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710 progress log

376 409 36

the girl has def taken away from my PE routine. Not happy about that but enjoy her company. Still hitting the heavy hang for about an hour a day on average tho… Phallosan belt has basically broken so I will be making a new one.

wow- felt unusually long today- measured- pushing 7.5 nbpfsl—- so amped …. easily reaching 7.25 heavy while standing and almost 7.5 while seated… is at the end of a day but still… so happy- finally seeing real results even after switch in measure technique. 381 427 36

most time is being spend hanging at 11lbs or so. i just started back up in putting hours in the ads too.

after a 2 day break gains are not quite at that 7.5 but we I have seen CLEAR growth away from 7.25 measure which is great. I have been very busy- about to move. once re-settled I will begin racking hours as I believe the combination of racking hours and using heavy weights is what I need. I believe earlier I had said I wanted to see what it would take to obtain length gains - like what weight and time I would need to actually stretch my penis longer than it was in the morning. I believe I have achieved that… I also have seen more foreskin- I now have to pull back my foreskin when I put the device on to ge a proper suction in the ads.

been a really long time since I posted but figured I would update you guys- I PE almost every day now… mostly stretching manuals and heavy hangings. I have not measured. I do not want to. All I know is it is bigger than it has ever been by way of feeling.

I have a lot to say but the most important thing is to believe in yourself.

Read and learn as much as you can… take it slow you do not want to waste energy until you are sure your doing things right for your body.

You need to change your body…permanently- it will take time to alter it and more time to maintain the altered state.

Stay motivated & stay dedicated. gains will come.

This is a journey- a marathon… not a sprint.

Great news- I have hit 7 inches EL 7.5 FSL. Near climax 7 1/8 EL- pumped. 10 months of consistent work and I am up nearly .75 inches in EL. I will go for .25-.5 more FSL and add some girth exercises in… I just cant wait for the day I hit 8” even if I get to just 7.5 EL from stretching alone I feel like I will gain the other .5 from jelqing. I want to start girth so bad. I guess it will probably have to wait 10 more months unless I somehow all of a sudden start adding length more quickly.

10 months feels like an eternity btw. even though its only 10 months.

Congrats on the progress 710!

Originally Posted by solinari
Congrats on the progress 710!

thanks bro

and for the record where it says -pumped I am not pumping- I am just pumped to see the progress.


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