just simply doing 15 x 20sec long A stretches over it
with 5-10 seconds of resting between, doing shakes and whatnot. Obviously I warm up before with the rice sock when its temperature is just too hot to stretch over it.
This takes about 10 minutes.
But this routine is also not a fixed one, e.g. sometimes, I throw basic upward stretch in between each A stretch - these days more often than not.
E.g. this week, I plan on doing 5 on 2 off with 15x A-Stretches and 15x basic upward stretches in between.

I also feel like I got a monster in my pants. Its frigging huge!!
Its awesome! I have so many boners lately, I get fatigued just because of them!
It is a snowball effect - the more I think about how big I am, the more I get boners and the harder they become and the longer they stay - the more I see it, which is inevitable, even if its in my pants.
It looks like my pants are gonna explode!
Furthermore, it now reaches well above my belly button - but only when Im sitting. If I stand straight up it flirts with my belly button - they are one thumb-width apart!

Now about my weight, I am “bulking” so to speak.
I feel like 70-72 kg (~156 lbs) for a 6’ guy is too skinny.
My goal now is to be around 78 kg ~ 171lbs (77-79kg range).
If that does not seem to be enough to me, I might go even a few more kgs up,
maximum 80kg ~ 176 lbs (79-81kg range).
I have stopped working out to boost my weight gain speed.
Right now, I am at about 75-77 kg range, usually measure 75.8kg or so but as always, depends on whether I am completely full or empty.
A gotto note though - stopping working out led to losing firmness and I hate it!
I will resume working out for sure and I will never stop doing it!

Now all of this weight gaining will most likely have effects on my NBPEL - my fat pad will grow for sure.
So I am expecting a bit of a loss there. I hope its not much though :(
For now, as long as its long enough so I can hold it with both of my hands while not pressing (NBPEL) Im fine.
Gaining & Losing weight is a much faster process than gaining penis size.
But I am relaxed about this. When I reach my weight goal and I notice that it bothers me, I can just continue my length oriented PE for a bit longer, before finally starting girth PE properly!
No problem :)

About girth PE routine.
I am also going to keep this one simple and short and go by feel.
My cycle plan right now is the same for girth: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
I will most likely stick with the 1on1off cycle though, since I know its much more important for girth to properly recover! I might take extra days off but I will not add extra work days!
I will be using my cushioned pipe clamp which I used for hanging.
I will do 5 minutes of clamping, 5 minutes of either jelqing or uli’s (5x 60s uli’s or so).
Thats one set. I will do 3 sets. Thats about 30 minutes of work out time.
With warming up and the little rests in between this routine will take about 40 minutes +-.

Best regards & have a nice day

Then: 6.5 BPEL | 5.5 NBPEL x 5.5 MSEG | 5.0 BEG

Now: 8.11 BPEL | 7.24 NBPEL x 5.5 MSEG | 5.0 BEG

Aiming for: 20cm+ BPEL with low EQ (= still usable for sex EQ), 6.0 MSEG & BEG!, so the goal is: 8.1'' | 7.2'' x 6.0! || My journal


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