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3 months progress

3 months progress

Hello there !

After testing for myself PE for over almost 3 months, I wanted to share with you my experience and my progress of this adventure.
I’ve started mid-April of this year, I decided to go for the Linear Routine as people suggested not to start too roughly. My starting stats were:
BPEL: 6.14 inches
EG: 5.27 inches (Mid-shaft)

- 2 days ON, 1 day OFF. Progressively I went from 20 to 130 wet jelqs and started doing 10x 30 seconds stretches. On the end of the month (20 days later), I measured:
BPEL: 6,259 inches
EG: 5.315 inches

- Still 2 days ON, 1 day OFF, but whenever I felt my penis was a bit numb, I took some extra days OFF. I ended the month of May (31 days later) with 260 jelqs and 14x 30sec stretches. I measured:
BPEL: 6.46 inches
EG: 5.433 inches

- Still 2 days ON, 1 day OFF, but the first half of the month of June hasn’t been taken seriously, and I had very poor gains. I mainly didn’t have as much time and privacy as before. Second part of the month has been serious and consistent again. I’ve finished the month doing 300 wet jelqs, 16x 30sec stretches, some other stretching techniques, and started also doing Kegels as I observed how much my EQ improved thanks to that ! I measured at the end of the month (30 days later, today):
BPEL: 6.594 inches
EG: 5.452 inches

Summary (2 months and 20 days):
BPEL: +0.454 inches
EG: +0.182 inches.
I’ve had no accidents, I’m taking my time and I think I am a slow gainer, but I’m pretty happy with it. As long as there are gains, I go on with the same, and increase slowly the exercices. :)
I’ll be back in a while to keep you up to date with my progress !
Goals: First 6,7 inches in length, and then maybe 7,1.. EG goal: 5,52 inches.

PS: My mid-shaft girth has always been a bit thicker than my base shaft, any suggestions to increase the thickness of the base ?

Good job, decent gains. Keep PEing and soon you will have a monster

Welcome Rico! Nice work with the progress. Length gains are good so as you rightly said, don’t change the routine.

The main exercises increase base girth are pumping and clamping. Hanging help too. You can gain it with jelqs too, although it’s not the best exercise to do it.

Thanks for the compliments and the advises ! I hope it can maybe inspire some who also start PEing.

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