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Asdfasf's Bumpy Road

Asdfasf's Bumpy Road

Hey there,

I’m writing to you because I have a lot of questions for things that have been troubling me lately. I tried writing them in the lose your virginity thread but nobody really responded so I thought I’d try over here.

Back in July I got back into PE. It was an adhoc idea. I had a beer and figured I could try some jelqing exercises. Not having much progress the last time I tried, I went all the way and did like 30 jelqs with too much force. I also did some stretching with too much force too I guess.

My penis was blotched an hour later. I thought everything would come back to normal but I still got some lingering symptoms. My flaccid state improved and my penis is larger when flaccid but I started getting a stinging sensation in the glans starting from the second or third day after my attempt. Also my penis has become unusually curved to the side when flaccid and hanging.

I took a break from jelqing entirely and masturbated maybe like 3 times. The stinging pain subsided but the tip of my penis turned purple. The purple coloring of the tip of my glass went away and left a dark spot on the tip a week after. I noticed that the stinging pain would come back whenever I had a cup of coffee or smoked a cigarette. I quit using both. I started having a lot of sex after two weeks. So I had sex almost like 3 times a day every day. The pain would come and go but what started worrying me a lot was that my penis would get really cold starting from the tip. Sometimes it would be just the tip of the glans, sometimes entire glans, on occasional it would be half of my penis. I could feel it really warm at the base and starting to get colder as I move my hand towards the tip. I’ve read that ginkgo and hot bath helps so I started supplementing ginkgo and did hot baths sometimes and it did help. Last week I was really worried about it so I thought maybe some light jelqing could do something to pump some blood and and fix it. I jelqed very lightly and did some stretching again. This is 2 months after. It did make a difference and the tip of my penis is a little bit warmer. I didn’t masturbate at all until yesterday. I don’t get the usual morning wood. Yesterday I got the morning wood, so I masturbated, and this morning too. I came back from work right now and masturbated once more thinking that everything’s fine. I noticed bumps near the base of the penis. Almost looking like rings on the opposite side of the curve. I’m thinking I stretched too hard last week or the jelqs themselves have exacerbated the problems I had before. I didn’t notice the bumps yesterday or in the morning today when my penis was going flaccid. I know I fucked up big time but I’m not sure where I stand. I’m definitely not doing any jelqing or stretching for the rest of the year. I can stop masturbating entirely too but I’m worried my penis will start becoming cold again.

Therefore, I got some questions. How abnormal is a cold penis sensation? Do you get it from over training, is it something usual for you guys? Is it going to go away without intervention?

My second question is. I can still feel my penis normally but what about the bumps that I described earlier? Are they going to go away with enough sexual abstinence?

My mind is racing and I’ve been thinking if I should stop doing any of these exercises entirely or maybe light jelqing or a pump would help me. Is there a way back from the symptoms I’m describing or I served my self some Peyronie’s and I’m fucked for life?

All of this sounds like something you should ask a doctor about. I can’t imagine 30 tough jelqs and one hard tug session messed your dick up for 2 months.

Stinging at the glans and bumps at the base could be an STD dude. Get checked out.

Best of luck, hope all is well and resolved soon.

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Hey Pizzza,

I’m pretty sure it did though. I’m doing better with every day.

I don’t know if it’s placebo or not but I feel that ginkgo helps so I keep consuming it. It might be giving me headaches sometimes but it’s better than a feeling of a cold penis.

I still try to do some light jelqing and it seems to help get my glans back in shape for a week or so and then it gets little bit cold.

I noticed a lot of things over time. Stimulants like coffee, cigarettes, tea affect my penis negatively so I abstained from them entirely. For PE to work you need to eat a lot just like with regular body building. Stress doesn’t help and a lot of people write that exercise is good but for me taking a lot of rest seems to work.

