Back to hanging after surgery.

Well before I had surgery I was able to Hang for about 4 1/2 weeks.

I was able to hang near the end for 3-4 hours a day with 12 1/2 pounds at the end, but I had to take 2 weeks off due to surgery I had to have. The surgery was day surgery and a the doctor said recovery will be about 2 weeks.

I had to have Spermatacele Surgery done. A spermatocele (SPUR-muh-toe-seel) is an abnormal sac (cyst) that develops in the epididymis — the small, coiled tube located on the upper testicle that collects and transports sperm. Noncancerous and generally painless, a spermatocele usually is filled with milky or clear fluid that might contain sperm. My cyst was bigger than my testical and it was uncomfortable having sex as well as trying to plat baseball and put on a jock.

I now realize that when I used the Bathmate that the cyst was uncomfortable, as well as trying to use the X-4 penis extender.

Thats when I started to hang, it was not uncomfortable like the first 2.

It sucks that I have to start all over with light weight.

Back to penis extending.