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Do my naturally weak erections explain why I lack EQ increases?

Do my naturally weak erections explain why I lack EQ increases?

So I’ve been doing PE for about 4 1/2 months now and am disappointed to say that as well as no erect length gains, I haven’t noticed any PIs or EQ increases. My erections are not happening quicker or are more solid or last longer, no increase in late night or morning wood etc etc.

One reason why I think I’ve had no EQ increases is because I’ve always had trouble getting an erection, apart from my own masturbation. I basically wonder if my erection capabilities are just weak, period.

I’ve always felt that I’ve had a hard time getting and maintaining an erection anyway. When it comes to sex or doing anything with a girl, I’ve always taken a long time to get aroused down below and while other men seem to get erections nearly automatically or at least quickly and easily, I’ve struggled to do so. I’ve never got a semi erection in many cases where other people have. Never got a semi when kissing a girl for example and other instances.

My penis has needed encouraging to get erect be it direct physical stimulation on it or me getting aroused in other ways for me to get hard - and even then my erections don’t remain long or get that hard anyway, certainly not iron rod hard.

During intercourse, with or without a condom I go soft rather easily, I certainly can’t keep rock hard for consistently a long time.

Also I can’t remember a period of time before doing PE that I got late night or morning wood that much anyway. I wonder if it’s because of me getting older (42) that I lack getting wood this way.

So I wonder if me seemingly having natural difficulty in getting rock hard has something to do with my apparent lack of improvement in my EQs?

What does anyone think?

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Well, Jay, many things to be taken into account that we don’t have how to know about you, so why don’t we work together to at least try to improve your situation?

BTW I’m new to PE but I’m also a psychologist (although I’m current working in the gaming field).

Of course the first thing I’ll ask is how would you describe your lack of erections - psychological roots or completely physical issue (or both)? How aroused are you inside your mind when you, let’s say, are kissing a girl in a more intimate way while grabbing her body? - Please note that this kind of straight forward conversation wouldn’t be this way inside a psychologist office but I’m trying to talk to you as I’d do with a friend I’m aiming to help while not keeping him in the dark.

Other things may be taken into account - have you ever been like this, even in your teen years? Are you into porno and, if so, how often do you watch it, etc. But, for now, maybe you can guide us better.

If your problem is purely physical I’m sure many people here in the forums can aid you!

Just don’t take your current situation as something granted for life. We can always improve ourselves in any factor of our lives.

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If you’re asking if I get erection problems with a girl because of ‘nerves’, then yeah I would say that my erection problems mostly come from that. Though not entirely that.

I’m not that aroused when kissing a girl in the more intimate ways whilst I grab her body. No it doesn’t get me erect. Mostly because the girls that I kissed, over 90% of them have been my first and only time kissing them. So personally I’m experiencing mostly stress and nerves, and a “I’m just too glad and relieved to score with this girl to worry about getting excited by her” feeling. I personally don’t see how you could get erect a lot of the time doing this with a girl as you’re too worried about hand and mouth co-ordination or simply in an uncomfortable position whilst doing this. Neck ache or supporting your body with your arms etc.

But other people seem to get erect easily doing this with a girl, so again, I wonder if it’s more than just nerves and it IS a physiological problem with my penis.

As mostly when I AM mentally comfortable with a girl, ie a prostitute, I STILL have problems maintaining an erection, such as when I am penetrating in and out of her, with or without a condom (not a prostitute). It just seems that all the physical work and fatigue detracts from my erection in my pov.

But again, other men still have a penis that can keep an erection strong enough that it remains hard and overcomes these physical, or mental barriers.

So this is what makes me think that my penis itself just has a low capability of getting and maintaining an erection. As a strong EQ of a penis overcomes all these other mental or physical discomforts.

I am into porn, but maybe not as much as other guys, so I don’t watch it a lot. Porn can be boring or badly made a lot of the time in my opinion, but I find sexual stimulation in other visual stuff with a girl, ie photos of girls I talk to online who I want to sleep with.

Hard to comment on my teen years and how different it may be to my adult years as quite frankly I’ve had terribly little experience with girls. 2 girlfriends at best, and probably slept with about 5 girls (non prostitutes) and my best year for snogging girls was when I snogged just 9 in one year (some years I’ve snogged none).

So in my teen years I’ve been in bed with probably less than 5 girls, didn’t have sex with them. Got erect a little bit standing and kissing one of the girls, and got erect a little bit being in bed with her. But I didn’t do enough in bed with any of them to get and remain erect. But again, I’m thinking other men’s penises would have got erect stronger than I did.