My penis is alright and I get erections and morning woods now. I’m still learning how to jelq properly. Something that bothers me is that one of my corpus carvenosa’s is longer than the other when semi-erect. I think it’s been like that before but it just seemed to get more pronounced after the entire thing happened. I tried to jelq only one side of my penis but I guess I was going too hard on it again and one of the veins I was talking about before popped out again so I left it.

Thanks for letting me know about STD’s, last time I checked was in February. This was before I started hanging out with my girlfriend so I will definitely check again.

I looked through some dick pics on the forum and a lot of people have even more curved and bumpy penises than I do so I guess it’s not much to worry about with these bumps but I really need to be careful with my penis.

It’s all so subjective and it feels like my penis is still healing because I couldn’t let it alone after it started getting really cold. The discoloration on the tip is fading really slowly but it’s definitely getting better. Every time I jelq lightly the morning woods come back stronger in less time. I noticed that sometimes my glans is really shiny and full of blood like it never was. I will do what I can to help with the coldness. I really need to take care of myself, eat a lot and take supplements. I got a pump today, I will try to pump a little bit on low vacuum once in a while to get the blood flow into the glans starting very sparsely and see how it works out instead of jelqing. I think I’m gonna get a curved penis if I keep doing my jelqing improperly. Do you think that pump will straighten out both of my corpus carvenosa or it will keep stretching one of them more than the other and give me the opposite effect than I’m looking for?

See a urologist.

Don’t fuck around with your dick, man. You only get one.

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I wanted to let you know I have scheduled a visit with my regular physician for next week. I will talk to him about my penis being cold but I also have a visit with a urologist in a month. I’m getting these hard flaccid problems yesterday and today. I’m gonna take it easy and hang in there until I talk to both doctors. I don’t have much hope that they will help me in any way but maybe they can tell me if there’s something really wrong.

I’m not entirely sure about this and maybe the physician can help me but I think I contracted thrush from my girlfriend. Self diagnosed after researching penis rash and stumbling upon candidiasis. Looks similar. I was wondering why her pussy was tasting sour. She was getting really wet but the discharge was white. Makes some sense but we will see.

Originally Posted by asdfasf
I’m not entirely sure about this and maybe the physician can help me but I think I contracted thrush from my girlfriend. Self diagnosed after researching penis rash and stumbling upon candidiasis. Looks similar. I was wondering why her pussy was tasting sour. She was getting really wet but the discharge was white. Makes some sense but we will see.

Checked out of curiosity, definitely sounds like thrush/yeast infection. It’s possible that you caused it yourself but more likely you got it from your gf. Good news as far as STDs go because it’s not a tell that your girl has been sleeping around. Yeast infections are usually nbd I hear, get some meds from the doctor and you’ll be fine.

Get well soon!

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Hey guys. I have been through a lot of good things recently. All of my problems are gone now but I still haven’t cancelled my urologist visit. I spoke to him about coldness and he said it’s normal. He didn’t feel anything wrong when he examined my penis and the urine sample came back normal. I gained 5 lbs in weight from last month. Have been eating a lot and going to the gym regularly. Penis feels warm, there is no discoloration, I don’t feel any pain or discomfort. I have been doing hot baths every day and massaging my unit. I’m taking ginkgo biloba like 240mg a day and 4grams of l-arginine. I eat vitamins, fish oil, turmeric. My flaccid hang has been really well. Sometimes the flaccid does get turtled and it is hard to squeeze. If I pinched my hard and flaccid penis, it would remain squeezed in that spot after I release it and then slowly fill up with blood or actually relax and hang low. This does not bother me all that much and it will probably resolve itself eventually with more abstinence. I don’t know what’s happening but it seems like my penis is still growing even though I stopped PE. There’s a lot of new veins all around and the bumps I described in the first post are actually deep dorsal veins. Now that they’re really fat it’s easy to see where the rips come from. I will keep taking it easy and relax for two more weeks. I’m going to resume the sexual activity when I see my girlfriend again and I will keep you posted on how it goes.


