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A Newbie's PE Journey

A Newbie's PE Journey

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently started PE, and I’m going to document my journey here - measurements, routine, other penis-related changes.

First, a bit about myself. 19 years old, 5.31” x 4.92”, lurked for quite a while, did three weeks of PE a few months ago, had to stop, recently started again; looking to improve my penis and maintain it as healthy as possible.

I’ve been looking into PE for a few years, reading threads here and on PE Gym. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I saw that so many people were dedicated to PE, I thought it might be worth trying. I wanted to find comparison pictures to see actual gains, so I made an account here to actually see the before & after pictures that people post. I was pretty amazed with what results people were getting, so I bought some lube, found a routine and started approximately three months ago. Kept going for roughly three weeks with the Newbie Routine, then stopped. Started again last week, completed my fifth session today, altered the Newbie Routine a bit. Decided to start keeping a progress log to share my experience and stay motivated.

Starting Stats (28/04/2016):
BPEL: 5.31”
NBPEL: 4.92”
BS EG: 4.92”
MS EG: 4.92”
Curvature: downward, starting mid-shaft, approximately 30 degrees
Erection Angle: approximately 9 o’clock
Vein Count: 5 (4 large, 1 medium)

Current Routine:
5-minute warmup with hot towel, reheat every minute
1x 30-second stretch in each direction (up, down, forward, left, right)
200x 2-second jelqs
5-minute warm down, same as warmup
10x 5-second kegels
20x 3-second kegels
5x 15-second kegels

BPEL: 6.00”
BS EG: 5.50”
MS EG: 5.50”

So, I’m pretty much on the lower end of average, though one weird thing about my length is that if I measure with a piece of string on top of my penis, I get 6.30”, one inch bigger than the ruler-pressed-against-the-bone method. However, I decided to stick with the recommended measurement methods from this website. I can’t say my curvature bothers me, but I don’t like it either, especially when I look into the mirror and because it seems to make my penis look smaller. My erection angle would make my penis hang parallel to the floor, but since I have a downward curve, it looks as if it’s below 9 o’clock when erect. I have quite a few big veins, but they are not very visible - some are hard to see if I’m not holding a kegel.

I started with the Newbie Routine when I first did PE, it was a nightmare to do the jelqing, as I kept getting hard every five strokes or so. In time, things got better. When I began again last week, I used the same routine, but instead of counting jelqs and how much it took me to do each stroke, I only focused on jelqing for 10-15 minutes, trying to get used to it so I wouldn’t get too many boners. Last PE session I decided to take it easier: I set the number of jelqs to 200, trying to make them 2-second long, since I simply can’t do a 3-second jelq because my shaft is too short; I reduced the number of stretches to 1 for each direction, since I might have stretched a bit too much in some directions - I can feel a slight, sharp pain/discomfort in my right and upper ligament at the base (or at least I hope that’s the ligament) when doing a left and down stretch, respectively.

I haven’t set any grand goal for the moment, I think they’re just big enough to convince myself that what I’m doing is working and that it’s not just a measuring error, and small enough so that it’s attainable in a few months. After achieving this, I’d like to focus, along size gains, on fixing my curve, getting some noticeable veins (though I guess this will come by itself from jelqing) and maybe raising the erection angle (if possible in any way).

I use KY Jelly when jelqing, works pretty well, cleans up nicely, doesn’t smell. Though I managed to get used to jelqing a bit more, I still get an erection every 10-15 jelqs, but it’s definitely better than before, when it felt like masturbating. Since restarting PE, I noticed the small, thin red veins on my penis became more visible (or maybe I’m just paying more attention to them), and my flaccid size is bigger. However, I noticed no change in erect size right after a workout.

I’m planning to post updates weekly, at least, and to take measurements every two weeks. I’m also thinking of posting some pictures here, to help people get a better idea of what I’m talking about. What do you guys think about my size, routine, goals, approach, body feedback?

Nice detailed post, we appreciated.

19 years old is the perfect age to start … I can only wish to go back to my 19 and dive in into PE world (I’m 27 now).

You are getting erect while jelqing because your strokes are too fast. Try to do 3 to 4 seconds per stroke, so your penis won’t “think” that you are trying to masturbate yourself.

