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Commercial's Diary to 1000 Hours of Penis Extender

Commercial's Diary to 1000 Hours of Penis Extender

Hi guys,

I am commercial and this is my journey to 1,000 hours of wearing penis extender. If you have noticed, I am already a member here since December 2008. I actually discovered penis exercise since I was around 16 years old. Since then, it changed my life forever. I did on and off to manual stretching, over the time purchased penis extender(size genetics and soon x4 labs), bathmate, length master, bib hanger, xleeve extender, phallosan forte, penimaster, infrared light. However, I was not very consistent during that time due to privacy issues as I live with my parents and my busy schedule due to studies/work. Never did I notice that all my choices in life revolved to my obsession to do penis exercise privately and without worrying about the time:

1. Switched to other school far away from my parents so I can rent a small room - At first I did PE but was not very consistent because I need to study hard. I soon stopped.
2. After graduating, I took a high paying job just so I can rent my own room and do again PE - but I failed due to stress at work and I don’t have much enough energy left when I go home. I soon stopped.
3. And lastly, I started an online business just to work from home, pay bills, expenses, and apartment 2 years ago. It was really a struggle and grind but now all my hardworking pays off. I can pay my bills, have a little savings and a lot of time to do PE privately.

I’m not that super wealthy but I can live comfortably as I am still single. All successes and my journey to what I am today is because of my obsession to PE. Without my dream to do PE, I won’t be here working from home. Maybe I am still a salaried employee (although I have no against employee working to the job they like).

But also, I did some sacrifices especially my social skills, family and love life. I became too distant with my friends and even broke up with my girl due to I took a job that was far from her and soon we fell apart with each other. I focused on building my own business so I can have a private time. I know it sounds dumb but it is one of the “what ifs” on my mind that I can’t stop thinking until I do it full time and see the outcome.

To stop the drama, I decided to dedicate my time for 1000 hours in PE as my main priority in life. I want to spend the next 6 months - 1 year of my life doing manual stretching + extender. If I succeed then I’ll continue. If not, then I’ll dispose PE forever. My definition of success is 1/2 inch - 1 inch of NBPEL.

I started 2 weeks ago and did over 55 hours of wearing penis extender as of today.

I am creating this thread for me to something to look back if I lose my motivation in the future as well as document the result.

My daily routine mainly consist of
8 minutes warm up in front of infrared lamp
3x30s BTC
3x30s SD
3x30s down right
3x30s down left
3x30s forward
3x30s left
3x30s right
3x30s upward
3x30s upward left
3x30s upward right
10 rotary clockwise
10 rotary ccw
Then strap the extender for 5-8 hours

For the first month, I plan to apply less than 1000 grams of tension,
Second month - 1200 grams
Third month - 1500 grams
Fourth month - 1800 grams
Fifth month and so on - to be planned

I plan to do it every day but I will take a 1 day off every week
My initial stats are:
BPEL: 13.5 cm
NBPEL: 12.1 cm
EG: 10.5 cm

Here’s my previous logs:

Oct 25: 6 hours 49 mins

Oct 26: 5 hours 21 mins

Oct 27: 6 hours 31 mins

Oct 28: 3 hours

Oct 31: 8 hours 2 mins

Nov 4: 6 hours 29 mins

Nov 5: 6 hours 17 mins

Nov 6: 6 hours 17 mins

Commercial, thanks for the background information. I’m a professional and also focus a lot of energy on this passion for PE. You are young, putting your education and career first to align them such that they support in providing you with an environment that makes you happy is important.

While I appreciate your goal of putting in the time, also think about finding a balance with PE that doesn’t include an all or nothing mindset, if possible that is, we are all different.

Example, I have become so accustomed to strapping in and out of the extender that even a 0.25” gain over the course of a year would be acceptable to me. Using the extender is part of my daily routine and if in four years I gain an inch, that would be huge.

I am looking forward to reading more about your journey and following your thread.

Best wishes and I do think that 0.50” increase (possibly more) in NBPEL over the course of a year is achievable with an extender, you just need to be consistent and put the time in. Also, as you probably already know, don’t gain any weight because this will mitigate your NBPEL progress.

Once upon a time (2015): 6.40” x 4.50”

Today: 7.25” x 4.75”

I think I can...Little Engine’s Climb

Jelqing probably would be a lenght booster and could help with girth too.Think about it.

Good luck.

Starting size : 6.7 BP 4.6 EG 4.4 BEG

Current : 7.5 BP 4.7 UEG 4.5 MEG 4.6 BEG

Goal: 8x5.5

Hi LittleEngine

Thank you very much for your input and sharing your background as well. Actually, at my point in my life, I always do not have any idea what career will make me happy and fulfilled. All I know is that I am happy doing PE. I’m initially an IT software engineer and I can’t handle the stress and can’t imagine myself in IT industry after 5 years.

I know balance is important but I already tried doing PE while at work but it did not work.As of now, I go to gym everyday. I also want to improve myself.

My logs for today: 5 hours 25 mins

total hours: 54.5 hours

1800 grams of pressure sounds harsh. I was never able to go over 1500 without slippage.

Best of luck to you on your journey I’m positive you’ll reach your goals if you stay consistent.


Thanks for your input. May I know how long do you wear extender?

I was not able to update this thread few days ago but I still keep using my extender and the routine
Nov 7: 5h 52m
Nov 8: 6h 18m - introduced 5mins x3 sets of low pressure pumping to remove fluid buildup on the tip of the glans due to extending
Nov 9: 6h 4m
Nov 10 - rest day. This time I masturbated but prior to that, I measured it and it was like ~1-2mm longer than my erect length. I hope this is the result of extending and not because I haven’t released for several days
Nov 11: 7h 2m
Nov 12: 6h 10m
Nov 13: 6h 12m + counting

Total: 87 hours logged

Keep pushing forward Commercial. Focus on maintaining tension and accumulating the hours. Careful looking for gains so early on in your extender endeavors, it’s a recipe for burning out.

One of the nice things about the extender is there are markers of progress such as diminishing tension levels at a given setup position, need for less strap compression, etc…

Once upon a time (2015): 6.40” x 4.50”

Today: 7.25” x 4.75”

I think I can...Little Engine’s Climb

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