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All I need is 2.5 inches

All I need is 2.5 inches


Been looking on and off at the website for a number of years finally joined yesterday, read so many old posts and information on different opinions.

I have a couple questions is all this stuff really doable? Pay Day is in two weeks, so I’m just warming up doing Kegals and doing Jelqs till then (10 minute sessions) Linear routine, does anybody have an idea if it’s any good or works?

I been looking at a pump (no brand specific I think it’s a bad practice to name brand if you haven’t been on here for a while and aren’t active regularly, ‘I get suspicious’) and just want to buy a regular £20(ish) All Day extender obviously after a doing the linear routine for a few months I will start using it.

Any suggestions, tips and hints are very welcome.

Stick with the linear newbie routine for some time. Many don’t purchase any gear and have fantastic results.

Yes, it does work.

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

Man I’m having a real problem maintaining a semi, I’m about two weeks in now and I think I get what feelings I’m supposed to be getting when jelqing.

1. The gush of blood rushing through the shaft to the top of the head with each push.

2. The tingly and a little bit painful feeling when you hold the blood for one whole second.

I get both feelings a lot when I have a semi, problem is I cannot maintain a semi I watch porn to try and maintain a somewhat erect penis but I’m guessing with all that force I apply on my penis it goes limp again.

I’m a little concerned now that I may be doing it wrong, I start stretching soon according to the linear newbie.

My question is to anybody since I can only maintain a 20 -(at a push) 40% erection or even sometimes flaccid penis, are people known to make gains from flaccid jelqing?

And if not do you know of any tips I could perhaps use to try and maintain a semi its?

Also and finally when jelqing I am seated using an underhand grip is the overhand generally considered better?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

Current 16th July 2015 - BPEL = 6"

Goal - BPEL = 8.5"

No more lazybones! Time to get ripped, and get a magic wand!

Any help at all?

Current 16th July 2015 - BPEL = 6"

Goal - BPEL = 8.5"

No more lazybones! Time to get ripped, and get a magic wand!

Hello WildBone.

There is a video section in the site, look at it.

Regarding your 20/40 question, jelqing by definition needs some blood on your shaft, and since you are a percentage guy I would say that 50-80 is an area that you should be in for your first steps and till you get the hang of it. The higher your erection percentage the more girth work you do.

It is normal to watch porn or anything that you find stimulating in order to maintain an erection, also -if you are not already- use some kind of lubricant.

If you do a kegel while loosening your grip when your hand is at the bottom of the shaft and then tighten your grip again, you will have that extra blood trapped and you will see that you lose your erection slower like that. There is not a good grip. Do the grip that you are comfortable with. Jelqing after the first months is harder on the hands than on the penis.

If you feel pain you are doing something wrong. Some slight discomfort is OK sometimes, but keep it minimal. Go slowly, I cannot strech the important of starting slowly enough. As Titleist already told you, pumps, extenders and all the other cool mech stuff will come into play at a later phase when your manual routines don’t work anymore. Again, go slowly, especially if you are hoping for a 2.5” length gain.

It takes time and devotion.

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