So yeah, I believe it’s definitely psychological MOST of the time. But even so, I still would imagine my penis to physically be better at getting an erection throughout all this and when I have been psychologically at ease with a girl in bed, my penis has either taken a while to get erect or stay erect, or both. With or without a condom. Again, in penetrative intercourse my penis doesn’t stay erect for too long.

It’s especially moments where there are NOT mental stresses with a girl but my penis still isn’t behaving in the erect manner I want it too, that make me believe that there IS a problem with my penis’s physiology to get erect and as a result get an EQ increase.

July 2014 BPEL - 5 1/4" BPEG - 6 1/2" (Measured around base)

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How old are you?

As I said already, I am 42.

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Checked your testosterone levels? Both total and free.

No I’ve not done that yet. Not sure how.

I’ve recently completed a medical trial and I’m free from diseases, that’s all I know.

July 2014 BPEL - 5 1/4" BPEG - 6 1/2" (Measured around base)

December 2015 BPEL - 5 3/4" BPEG - 6 1/2" (Measured around base)

I took the online test…

“Do you show symptoms of low testosterone?
The Results.

You are showing symptoms associated with low testosterone levels.
Please consult your doctor/healthcare provider; he/she can give you a reliable diagnosis based on a saliva or blood test.”

I’ll check with my doctor. They’re only down the road.

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OK, you gave us quite an answer, that’s great. Please note that not knowing you I cannot guarantee to be right in anything I say, but I guarantee you of my good intentions, deal?
You seem to be in a loop, the kind of “if I improve situation A then situation B will idiomatically be improved, but situation A depends on situation B being improved to get improved as well”. But every knot can be untied, it just may take some effort and time.
I’d say most of your problem is psychological, but there may be some physical issues as well (blood pressure, diabetes, stuff like that, but I’m no professional or experienced in that). So it doesn’t hurt to advice you to look for a med. But let’s get back to our conversation.
Your EQ seems like the tip of the iceberg. You worry too much when with a girl and so the situation doesn’t flow. Of course you already know that, but the thing is, what to do about it, right?
Here’s a little true story of mine to help me explain what a think latter.

When I was younger I was very very shy, so shy people would fell sorry for me. But one day I decided to get over my shyness and have no more fear of rejection from women (otherwise I’d soon be able to legally drink before ever holding hands with a girl). I read a lot of not so useful material but finally got to the point where I decided that, whenever I would see an attractive woman (of course, when in the right scenario like a party, pubs, etc) I’d just walk to her and say hello, not thinking about what to say next. It is simple to write, but it wasn’t simple to do – logical arguments like “if I get rejected is not a problem, I’ll probably never see this chick again” are easy to come with but hard to comply with your actions. But the first time I won the internal battle something happened. The minute I started walking it felt like a game, sport thing or something. It became a challenge, but a nice one!
And it worked, most of the time. I haven’t succeed in taking every girl I talked to bed of course, but I was never dumped in a shameful way – if you approach a woman with a confident attitude, even if you are not her type, she will be educated and dump you in a nice way, so nice you’ll almost thank her :) .
After that my whole life changed – I stopped being shy and actually became a very social guy with lots of friends, women, etc.

My point here is: while you keep being worried about what to do when with a girl (possibly because you are wondering what is she thinking about you) all the other issues will remain. You know, most of the time people can’t really read your actions fast enough to form an opinion of your “technique” in real time. You can be a Don Juan in bed, but have a stinky talk latter with the girl, so the overall memory of you will be negative, including the sexual memory. Or you can be bellow the average in your sexual performance, but create a nice enough ambient, have a nice chat and stuff like that, so latter she will associate you with positive things INCLUDING her memory of your sexual performance.
If you worry to much about technique when driving what does happen? You will drive like a 16 years old who just got his/her license. Same thing for sex, social interaction, etc. You don’t need to think about what you are doing that much, most of the time you just do and things turn out fine. I now it can be really hard, but it’s the “let go” concept. If you don’t let go you cannot enjoy, and our minds can be bitches if we worry too much.
I’m writing this because I really think that your only problem is you worrying too much, so if you solve that you will have more confidence, hence an improve EQ and even better PE gains.
Anyway, two things you can try that, worst case scenario, will do you no harm:

1 – Meditation or yoga – Really, will help you to free yourself of worrying to much. And also will bring other health benefits. You don’t have to became a guru, but 1-hour yoga sessions twice a week or daily 15 minutes long meditations are not that consuming. Try it for at least two months before judging as not working

2 – Pick up the artistic skill you like the most (you don’t need to be good at it, just to like it) and use it creating stuff in a way you focus in the female body. EG. If you like drawing, start drawing erotic art, dive into every detail of the feminine lines. Your attention will be focused due to the activity but, being something erotic, you’ll be exercising your “sex arousal” part of the brain together with your motor ability (sorry for any bad English terms here) without noticing it. If not drawing you can write about it. Write about a character that’s the “you” you’d want to be when with a girl, so dive into every detail of the scene.
These are just some examples, the main point is: Do something artistic and erotic at the same time in order to trick your own brain. You’d be surprised when, during the most active moments of your work, you start getting erections.

