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Dangling Danish. Time to let it hang

Dangling Danish. Time to let it hang

Okay, so we are off. Just me and a good friend of mine. For a long time I really haven’t been impressed with what I got, but apparently I am still within average length, and my former partners haven’t complained. So as for who I’m doing it for, I don’t have any doubts that it’s for my own ego. In flaccid state I mostly look like a Greek statue, but without marked muscles. But what’s between the legs certainly seems awfully familiar. So time to try out PE, because it would be nice if it just could hang when flaccid and not just slightly dangle.

It’s kind of strange how we men tie or ego to a part of the body that most of the time is hidden, but I can’t deny that I’m doing it myself. And in the end it gets a bit tiring to try and creep out to the showers in the locker room instead of just being able to walk normally. So time for day one

Lotion? Bought
Good, old towel for warming up? Got it!
Hot water? It’s Denmark, not a third world country. So check!

With a 16,2 cm erect, it could be worse (I prefer the metric system, sorry guys). But to get started, a lot of care was taken to warm everything up properly. Stretching also went as planned. Made sure I wasn’t just tugging skin, and felt a nice, slightly burning sensation. Kind of like stretching out after exercising. Made sure it wasn’t too powerful a stretch, since I wanted to start out light. Made sure to also relax everything up afterwards with some further warm wraps before jelqing, but that step apparently didn’t go as planned. Started out with around 3 minutes of jelq, and the result is several blue spots. So I guess my grip was a bit too tight. Tomorrow will be rest day, and next time I guess I need to be a bit more careful. On the other hand, newbie mistakes was to be expected.

Hey man,

I wish you good luck on your PE journey! Just starting out soon myself and I believe I am about average length as well (though at the lower end). Hope you feel better and that the rest day works out! Let me know how you progress along this journey :)

I will. Personally I look forward to it, also in part due to curiosity. :)

Day three of training is over. Decided to go for another round of stretching the day after I started. But must admit that a day of rest did wonders for the little fella. The big black spot from the bruising is gone, and I could once again jelq. Of course I don’t expect results already. Something tells me that I also will be building a lot of patience working on this, but that would just be an added bonus. Still, it did feel nice to see it stretched out in it’s full flaccid length. And measurements showing it to be 10 cm certainly wasn’t bad. Being used to see it as a wrinkled shrink, it certainly felt good for the ego.

Godt at se andre danskere herinde! Dit udgangspunkt minder meget om mit - keep up the good work!

It’s been almost a month and PE continues. So far I haven’t tried measuring again, but I also find it more important to harden up so training can be more rigorous. Stretching is now up at around 10 minutes, and I suspect this is what will do most for me, and it is still nice to see how it looks after a good session. I did figure out that I hadn’t been doing it correctly, and the flaccid state after does promise a lot. So I guess it’s all about making it permanent by keeping up the good work. Jelqing on the other hand, even though I stick to the program hasn’t really been doing that much, but seems like today’s session gave me my first bruise. Looked down and saw some bleeding, but couldn’t figure out from where. Fortunately it’s restitution day tomorrow. And might also need to review my technique. Any input about jelqing would be most welcome.

Og mange tak, og selv held og lykke med arbejdet.

(And thank you, and good luck with the work yourself) Just to be inclusive :)

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