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A Journey of Girth

A Journey of Girth

Hello Forum,

I am tracking my progress as I strive to increase my girth and erection quality. As I get closer to 30-years-old, I have found a couple of things increasingly difficult. I have found that, for the most part, my erection quality has been decreasing. In fact, I am rarely at 100% during sex, and my girlfriends notice. Additionally, I have struggled with girls on top for the past couple of years. It isn’t that I cannot perform when on the bottom, but I need to be closer to orgasm in order to hold a good erection which is incredibly frustrating. My girlfriend will get on top and I can see it in her face as I start to lose it after a while so I flip her on her back in order to save it. Because I have pretty good starting stats, I would say that erection quality is hands down my most important goal, especially short-term, however, I am very interested in increasing my girth as well.

Currently my stats are 7.875” x 1.6875 x 1.5625 for a volume of about 20.75 cubic inches. My girth is what is suffering, at around 5.25”. Even though I have been told by every girl that I have been with that I am well endowed, and have had a few tell them that I have been the biggest, I have never truly been satisfied with my penis. My target is to increase my girth by 1” with whatever length gains happen as simply a bonus. I also want to increase my erection quality and control which should be a side effect of regular PE. As I have no previous PE experience, I am starting with a basic routine but am open to any suggestions as I progress towards my goals. I do not have copious amounts of time to dedicate to this, so a 2 hour routine 6 days/week will never happen. I am looking to keep my workouts at around 30 minutes or less.

I will try to update this thread a minimum of once every month and will post progress pictures as I find them suitable.

Thanks and good luck!

Damn what a coincidence, I’m 30 and have same size penis as you length and girth just about. I also would like to increase my girth, even thought about getting surgery done. Planning to start the Jelq and squeeze routine I think it is for girth. I feel just like you my girth is suffering its depressing at times. I’ll favorite this thread and inform you of any girth I stumble upon in the next few months.

The newbie routine will serve you well, Erection Quality is a primary thing to go after in most forms of PE.

Good luck!

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