Schedule at 1 ON and 1 OFF should do it and it is safer to find your “sweet spot (growth)” this way.

Don’t underestimate the water ingestion and rest hours: 2 liters and 7 hours sleep per day, minimum.

Welcome and good luck.

Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 7.8” x 5.0” (5.2" BEG)

My pictures

Thanks for the encouraging reply, Useless!

I’m not sure what causes the erections, really. I tried going today for 2-3 seconds per stroke instead of 1-2 seconds as I did before, and I got erections even quicker. I’ll give it a go with 3-4 seconds per stroke, though I think that means I’ll be going very slowly with my hand. When I jelq, how tight should the grip be? I usually squeeze as hard as I can without causing discomfort, but sometimes I feel like I’m not squeezing enough.

I’ll try 1 ON and 1 OFF. How much time should I go like this?

Also, should I be concerned about that slight ligament pain? Or is it some sort of soreness? I only feel it while stretching, but I didn’t feel it in the first few workouts.

Grip should be tight enough to feel the blood moving around inside the penis. If you jelq with high-end erections, you won’t be feeling this (assuming your erections are 9 to 10).

About schedule, my opinion is: If your routine have girth exercises (jelq target girth too), you should do 1 ON followed by 1 OFF (maybe 2 OFF). Since we are not 100% sure about healing and recovery time, would not be a good idea to work your penis for 2 consecutives days.

Soreness is ok (briefly and controlled), but pain is not. You may be pulling too hard your penis while stretching.

Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 7.8” x 5.0” (5.2" BEG)

My pictures

Thanks for the advice!

I’ll try to pay more attention when gripping to see how it feels. But I guess it’s a good sign if the skin covering my glans (I.e. The skin above the point where the jelq ends) is getting significantly more red than the rest of the shaft, right? Maybe I can also use this as a guideline on how hard to squeeze the grip.

I’ve been reading about cases where curves got worse from jelqing, and I’m wondering how to prevent that. Though I’m not planning to attempt to fix my curve right now, I wouldn’t want to make it worse either. Currently, I’m jelqing in a straight line, parallel to the floor, and sometimes a bit upward, when the erection level is less than 80% and I don’t feel any discomfort in bending my penis upwards. Should I make any changes to this routine, is there any way of jelqing than certainly won’t make my curve worse? I guess jelqing downwards is a bad idea in my case.

Jelqing downwards is like jelqing and stretching downwards at the same time. Can’t see much coming from this.

Jelqing should be executed as straight as possible. By trying to change the strokes direction, most likely that you will be doing uneven pressure on the shaft.

My curvature is similiar to yours and didn’t see any changes till now.

These threads might light you up a bit:
I have almost fixed my curvature.
Penis Extender traction for curvature correction
Extender and Penis Curvature
Kegels and Curvature
Has anyone actually fixed a curve??
Eliminating Curvature

Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 7.8” x 5.0” (5.2" BEG)

My pictures

That actually makes sense, I suppose I’ll keep jelqing straight out as before.

Thank you! I’ll look into it.

Had another workout today, taking it easier.

First of all, I’m taking a break from stretching, since both my left and my right ligaments are starting to hurt whenever I stretch them. I’m still going to do some short 2-second stretches in each direction during every workout, just to check how it feels.

Next, I reduced the number of jelqs to 150 and I’m trying to do 3 seconds each. Near the end of the workout I felt a slight pain in my glans, though it seemed to have passed after I finished.

I also had to skip kegels today, since I feel a slight discomfort at the base of my penis when kegeling (might be the ligaments?).

I’m not sure what’s going on exactly - either I’m overdoing it, or using too much intensity, or doing something wrong. Luckily, my erections seem unaffected by it, size is roughly the same. If anyone had similar experiences or knows more about this kind of thing, I’d appreciate any help.

All things considered, I’m going to take it easier from now on. Going to do 1 ON and 2 OFF for a while, lower intensity, and after I heal I’m going to build up on intensity and later maybe switch to 1 ON, 1 OFF - hopefully my penis will be more conditioned then. Better safe than sorry.

Training session today, things are going better.

Ligaments almost healed, only when stretching downward I felt a slight discomfort. It also seems like it stretches easier to the left and to the right (where it previously hurt the most when stretching). I guess this is a good sign, but it could also be just my imagination.

