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A Penis' Tale

A Penis' Tale

So I’m going to attempt to chart progress from May 1st, including measurements, the best I can.
Stumbled into PE looking for better EQ., and blood flow. Always had 10 EQ., and excellent stamina, and libido. Noticed once I hit 40 libido dropped as did EQ. I herniated a disk right before I met my new girlfriend and believed this greatly impacted blood flow and sensitivity. Also, a year of hard masturbating definitely didn’t help. (Side note: I have a difficult time getting off, so usually, masturbation sessions were like edging sessions. I believe this may be why I was resistant to gains. )
I didn’t measure on day 1. I thought I would PE for two months, gain half an inch length and girth, cement for a month and be done. Didn’t happen that way.
My starting stats, best guesstimate. I had measured NBPEL when I was 20 at 5.75”. Guessing MEG was 4.1 and MSEG 3.8. I had measured MEG at 4.25 about a month in using a string and had found this to be inaccurate when I switched to a seamstress tape. First goal, get back to MEG I thought I had.
Current stats: NBPEL 6, MEG 4.1, MSEG 4.1. Technically I’ve reached my initial goal, reach six inches and even out my girth. That was before I realized my girth was so far below average. New goal, hit 4 1/4 so I know I can grow. Then don’t stop till I hit 7x5.
Routine: May 1-June 30.
No warm up
100 wet jelqs and 25 uli squeezes.
Results: Better flaccid, more vascularity, 1/8” length.

Routine: July 1-July 31
6 minutes heating pad
250 wet jelqs, four 30 second horse440’s
Results: no change

Routine: August 1-September 30
Morning 5 min. Warm wash cloth
15 min. Stretching and heating
20 min. Wet jelqs with 440’s mixed in.
Lunchtime 5 min. Warm up
10 min. Stretching and heat.
60 second 440. O bends.
Night shower routine, same as lunchtime.
Results: no change, week break

Routine Oct. 8-Nov. 30
10 min. Warmup
20 min. Stretching and heat. Mostly bundles
25 min. Wet jelqs
Lunchtime 5 min. Warm up
10 min. Bundles and heat
5 1 min. 440’s followed by O bends
Shower 5-3 min. Stretches
Results: no change, week break.

Routine: Dec. 8-Dec 31
10 min warm up, kegal
20 min. Stretching and heat
Alternate 25 min jelq. Or 25 min. 440’s
Erect kegals with morning wood

Results: gain 3/16 MSEG
(Had 3 really awesome expansions doing a 440 during this period, I believe this is where gains came from. One was after a marathon sex session. My girlfriend went to bathroom. I still had about an 85% erection. I did a 440 and started reliving the experience in my mind not paying attention. When I looked down I got scared. My dick was dark purple and I’m guessing MEG of around 5”. It was about same size as my bed post and looked like porn star size to me.)
I’m now gearing my workout towards achieving this expansion.

Routine: Jan1-present. 5 on 2 off
5 min. Warm up, Kegal
5 min. Bundled squeeze with warm wrap
5 min. 440 with or without cock ring
1 min palm press on counter still engorged. 50 fire rolls.
Repeat 3-5 sets
Shower: 25 minutes stretching
Erect kegals with morning wood

Will measure beginning of March. Plan on taking two weeks off and then beginning clamping.

Injuries: tweaked a vein first week jelqing. Waited two days then jelqed light over that spot. Never returned.
Hurt side of shaft around 6 month mark. Possible tunica injury trying a 440 variation with corkscrew twist. Bothered me when I stretched against curve and when I overdid. Was careful but continued PE avoiding aggravating it. Seems completely gone past month and half.

Supplements: take combination 1000 mg l-arginine and 120 mg pycnogenol twice a day. This is a staple for good erections for me. Also take Swansons horny goat weed complex, ginkgo, and DHEA Creme. This combination helps with erections and makes my libido like I am 18 again. Great for PE and sex, but I don’t miss being 18, almost had sex with a tree one night my girl was too tired.

In general my dick feels worked and sore every day. I don’t have any negative PI’s. Wake up with nocturnal wood throughout the night. In my first few months my nocturnal hardons would really hurt. Like a muscle flexed too hard. I believe I was growing smooth muscle but my tunica wasn’t expanded yet. I read the TGC theory and started trying to expand my tunica after that.

