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3 months progress help

3 months progress help

Ok guys I have to ask very important questions as I believe I have done something wrong in my past 3 months of PE to start things off I did the newbie routine and progressed quickly doing it for 1 minute instead of 30 sec thats double normal working my way up even quciker doing it twice a day adding erect stretching. All within the first two months what I noticed was that I seemed to progress very fast , way to fast doing alot of PE manually 5-6 hours a day 1 hour girth and like 4 hour length and through my discovers I’ve noticed that I’ve gained no length at all but the first month I gained .25 girth then stopped the second month to focus on length only to lose my .25 and gain no length for the third month I’ve gained .15 in 15 days and its been 10 days since which I expect to measure for the increase in the .25 again in 5 days ending the 3rd month.

What I have to say is I’ve been doing alot of reading about lighter is better and such and I ask you guys how long should I decondtion my penis for length work so I can start with a routine of less work because I beleieve I overtrained length way to much and thats what resulted in my no gains, though I did gain flacid size and FSL. Also why is it that my FSL prior girth work is greater then normal FSL but el is identical? I have sg extender that I’m not usiing as much maybe for 1 hour after my 1 hour length routines now for the third month so 4 horus sitll in length but 1 hour workouts maybe 1 hour 30.

I just ordered an uncle Jim’s strap to help the healing process is not having an ADS being the reason why I’ve not gained or over-training because I can work less and wear ADS instead and work up to longer routine over time. But how do I deocondition and how long does it take should I stop for a month in length and just continue girth ? Or slowly do less length (2 days on 1 off etc 30 min routine) ? Or just wear ADS till a month passes , please help I really want length I just need 1.75 length to reach my goal and .75 girth which I find girth will be easy. I’m willing to buy a lengthmaster to get a better stretch in my manuals as my hands may be the reason why I don’t gain then again I’m fucking strong in my opinion if another person put in the time and effort I did they would have got at least .5 in length please help, I also am doing longer warm ups, I don’t wanna be that guy that doesnt gain length because PE is possible I wanna make it work.

Hell I gained girth but not length makes no sence I must crack this code of my penis .1 a month would make me happy I just wanna measure longer then I did a month prior I’m also gonna start reading alot alot more might even buy lengthmaster so I can do PE in hot warm water to get the best gains possible thankyou for your time and input I really need it thunders I trust your intellical approach. On how I should setup my routines girth before length etc less time less strength thankyou and have a swell day and should I wear ADS while sleeping. .

Wow. That’s a lot to try to take in.

Firstly, judging by your writing style, you seem to need to slow down and take a deep breath. Effective PE takes a long time to get right and rushing into anything just complicates the whole process, as you can see. Doubling a routine does not double the results, in fact, more often it will reduce or prevent gains. If you think you have seriously over trained, then a month or more off might be a good start.

Read, read, read. There is a lot of information here that will help you. Success comes to those who show control, awareness and patience. Chances are any questions you have have been documented here many times over so doing your own search will not only find you the answers to your questions, but you will pick up related, and unrelated info along the way.

Use your progress thread to document what you have done or tried, so you can look back and find patterns of what did or didn’t work. Take accurate and consistent measurements but don’t worry about the ruler too much yet, aside from getting accurate starting measurements.

You really don’t need to spend any money to grow, you just need patience, dedication and consistent technique. Research the newbie routine, as well as physiological indicators. These are indications that your body can give you to help you know what is and is not working. Try the newbie routine, as directed, for 3 months without changing anything, see what happens and make changes after that 3 months only if you are not gaining. If you do gain, be thankful and change nothing, and continue to gain at that rate. Increase too much and gains will stop. We see that happen all too often.

Good luck. :)

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