Sorry if I offended you or something like that. I have no right to say I am absolutely correct or to guide you. I’m just suggesting things and explaining my point of view.
Now, of to bed, gotta work tomorrow :) .

Best of luck, I’ll be following your post!

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That’s all fine thanks.

Yeah I went through the whole life changing era of chatting up girls, some of it worked, some didn’t. And yes my free time is spent with my artistic activity of making films. (Maybe I should do some porn sometimes, serious!)

There’s a ton of psychological stuff that I have to deal with and all that stress about being in bed with someone, thanks for tips to help me overcome those worries.

But what remains is purely physical with my penis. How it performs when I AM mentally comfortable with someone…

Sometimes with a girl who I am relaxed with, I won’t get hard, or get fully hard. Condom or not.

When I am pumping in and out of her, my erection isn’t lasting long enough, and sometimes it just fades. Most of the time this has been wearing a condom but the 1 or 2 occasions when I am free of it, there still are these erection problems. The fact is is that I hardly feel any sensations on my dick when I am pumping in and out of her, there’s no pressure on my skin to keep it stimulated and the physical stress of doing something which basically is a slight cardio workout don’t help my penis feel ‘enjoyed’ enough to remain hard.

Now, other guys penises can battle through that and stay hard, so is there something about their physiology down there that gives them a strong EQ. Whereas is there something about my penis physiology gives me a more weak EQ?

What I’m trying to figure out here is, psychological problems or not, is there something internal about my penis that is giving me low EQs? I mean for example, I can’t remember how long ago it was when I would get late night or morning wood on a rather regular basis.

So if my EQ is already low, then maybe my PEing cannot give me EQ improvements that it is meant to give?

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December 2015 BPEL - 5 3/4" BPEG - 6 1/2" (Measured around base)

I’m 22 yo and I got some problems getting and keeping the right erection. I often have to jerk off myself while the girl watches and then during sex I go soft easily….. I don’t know what to do because I just one night stands and perhaps I’m tired but I don’t drink….. I’m really young band I’m worried, perhaps I’m stretching too much (1h a day) or maybe my trublre with asma has something to do? Or maybe is that I watch porn often?

Please any help?

When conguering a golddigger you need a large bank account, when conquering a dickdigger you need a large tool. When conquering a woman you need a minimum of three things: money, class and yes: dick size. Good news are, you can actually improve in all these three aspects.

It MAY be something exceptional physiologically with your penis that stops you from getting as hard as you should do, or be expected to, but it also could just be you being mentally tense with the girls.

From someone with experience who has talked to others with the same problem, you sound like you have a normal behaviour going on with your experiences.
As they’re all first times you’ve been in bed with those girls you are getting the magic word which sooo many other guys get - ‘Nerves’. I’ve had to wack off in front of the girl more than once to get hard. Also if you’re tired etc. and your physical state at the time isn’t how you would prefer it to be, that will fight against you getting an erection too. I’ve had it. Sadly not enough people admit to having the same problems that you and me have, but loads of guys do get it. Also girls also blame themselves for a guy not getting hard with them and think that the guys don’t like them enough too.

So, some examples of how common is your ‘problem’. Which is to say it’s possibly not a problem as much as you think, as it is rather normal.

So like me, it could be something linked to the physical state of your penis or it could be a mental thing.

But I think if you’re with these one night stand girls for more than just once and maybe sleep with them a number of times, you will get more comfortable mentally and physically and will get and maintain erections more.

July 2014 BPEL - 5 1/4" BPEG - 6 1/2" (Measured around base)

December 2015 BPEL - 5 3/4" BPEG - 6 1/2" (Measured around base)

Thanks man. I’ll try to sleep with the last one again and see. It wasn’t a full flop. She cummed and she said she enjoyed it. But you know…. Being 22 and just get hard rock forva few minutes ain’t nice. I guess as PE its all about experimenting and learning.I don’t think I’m nervous but it could b something else related.

When conguering a golddigger you need a large bank account, when conquering a dickdigger you need a large tool. When conquering a woman you need a minimum of three things: money, class and yes: dick size. Good news are, you can actually improve in all these three aspects.

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