I went for 100 jelqs today, managed to do 3-second jelqs mostly. However, it seemed too little so I went to 200. Last 50 jelqs or so I did 1-second strokes, just to see the difference. It seems the faster strokes pump blood more efficiently, my glans skin gets redder from these.

So much so far, going to keep it 1 ON, 2 OFF until I feel ready for 1 ON, 1 OFF.

New workout today.

150 jelqs and 7 stretches. I tried stretching with my foreskin pulled back, and the discomfort disappeared. I feel stupid, because it seems as if my “ligament pain” was just a skin stretching pain. Jelqing went a bit slow, didn’t feel that great, kept hearing some pop/crack noises that seem to be from my grip moving the veins or something like that.

I was getting a bit disappointed; I was getting the feeling that I’m definitely doing something wrong and that this is pointless and going nowhere. But then I din an after-workout inspection as usual, and I got some surprisingly pleasant results.

While my size would generally be the same after workout, this time it seemed a bit longer. I measured both with a ruler, bone pressed, and with a piece of string, and in both cases it seemed to be 0.1-0.2” longer. I am a bit skeptical about it, since it could be just an after-workout effect or even a measuring error, so I’m going to check next days as well.

I also checked the general appearance of my penis. I noticed a few, barely noticeable red spots slightly below mid-shaft. I got quite happy about it since I read it indicates that I’m working it out sufficiently, and I never got these before. I also noticed what I think is a new vein on the top side of my penis. It can be noticed in the right light and when kegeling it’s a bit more obvious, though I’m not yet ruling out the option of me imagining things. Again, I’ll keep inspecting the following days until my next workout and come back with an update.

Anyway, these changes, whether imagined, erroneous, temporary or permanent, have given me some more motivation to continue. I only hope I’ll be able to keep it up.

Another workout.. 200 jelqs and 10 stretches + 100 quick kegels at the end.

The effects of that last workout slowly vanished, and now it’s back to normal. Did another post-workout check, no difference.

I’m thinking of going 1 ON, 1 OFF, since I have a feeling that I’m not doing enough.

Been keeping at it pretty much the same. No noticeable size difference so far.

The only thing I noticed is a small increase in some veins’ size/length. It’s especially visible when I hold an erect kegel - I don’t recall it being like this before.

Also, my penis seems to suddenly go flaccid somehow while jelqing. Not necessarily shrinking, but I definitely feel that I’m not pumping blood in it anymore. It usually takes a few shakes/kegels/strokes to get it back on pumping. Is this some sort of exhaustion, or a sign that I’m overworking it?

Been busy those days, I had to take a four-day break from PE, unfortunately. Done another session today and took some measurements.

It’s been approximately a month since I’m doing PE, 17 sessions so far. Went up to 300 jelqs this time because I feel like I can take that much. Should increase number of stretches too.

Well, since this can be considered my first minor milestone, I’ve taken a look at the changes:

1). Gains.. ? Probably a bit, probably just measurement error. Girth hasn’t really changed, but I might have gained a bit in length. Got 5.4” in length, so I if it stays for a while I’m going to call it a gain, even though it’s just a 0.1”, it’s still something.

2). Veins. I believe my veins are getting more prominent, going to compare pics and see. Right after finishing my jelqing today, I held a kegel to look at the veins, it looked quite good. The dorsal vein is getting more noticeable, and it even has three small branches that can sometimes be seen! It may not be a proper size gain, but I like it.

Well, that being said, I think I’ll increase the workout volume from now on, but I’ll still keep it 1 ON, 1 OFF.

Today I decided to some more stretching, since 10 30-second stretches don’t seem to be enough. I’ve done 10 60-second stretches today, hopefully this will be more effective. Going to increase the number if no soreness/injuries arise.

As for the jelqing, I might have squeezed too hard when I was almost erect, and I felt a short, sharp pain, so I decided to stop there (150 jelqs, out of 300 as planned), do the hot wrap, the kegels and call it a day. Hopefully, the size seems to be the same, I can still get erections easily, so the damage was probably minor.

Well, everything seems fine, luckily. No sign of damage from that jelq. I resumed my workout as usual today.

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