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DM's Progress

DM's Progress

Decided to make one of these. So, I finished my first week of the newbie routine and just did my slightly longer one where I do 6 min of stretching and 14 min of Jelq.
Going well so far, but won’t measure till first month is over or maybe not till the end of the first 6 weeks when I’ll be doing the full 10 min and 30 min routine.

- I’ve been using a 20 oz bottle to do warm ups with the makeshift Aladdin Bottle. Partly soaking and steaming. I try to be careful no to make it too hot. It’s got to at least be
- I then do the BTC stretch and hold it for 5 minutes. However, I switched to doing 30 second stretches of the four other basic stretches just so it’s easier to keep track of and so I don’t
Feel like I’m smothering the boys.
- Next comes Jelq which I’m not exactly doing 3 seconds, but the original jelq vid did it fast too so I guess I’m okay. I did 10 min for the last week and up to it to 14 today. I don’t keep
Track of how many I do.
- Finish up with another warm up then kegels.

That’s about it, but in the future after some training I’m considering adding in hanging and possibly clamping. I’m also wondering if anyone has tried that BATHMATE and added that into
Their routine and where? Have you guys had any success? I might add that on as well if it’s good. Of course I won’t add all three at once, that’d probably be overkill without more training. :P

Going on my 4th week starting Wednesday. I’ll be doing 8 minutes of stretching and 22 minutes of jelq. Need to learn a bit better control and get a better feel for how erect I am. The amount of blood pumped in makes it hard to tell sometimes

What with how it hangs heavy and doesn’t quite feel fully erect, but looks close to it. Got a few splotches on the head last time, but today’s a rest day so should be fine by tomorrow.

Haven’t seen any gains when measuring, though a bit hard to do with tape when you aren’t feeling that horny. I didn’t continue my PE tonight because I got distracted. Will pick up again tomorrow. I should have a better after the remainder 2 weeks

When I’ve moved onto full length of the newbie routine. I’m considering trying that Tom Hubbard technique if I can find the instructions again.

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