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Am I doing good?

Am I doing good?

Hello! This will be my first time taking part on the forum after only lurking and reading posts.

I started Jelqing towards the end of the July 2015, so it’s almost been 3 months now - and for the start I was patient and progressed slowly. The first month I was doing 50 wet jelqs - I would do two or three days on ~1 day rest ~ then repeat.
After a month it got to 70-80 wet jelqs

Now for the past month I’ve been doing, 3 days on. ~ 1 day rest ~ 2 days on. ~1 day rest~ and will repeat this cycle. The amount of jelqs I now do is between 130-150.

I have ALWAYS varied how I jelq, which will include; over hand (pulling down towards the floor), over hand (pulling to the floor on the left & right side), underhand pulling directly straight, and then have my 60% erect penis pointing towards the ceiling (does this stretch the tunica = bigger girth gains?)
My routine has ALWAYS consisted of a 5 minute warm UP with warm water (most of the time from a shower or the bath)
My routine has ALWAYS consisted of a 5 minute warm DOWN with warm water (most of the time from a shower or the bath)
And I’ve always used a massive amount of coconut oil on my Johnson (never attempted dry Jelqs)

So for all you experienced PE practitioners out there, please share your wisdom, what should I do? (I’M LOOKING PARTICULARLY FOR GIRTH GAINS ~ NONE OF YET)
But I’m in this for the long haul, as I’ve just turned 20 and I’m dedicated and passionate enough to continue this way into my late 20’s or even further I’d say. (Depending on the experience)

Also I heard that coconut oil may not be very good for your testicles. But I’m pretty sure I am wrong - if I use coconut oil for years is there a potential chance of becoming sterile?
I’m also having regular sex with my girlfriend, will that affect jelqing?
Do you think I should do say 20-30 jelqs at 80% erection? I would do those jelqs when my Johnson is towards the ceiling (again, is this stretching the tunica for girth gains)
I’m thinking of waiting until I’ve Jelqed for a whole year until I start clamping in July 2016 (Because it’s the best girth gainer?) - or could I start sooner?

Finally, if I continue my set routine, will I see gains? Do you think my current routine is correct or do you think it could be made any better? It’s almost November now, how long until I up the PE game (add more jelqs)??

~~~ Thank you to anyone who reads or comments on this post. And sorry if the post is long doesn’t get to the point a lot quicker.#####

Please don’t write sentences in capital letters.

Everyone is different and no one beside you knows how intense are the jelqs you are perfoming, but 50 wet jelqs would only enhance EQ for most of people, with little or no gains. 130 after 3 months looks low too. I would say for most of people 250 wet jelqs per working day is a reasonable minimum.

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