I have resumed my pumping exercises. I did my first session two days ago and pumped for around 30 seconds at 3 in Hg. I just finished pumping again and I went for 3 minutes total at 3.5 in Hg. I can feel the stretch and will see if I get any negative indicators tomorrow. The penis seems to be growing very slowly in my 1.75” diameter tube. It starts touching the wall of the tube starting from the top on the left but I hope the right side will catch up and soon it will be touching the wall as much as the left does. I’ve lost some length since I pumped the last time in November. I was about 6.25 and now I’m almost 6 in length. I bet this thread looks like another thread of a person that starts something and never perseveres through but I will keep being on the safe side and try out pumping every second day for a couple of months. If I managed to keep my routine at a gym, I shouldn’t have a problem with my pumping routine. Thanks for keeping up a good spirit on this forum. I will hit you up in like a month or so.

As I remember there was no negative indications after that second session. Night and morning wood has been strong. I went overboard with pumping, stretching, and jelqing. I went inside the tube for ten minutes and my penis has been feeling funny for a day or two but nothing serious. I have been procrastinating on everything so I took a break for like two weeks. During this time off I have been practicing my edging techniques. I have come to understand more about myself lately.

I downloaded a decent video with some guy who calls himself DLD where he shows a bunch of exercises. I updated my signature with my current measurements. I’m hanging in there, going slow, and making sure I warm myself up real good before I start.

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Hey there,

I haven’t given up yet. I actually stepped my game up. I guess I can share my routine with you as I have one now. It’s still changing a lot as I’m experimenting with different sequences of exercises.

15min warm up in a hot bath
10min stretches - straight out, up, left, right, between the cheeks
100 wet jelqs at around 40%-80% erection level
Alternating between 20 5sec erect kegels, 20 5sec reverse kegels
10 minutes 3.5 in Hg pumping
10 minute warm down in hot bath
I keep massaging myself a lot. In between stretches, in between pumping sessions.
I’m doing this routine on a 5 on / 2 off (kind of) schedule.

I’ve seen mixed results as far as the EQ goes. I don’t know if PI’s specified here apply to me. It seems like the harder I train the better my EQ is. Masturbation makes a difference and I can’t tell what difference it makes yet. I keep ramping up all of my exercises and when the training is hard I get mild nocturnal erections but when I go hard and masturbate afterwards I get these morning woods that are so strong it hurts. Sometimes I get woken up to an erection too. So I try to avoid masturbation altogether. It seems that when I do avoid it my penis looks fuller, hangs lower, flaccid is bigger, and daytime and nocturnal erections happen more often. Like I said, it seems very random for me but I will just keep observing my body.

This whole PE thing is scary. I thought I pressed very hard into my pubic bone the last time I measured myself. I just can’t believe I gained half an inch in length in one month. I measured myself today after training and I was seven and one eighth of an inch long. My girth has been fluctuating. When I took a break and stopped eating and lost all my gained weight I lost a quarter inch in girth too. Now I got it back. I started filling up my cylinder on both sides of the bottom two inches.

I’m not getting too much of negative indications. I get red spots from time to time. I guess it’s a sign that I went hard. It feels so good to be doing these exercises and not getting any bruises or having my dick turn purple. I’m going pretty hard on my penis and I’m not encountering any negative outcomes I had seen back when I fucked myself up. No pain, no tingling, no coldness, no turtling, no hard-flaccid. Sometimes my penis feels spongy after a workout and it’s worrying but it resolves itself by morning.

I fell in love with pumping. I started at 2 in Hg and went in for 2 minutes and it was too much. Now I can do 10 minutes at 3.5 in Hg. I just started breaking this point where my penis starts expanding in the vacuum. Before it wasn’t even elongating. Now when I pump it just becomes longer and longer.

Measurements as of Feb 2017

BPEL: 6.5" NBPEL: 6" MEG: 5"

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