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BrahmV - Progress


Originally Posted by CrusherBrooks
Ha! Guess what, you sound like everyone on this forum, ever. “Nah, I can’t actually have grown, right? I just looked at it wrong!” Damn, my ruler is shrinking!
Stick to your current routine until it fails.
Congrats on the gains and enjoy your vacation!

Haha, I know right? I have definitely seen gains, but I find until its been several weeks of at least that measurement or more I do keep the skepticism in the back of my head as there are so many variables that can come in to play. I try to be consistent, but the variables are still there. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe PE works and is working for me but I also need to remain skeptical to curb my enthusiasm. I tend to think of anything in terms of this, IE. Just because I repped 350 on squats last week doesn’t mean I can do it this week, sleep, food, fatigue level etc. Come in to play, but if I can rep it several weeks in a row then I know its a good solid gain.

Thanks Crusher!

So, just had my first day of being back at PE after my week off for vacation. EQ was through the roof (normally I’d say I have a 6 or 7 which is probably partly do to my filthy habit, but today I would have said 9) for the squeezes and looking down it was looking longer, normally I wouldn’t measure after just one week, but the optics had me curious. Well it looks like 17.2 cm on BPEL and 12.5 cm EG. This is after the routine measurement though so I’m putting no weight on it for now (also could have been an EQ side effect as well). We’ll see what this coming weekends official, not-after-routine measurements are! All I have my fingers crossed for is that I didn’t lose haha

Anyways, ahoy all, I’m back back on the train!

Edit: Thought I’d also mention that I masturbated probably the past 4 days as well, today was the first day since Wednesday I hadn’t (I avoid it on PE days).

I thought I would follow up after having a bit of a self realization moment so this may be long winded, it may not be though, but either way I thought I would share a bit of myself with everyone.

I think I have a very similar starting story to many of you gentlemen. When I was 23 or 24 there was girl, just outstandingly beautiful that I chased and finally got. As most of these stories go, boy meets girl, boy gets girl and then girl comments on how big her ex was and how good it was (unasked for information) then cheats with ex. Well Que the development of a slight complex. For the next 9 or so years, this has now become a question I ask (bigger, better etc). Current girlfriend/ex I have (long distance relationship that due to circumstances hasn’t worked and so parted amicably), and fell in love with, answers with yes bigger feels good but never says better. This begins the start of my PE, at first because in my head bigger = better. In hindsight, I never had a problem giving her orgasms with my tongue, hands or penis. I would say she was/is quite sexually liberate and has had multiples every session, from both clitoral or PIV. Still it wasn’t enough. I wanted to make her feel that “full” feeling, something difficult to do with avg to slightly below avg girth. I also know she likes it “deep” as she would moan how deep it was but only during doggy. Now here I am, roughly 6 months in to my PE journey and not but half an hour ago I had an epiphany. I don’t want to be the biggest, I want to be the best! I’m a tender lover and enjoy sex exponentially more when there is a connection. Not to say I don’t enjoy casual sex, just not as much. Something can be said for learning and exploring a new woman though, I just prefer repeat business he-he. So, what does being the best mean to me? It means giving great orgasms, it means them enjoying it more with me than with anyone else, and this is directly linked to my pleasure (just the knowledge that they enjoy it immensely). This is where PE fits in, because my penis is just yet another tool to be used in this pursuit. Hitting deeper spots, other erogenous zones, filling them up enough to make full use of the design of the clitoris. This will never be my one and only tool in my arsenal, but if it can help, as I have come to believe, then why not? Its for the pursuit of pleasure, not just theirs but mine.

So this post is to being the best!


I preach it. Biggest is just biggest. And no other powers does it confer upon you. Being the best, it’s the thing that matters. Not always possible but it’s a more sensible and useful quest.

Not everyone like having their vagina reshaped. True story. Porn is misleading.

Now: 8.75" BPEL x 6" MSEG as of 8/12/2016 How did I get here? Find out.

Then: 6.25" x 4.37" in 8/2009 Are you new to PE? Here's some advice I wish someone had given me when I first started.

My big secret? Not really a secret, just how I do things. There is no "Holy Grail" of Penis Enlargement. Only time and effort works. I'm 7 years in and counting. Put the work in then the gains will come. All you have to do is keep the faith.

That you do! Maybe “the best” wasn’t the best way to phrase it, but the best I can be. I always strive to be better, whether its in my career, or at the gym, as a son, as a friend or as a lover. What you say is true, not all women are going to want that, hell not all women are going to want what I have, but this isn’t about just them, this is about me and my journey to improve myself in every aspect. The lady I end up with, well we both get to be the beneficiaries.

I feel like this could be the releasing of insecurities on my part, I think that’s why I felt I had to write this. Hell it might even be able to attribute it to BigBootyFan’s signature to a degree. Maybe its the gains I’ve seen so far. What ever subconscious thought spurred this on, I’m happy and content with my new found feeling on the subject!

This is just a great community all around, and while I mostly lurk, read, lurk some more and read some more I feel more at peace with my demon than I have for as long as I can remember! This one I’m going to chalk up to TP and the fountain of knowledge and camaraderie it has! So thank you all!


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