Amanuscarr's progress

I just copied and pasted this from my routine and measurments

2008-10-23 BPEL 6.500 x EG 5.000 BEG 5.3
2014-02-01 BPEL 6.750 x EG 5.125 BEG 5.5
2014-03-09 BPEL 6.900 x EG 5.250 BEG 5.75

First goal: BPEL 7.75 EG 5.75, final goal - 9BPEL, 6.5EG
Erect length 0.400
Erect girth 0.250
Flaccid length 0.750
Flaccid girth 0.250

Routine (for the last 3 weeks, 2 weeks before that no pumping only jelqing and stretching with a few o bends and a few fulcrum stretches a la Tricks And Tips For Manual Stretching) I now realize that was too much after coming back from a year break from excessive pumping and o-bends, but I was getting excellent expansion and flaccid hang where as I almost never got that on my previous attempts over a year ago, so I stuck with it but in retrospect I think I could get the same from less so from now on will try to only do jelqs and stretching and pump with low pressure for moderate amounts of time. And more rest days. I think I was over training in my previous attempts and plateaued early as a result of toughening up my penis too quickly. I’m also taking supplements now which I didn’t before and they seem to be making a noticeable difference, including shilajit resin, holy basil, ashwaghanda, skullcap, zinc, ginkgo, gotu, turmeric, l-arginine, huperzine, maca powder, fish oil, loads of vitamin c through whole foods and loads of vitamin b’s, magnesium, nascent iodine, tribulus terrestris, rhodiola, ginseng, vinpocetine, inositol, choline, and marijuana. Basically as many things that can cross potentate and be used for multiple things I.e. Nootropic/antidepressant/energy booster/vasodilator/anti-inflammatory/smooth muscle relaxant/antioxidant/increased nutrient absorption/hastened recovery time/detoxifying properties.

Main Routine Constituents; Jelqing, Stretching
Devices used; Pump
Rest Days; 5 on, 2 off/3 on, 1 off-2off
Daily Session Length (minutes)35

Detailed Routine Description
5 min warm up, then manual stretches 30 second holds in each direction starting with straight out, then straight down, then left and or right, then straight up, then straight out again where I often take a BPFSL measurement, which on 03-09-14 was hovering just a hair above the 7inch mark and at least 6.75”. I then do 50-60 wet jelqs done straight down and somewhere in between 6o’clock and 9o’clock, then I get hard and pump at 5hg-6hg for 3-5 min, exit then massage and do 20-30 wet jelqs straight down (apprx 3 min), then get hard again and go for another 5-6hg for 3-5 min. I may repeat the massage, jelquing and then a pumping rep once more maybe twice if my penis feels up for it. Finish with massage and warm wrap. Have noticed some slight discoloration and minor negative EQ symptoms and soreness, but excellent flaccid and some slight noticeable gains, so that probably means if I tamper the pressure down to 3-4hg and maybe keep the jelq reps around 100 for the entire workout I should get in the sweet spot of optimal gains and no negative Pi’s.