A month in, some gains and losses

Hello to all, a newbie here. This is my first post so I would like to start off with a little info about myself. I have-experimented with PE for the last five years or so, well I don’t think I would call it PE since I wasn’t doing it right. I bought a pump and looked up exercises on web sites online, including thunders place ( I don’t know why I didn’t join then). Never being consistent and always trying to do to much to fast has resulted in, yep you guessed it no gains.

So a little more than a month ago I stumbled across thunders again. I lurked for a bit, then decided I would join and do a consistent routine based on the info I read.

Here is the routine,
First week- warm-up, basic stretching, 50 wet jelqs
2ND week- same but 75 wet jelqs
3rd week- warm-up, JAI stretches 5x in each direction, so,SD, sup, left and right. 100 wet jelqs
4Th week- warm-up, JAI stretches 10x each direction, BTC stretches 30sec left and right, 1min crack. 75-100 wet jelqs, warm-up, 75-100 wet jelqs
Also mixed in kegels and reverse levels

I took measurements twice yesterday at different times and once today to make sure things were consistent. My honest guess before measuring was that I would have no length gain but slight girth gain, it just felt a little thicker.

To my surprise my BPEL came in at 7.250, a .25 gain. Very cool! But then surprise turned a little disappointing when my MS-EG came in at 5.062, a .125 loss. In the grand scheme of things an 1/8 loss in circumference seems pretty substantial since even with the length gain it reduces my overall volume.

I’m gonna try not to get discouraged tho ( unless this seems out of the ordinary) and keep sticking to the 4Th week of routine. Any insight on adding, subtracting or keeping routine the same would be great.

Thanks for your time, and thank you in advance for any comments and information.

Phew, it’s nice to lose my posting virginity!