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Clamping Broke It ?

Clamping Broke It ?

About 2 months ago I was doing some heavy clamping sessions to porn (the heaviest usage of porn iv used in my life) and it was progressive. Couldn’t notice the small decline in my EQ cause I would get so hard to porn do to new monitor computer and supplements.

Over zealous and ambitious me decided to clamp my 5.25 girth hard enough to engorge all the way to 6” ! I could feel it getting tired and more tingly inside then usual and when I took it off my penis shrunk up very fast to flaccid. Iv never seen my dick deflate that fast.

Gave up clamping then went into a downward spiral of pmo porn masterbating orgasm. Cumming once to twice maybe up to 3 4 5 times on weekend days until I couldn’t even get hard at all to porn..

Now I’m scared I’m afraid I permantely injured my penis even when it gets hard I have to stimulate with my hands or it will go down. I gave up pmo after reading nofap (I’m on day 11 now) hardest thing I’ve had to do. I had my first nocturnal erection for the 1st time in years the other night but wasn’t 100% hard and didn’t last long.

I’m scared I gave myself some kind of venous leak that is my main concern. Sticking to full nofap and full throttle diet exercise supplement routine praying this will heal over time. Any words of wisdom advice tips tricks or jokes will be appreciated. God bless all.

Originally Posted by Steel pipe 94
Sticking to full nofap and full throttle diet exercise supplement routine praying this will heal over time.

This. It was pretty crazy to go on a masturbating frenzy when all your dick probably needs is some rest. Best of luck!


At the moment I’m on the DMSO+PABA+DISTILL water with some Lugol’s Iodine drops topical solution right now to help with the recovery from my PE routine. The DMSO is known to help repair nerve damage as it penetrates all layers of the skin so make sure to research on the DMSO stuff first before randomly applying it to your penis. Also, its most likely that you jerk off WAY too often and to throw in clamping on top was really pushing your penis to the limits.

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