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About 2.5 weeks in


About 2.5 weeks in

After about 2.5 weeks of a “consistent” routine (still got lazy a couple of days) my NBP is now at 7.875 at 100% EQ. However, my EQ isn’t necessarily the best, evident by the fact that by the time I rushed to get my phone to take a picture of my NBP it had already started to decrease. I’m very inconsistent with my kegeling so I know what to do to fix this, stopping masturbstion would also help. I didn’t get a BP measurement because I rushed to get my phone for a picture and by that time I had already lost EQ; I’d assume it’d be somewhere between 8.3/8.4. I know the recorded increase in only NBP is skeptical as its liable to many factors, but as my EQ is terrible and I haven’t been losing any body fat, I think this increase can be attributed to either PE or natural growth. Moreover , I was saddened to realize my EG is only at 5.5 midshaft(100% EQ); I used to measure with a string, as I didn’t have a masking tape, and the width of a string can add to the girth measurement. Thus, I don’t know if I had any girth gains, but I’m going to just use 5.5 as my new starting stat.

Anyways, this is my current progress 😁

You need to work on that smooth muscle inside of your penis to help with your EQ. You seriously should consider turning your masturbation sessions into edging sessions with kegels and really concentrate on those squeezes. Good luck with your PE career.

Starting Stats: BPEL 7.4", MSEG 5.1" [16 May 09]

Current Stats: BPEL 8.25", USEG 5.75'', MSEG 5.5", BEG 6.75'' [7 Jun 15]

Long Term Goal: BPEL 8.5", MSEG 6.5"

My EG is 4.25 Mid shaft and I`m not sad . 7 inch BPEL keeps me happy and the Ladies ;) !

Thanks for the replies guys, and I just measured BP today and it’s 8.35 if anyone was actually wondering lol.

Originally Posted by Tornnnnn
Thanks for the replies guys, and I just measured BP today and it’s 8.35 if anyone was actually wondering lol.

Where exactly are you going with a 8.35 bpel? Perhaps 9 bpel? I always thought that bpel over 8.5 was huge.Don’t you have problems with the ladies?

Well, my current girlfriend definitely gets sore really, really fast (like less than 5 minutes) and she says it hurts a lot, but she likes the pain so I guess it doesn’t really matter.

Torn, I moved your thread in the Progress Report forum, I think it fits better.

Good luck :) !

Thanks Drako.

This might be a little late to ask, but is your member supposed to look noticeably different after jelqing? Because mine, for the most part, looks the same.

It should be bigger but it’s not needful to gain.

Update: I’ve been having some negative PIs - haven’t had any night or morning wood in a long time , like nothing at all, not even partially- and my erections seem to be a bit weak so I was thinking about taking a break.

Anyone have any input about this?

I’ve had terrible erection problems for about 3 weeks - struggle to get hard to begin with, once I’m there I’m okay. Rarely at night/morning. Since starting PE regularly on the 2nd, I’ve had no morning wood at all. This doesn’t bother me so much as it allows me to wear my FR equipment without being woken up, but I can see how it’d concern people. I’d say take a break and see what happens, if it bothers you. There’s loads more reasons than PE your erections might be a little off.

Earliest reliable measurement (2015-06-15): 168mm (6.61") BPEL, no reliable EG measurement

Current (2015-06-23): 176mm (6.93'') BPEL, 110mm (4.33'') EG - Progress Thread

Target: 195mm (7.68'') BPEL, 125mm (4.92'') EG

Yoy might find a break useful and see what will happen.

Thanks for the relplies guys. I’m just worried I’m overtraining since I used to get pretty hard morning wood during the first week of my PE . Do you Guys think a 1 week break will suffice or should I up it to 2?

EQ can come up pretty quickly, it depends how stressed is your penis.

So when you’ll have things come back to normal levels, you can restart your routine.

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