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Does age factors contribute to progress?

Does age factors contribute to progress?

So here’s the big question, I think everyone or most of us think, does age contribute to gains in any way? Since the “younger” we are the more HGH (human growth hormone) we produce.
And we also start to decline testosterone levels after 20 yrs old +/-, would that be a relevant factor too it? Is that a big thing to take in mind? Also does creatine and/or nitric oxide(NO) help in any thing? Since creatine increase water retention in our muscular tissue, and NO help us expand our veins. For the people who don’t know creatine and nitric oxide are sport supplements.
For example I’m 18 and I would really like to start jelqing, because I really don’t feel that much achieved with my 5,7 inch long and 4,7 girth penis and I my schedule isn’t the best to start atm unfortunately, so would my gains be better in the range 18-20 than from 20-22 or 22-24? You get the point younger vs “older” differences in jelqing gains.

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Well. I think age might contribute a little bit. I know that there have been at least a few 50+ guys who gained well, and probably even more people in the 20-40 age range that gained really well. There have been some theories that older guys might have advantage because they could have more stretchy/elastic tissues. I don’t really think age will matter that much, you should still be able to see gains.

I also want to add that Ganesh10inch, not sure if that’s is actual name, started PE around the age of 10. I’m fairly certain he’s above 8 inches. Though he might be naturally large as well, he never really saw his “true” size though because he started so early.

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