Injuries cont.:

Where tunica injury, discomfort was felt, a rib formed there almost the same exact day pain disappeared.

Rib is 100% pain free.

Over the past month, since starting doing 5 minute long compressions, have noticed a small amount of edema form on my circumcision line. No turtleing or other negative PI’s associated with the swelling. Goes away in a few hours. Sometimes returns with sex that night but is gone in morning.

Had my first red spot about a week ago after my third set. A single spot, was gone the next morning and hasn’t returned.

To light colored rings have formed mid shaft. I believe they are a result of new expansion. My dick has darkened somewhat from PE. I believe these rings are my natural skin color and will probably darken over time. A positive sign I think. The increased intensity of my workouts is starting to cause changes. In general my dick feels worked and “raw” but still ready for action that night and ready for workout next day.

Taking today off.

Didn’t feel I got good expansion during morning workout yesterday because was having trouble maintaining erection level throughout compressions. (Two heads were not in harmony.)
Decided to do extra set in afternoon when libido came back after nice lunch with sweetie.

25 minutes heat and stretching.
(One min. Heat, then one minute tunica tug, one minute heat, then one minute bundled tug, etc.)
Focusing on really heating and stretching mid shaft.
8 minute horse 440 with very high arousal level. Lights off so I couldn’t look only feel. Noticed dick felt more veiny and pliable then normally with this erection level.
Flicked lights on with elbow. Was a little scared. Dick was dark purple almost brown. Expansion was at least 20%. Let go immediately. Absolutely no pain but dick felt very worked after that. Skipped evening stretching. Had long sex session. I like the raw worked feeling for sex, seems more sensitive.
Woke this morning still feeling worked. Hence skipping work out.
Finally “feel” I’m doing enough to get gains, and “need” rest day.

Was planning a somewhat unexpected week off this week, ended up doing Obends instead. I had planned taking the first two weeks of March off and then starting my clamping campaign so I didn’t want a break.

So last Friday did 1 1/2 hour workout going into break. Then did some reading on Obends. Realized I hadn’t really explored them properly. So tried them out lightly for about 10 minutes about 3 hours after my workout and ended up aggravating tunica/vein injury on side of shaft. Really liked them, and especially liked how you could do them with such a low erection level.

This allowed me to workout this week, as I didn’t want to do anything needing arousal, baby making reasons.

So change of plans. Adding these to workout. Also, noticed it seems like I’ve taken a step back in gains, not supported by measuring, but in general size, EQ, etc. I think perhaps overtraining? As I took a less is more approach from beginning, slowly building to a more is more approach, still not achieving results, this is somewhat frustrating.

The step back could be temporary due to discomfort only, but as increasing frequency of what seemed a promising technique for me in the horse 440’s, hasn’t produced gains, my new thoughts are high intensity lower frequency. This would support the quick gain I saw getting good expansion 3 times in two weeks, and support why I didn’t get gains early on doing low intensity low frequency. High intensity high frequency may be to much. Might need rest days now that I’m conditioned enough to do intense workout.

New schedule I’m going to try is:

W1- Wednesday

W2-Monday, Friday




Repeat. I think I’ll eliminate week off every 2 months, because every 5th week only has one workout. This should give ample rest days for growth first 3 weeks, then higher frequency last 2 weeks. Hopefully, this will spark growth, also hedging bets obviously by not just committing to low frequency every week.

EQ back up to 10 last night, able to keep full erection 45+ minutes.

Twinge of discomfort/funny feeling gone, but reason for positive PI inconclusive as I only did 5 minute workout that morning, not including warm up.

So was negative PI caused by over training or injury/discomfort, not sure?

I am sure that Obends are far more exhausting than I thought based on everything returning to normal once I laid off a bit. Was doing 10 one minute bends m-w and felt itchy, funny feeling in injury area and general fatigue a couple hours afterwards, which surprised me as that was all I did for workout plus 5 minutes of tunica stretching.

Going to stick with new schedule starting Wednesday, and definitely incorporating Obends.

Wrapping up year one today.

Past 2 months ended up doing

MWF Routine 3x10 clamped sets.

Mixed in some Obends and Bundled edging.

No gains.

Overall year one 3/16” length gain, wasn’t trying for that, and 3/16” mid shaft gain. No max. EG gain unfortunately.

Ending thread moving to members forum.

Good luck.

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