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7ups road to 7"

7ups road to 7"

Hey guys,

Been hanging around this forum for awhile and started PEing with the newbie routine 1 month ago and so far I’ve got no gains.

At the moment I am 5.5” BPEL and around 4.5” EG, so basically my unit is small :( .

What I want most is length, once I get some decent length I’ll move on to getting girth.

Since I’ve already done 1 month with no gains using the newbie routine, I’m going to step it up a little bit by adding a V-stretch in and increasing my overall time used for stretching.

My LOT is 6 o’clock btw so according to the LOT theory I’m a very slow gainer and need to focus on my tunica.

Will keep you guys updated whenever I can.

And btw, GREAT FORUM!! Thunder, moderators and to all people adding their knowledge to this forum, you guys are amazing and thanks. Really has inspired and motivated me to actually get started on this and seeing people progress tells me this actually works! I just hope I will see results soon.


Hey Buddy, welcome!

Like you I have been hanging around this forum for a while and only recently joined to share my experiences.
Firstly do remember that 5.5inches length is by no means small! In fact you are completely normal, I have learnt that from this forum my idea of “normal” is completely thrown off, but you have to remember that many of these guys have been working at it for years. Think of it like going to a body building gym and getting used to seeing grossly muscular people.
Just some advice from my own experiences, I have been doing the newbie routine for around 3 months and was fortunate to see a gain of around half an inch in length, however this was not until I hit around the 2 month mark. So hang in there and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Anything below 6 is small, and 6 to 7 would be medium, and 7 to 8 would be large, and 8 to 9 would be XL, so there is no sense trying to redo the reality. Mankind will typically have a small penis, it sucks but that’s the way it is. However, there is PE and it works.

Please use caution in regards to anything posted by Yokamotive kiddies. He is our old troll friend Shilow come back to pay us a visit and spread more of his troll crap.


I think you can forget LOT theory. I’d say almost certain. :)

Originally Posted by 7ups

At the moment I am 5.5” BPEL and around 4.5” EG, so basically my unit is small :( .

Hi 7ups, and welcome to the forum. :)

Don’t think too much about being small. If it’s any consolation, I’m even smaller than you, both length and girth. My starting point was about 4.3” length (bone pressed!) and after 5 months of dedication managed to increase it to about 5”, but it’s still smaller than your starting point (and probably almost everyone else’s as well). I haven’t got much success with girth as well, and it’s just shy of 4” now. But I’m not giving up and will continue PE to hopefully reach my goal one day.

Don’t give up, be patient and consistent, and I wish you all the best in your PE journey. :)


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