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Beardicks log

No pump.

2- 30min stretches

Current 7x5 shooting for 7+x5.5"


Didn’t pump yesterday. Stretched a little not worth counting.

But on a good note I’m pumping right now! I fixed my pump and modified and and it’s super comfy now!

Anyway 30 min pump today. Probably 5 min of BTC stretches later.

Current 7x5 shooting for 7+x5.5"

Ended up with a 45 min pump. Minimum fluid build up.

Shooting for a nice 30 min session today with 100 p Jelqs before the pump.

Current 7x5 shooting for 7+x5.5"

Pumped 40min yesterday. No jelqs

5min BTC stretched

Current 7x5 shooting for 7+x5.5"

beardick, I’m with you on the kids. Mine are a bit older and that makes it a lot easier than having a toddler around.

I’ve mentioned it to my wife, but no response from her.

How are you finding your expansion post pump? That’s the next thing I’m adding in, but will be a month or three down the road.

Start: BPEL: 5.25" EG: ~4.5"

Current: BPEL: ~ 6.75" MSEG: ~4.75" BG: 4.825" BPFSL: 7"

Initial Goal: NBPEL: 7" EG: 5" Long Term Goal: 7.5" x 5.25-5.50"

In a hour session going around 10-20mins at a time with a 2 minute massages between I’ll gained average a .25”. I feel other guys gain a lot more post pump than I do. But I also don’t use high pressure (7hg is max and that is only for about 30sec). And I really try for no fluid. If I allow for fluid build up I can probably gain more than a .5”!

It will stay nice and plump for a good 4 hours after. But then again I don’t always pump that long.

Today I’m doing 20min straigh and I’ll probably gain a .125”. Everyone is different for sure.

Good job on those length gains.

Current 7x5 shooting for 7+x5.5"

Pumped 40min with 50’power jelqs

Current 7x5 shooting for 7+x5.5"

Originally Posted by GettinGrown
Agreed I can’t imagine trying to do this all incongnito. Seems like not a big deal letting the wife know, may seem weird at first but they get used to it real quick.

Yeah I don’t know any woman who would complain about a larger dick, unless you’re already too big

She thinks penis pumps and stuff are weird.

Current 7x5 shooting for 7+x5.5"

Pumped 20 min yesterday. Gonna be a bed week for pe. Too busy

Current 7x5 shooting for 7+x5.5"

Last night I did btc stretches for 5min each side.

Nothing else since my last post.

Going to get back at it weds

Current 7x5 shooting for 7+x5.5"

Keep at it beardick, you’re doing good!

Damn, holidays and job issues stole all my pe time. Getting back on track this week.

Current 7x5 shooting for 7+x5.5"

I agree with telling your wife. I think it will be beneficial for both of you. Give you more time, boost your self esteem with gains and ultimately enhance her satisfaction.

Approaching her from this angle, that you care about her sexual satisfaction should go over well.

Yeah, I hear that.

Trying to get back into the swing here. Been stretching like a madman and pumping 2-3 times a week if im lucky.

I’m really trying to rid myself of porn. Its tough I use it to maintain during my routine. But im beginning to not like porn. It truly can be evil.

Current 7x5 shooting for 7+x5.5"


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