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4 Month Progress


4 Month Progress

Pretty simple. PE is real. I started out 4 Months ago seriously but have been around Thunders Place since 2009. I did the Newbie Routine and never went over 200 jelqs (really because I’m lazy). I also did very light hanging with an Auto Xleeve and the cap weights because I was not willing to wait until after 3 months to start that. I wear the Auto Xleeve all day.

My starting stats were EL 6.0
BPEL 6.5

Now I am EL 6.7 (this is a very conservative measurement. I was actually hitting 7.0 on a harder erection)
BPEL 7.2

I take a multi-vitamin and A LOT of L-Arginine for recovery purposes. I don’t care about girth right now so I don’t measure. Plus I don’t really know how to measure or what to measure with. I will say that I’m pretty average in girth may be even under.

Strictly from my experience I HATE manual stretching. I did it but it was a pain. Since I hang with the Auto Xleeve it was very convenient and I am looking to trade in manual stretching for hanging. Actually that is what I am currently doing. Today was my first day hanging at 2 1/2 lb 40 minute set. Felt great. Afterwards is when I took my official measurements that I am reporting now. I feel like I might be another BIB seriously. I measured about 1 and a half months in and I was hitting 6.5 EL… I seriously thought something was wrong. Now I measure 4 months in and Im already hitting 7 inches and I havent even hung over 1 pound until today.

And who says God isn’t Good?

Well done man, it does work for sure.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Thanks Lord Harris! PE does work. I know that now for myself. My only regret is that I did not start earlier because I’d probably be posting bigger gains by now. But better late than never.

Yeah same here, well actually my little problem seems to be whenever I get into the groove of a good routine, I either get injured, meet a girl or have some other reason to stop lol. I envy the retired or self employed guy’s whose wives/gf know and just sit in a chair hanging all day!

Anyways, are you going to keep the routine up?

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Epic, how much L-Arginine is “a lot”?


Nice starting and ending pictures.

Lord Harris Im actually in one of those groups LOL Self-employed. I have a lot of time at home and make my own schedule so hanging is definitely something that is doable for me. And I am currently single so that helps in concentrating on the routine though I must say I am lazy when it comes to being consistent all the time. That is specifically why I like hanging because I can multitask. Just slip it on the xleeve and I’m ready to go :) I have been fortunate in not getting injured so far. Had one lig pop that scared me but pops are nothing.

TheLawnmoverman I take about 3000 to 5000 mg of L-Arginine everyday. In addition I take a multivitamin, amino acids, between 150-200g of protein, and a scoop of glutamin. I do not know if this has had an effect on my penile growth but I do know it has done wonders for my body.

Hangin I don’t do the whole picture thing LOL Its not THAT serious for me. My short term goal is 7in in length and long term is 8x6 but I won’t kill myself if I don’t get there. I will say that the area around my buddy has changed drastically. One could see the new penis that has been pulled out. It also hangs lower now. It is starting to have that tree trunk effect too which I like ;)

Congrats on the progress man. What do you use to hang?

Thanks for the reply!

Hey tonystark88 I just watched Captain America yesterday and Howard Stark was in it. I dont know but I just thought you should know that for some reason lol Anyways currently I use the Red sleeve from Auto Xleeve to hang the 1 pound cap for about an hour then I switch to the Hard yellow sleeve with the plastic cap that comes with the sleeves to hang the 2 1/2 lb for about 40 minute sessions. Starting this week Im going to do about 3 sessions of 40 minutes every day. With 100 to 150 jelqs then take the weekends off. I hang BTC and position myself to feel certain ligament stress depending on what I am going for.

The thing I like about the sleeves for now is that I DO NOT feel stress on the skin. It is strictly internal and it brings on the good itch afterwards. But I do not know how much the sleeves would fair with higher weights. We will see. I do not wrap which makes the process of putting on and slipping off even faster. Let me know if there is anything else. I currently have the 1 pound on.

Is the 150-200g of protein in protein shakes or a combination of shakes and daily diet? You taking amino acid pills?

Startender the protein is a combination of poultry like (tuna, eggs, turkey, white chicken) and protein shakes. And yes it is a part of my daily diet. The amino acids are pills but the glutamine is in powder form which I just add to the protein shake. Ive built a lot of muscle over the last couple of months and I don’t want to loose it, but unfortunately I do not work out as much anymore. That is why my protein intake and amino acid intake is high so I can keep what I built and not work as hard.

Just thought I would update on my situation. In two weeks I will reach my half year mark and I’m very happy with what I have gained so far. It is almost a full inch in length. I went from 5.9-6 to 6.8 sometimes 7in (depending on erection quality). This measurement was at the four month mark. I measured girth once and that was at 4.5 and 4.7 at the base (Toilet Roll Girth Thread).

I started hanging exclusively this week with the auto xleeve and some weights I bought at sports authority. I just felt like the newbie routine was played out for me. Just too much work IMHO especially when I attribute my time light hanging to what really brought on my gains. I’m hoping to be a solid 7 inches in two weeks. As of now I am hanging BTC at 3 1/2 lb for 3 to 5 sets of 40 minutes each. Then I throw on a sleeve with a weight cap of a pound for the rest of the day. Let me tell you the stretch is INTENSE! I’ve gotten the electrical feel, sore ligs, and every other good sign there is to get when hanging. The electric feel is funny, but can be a little uncomfortable sometimes. For some reason after hanging I get very horny and feel very meaty. I don’t know if this is normal but it happens. I also notice that my pubic area stays heated without me having to heat and reheat with my Pad. Dont know if this is normal either.

I like hanging. It is a relief from manual stretching which I hate with a passion. Im glad I get the same intense stretch from hanging. I don’t wrap at all. I just plaster baby powder all over my little (soon to be big) buddy and it pretty much creates a tight grip on the glans and really minimizes fluid buildup. I’m going up to four pounds starting Sunday. So I will say it is safe to say my unit is 6.8X4.5 The next time I measure will be in two weeks.

I recently re-evaluated my ultimate end goal to be 7.5x5.5 but after hanging and liking it I think I’ll go for the 8x5.7 The reason why 5.7 with girth is because I just don’t think its really feasible to gain an inch and a half of girth. I’m sold on length but I’m still a little skeptical about girth (for me not in general). Let me know if there are any questions. Happy PEing everyone! :)

Great work. A real inspiration.

Thanks Midthigh! I really appreciate that. I was in turn inspired by people like IronAddict69, Marinera, FG, RB, Saiyan22 and BIB to really put in the work to see the gains come. And low and behold they are coming. Its great to inspire others.

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