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I became curious about PE around 8 or 9 months ago. Did a newbie routine, bought a Bath mate and an ADS. Fucked around with them for a little bit but didn’t really make any progress. I’m now highly interested in enlarging myself, basically to as big as I can make it. I’m starting out with a light routine as follows:

Shower warm up - 10 min
Manual stretches - 10 min
Wet Jelq - 10 min

I’m also going to try to do a “warm down” post workout. However it may not be completely realistic for every workout.

I’ll be doing this 5 or 6 days a week, supplemented with my ADS and 10 min or so of pumping at the end of the day.

I tried to go right into a more advanced routine about a month ago without having done any PE for like 6 months, and I ended up getting pretty bad discoloration and a hard flaccid as well. I’m doing this routine and working my way up gradually week by week to get up to something a little more advanced. I understand it’s supposed to be a marathon and not a sprint, but I do have a lot of time on my hands to put into this. Plus, like I said, I’ve done light PE work before so I’m not a total absolute newbie to this. I do believe proper conditioning is necessary before I get into a more involved routine.

Current 4-24-2015

BPEL: 6.75”
NBPEL: 5.75”
MEG: 5.25”
BEG: 5”


9” x 7”

Well done for learning the first rule of beginning PE: put any equipment in a cupboard and leave it there.

Good luck with your gains and welcome aboard.

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