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2xthevol's progress log


2xthevol's progress log

After having some success returning to clamping tonight, I decided I’d go ahead and jump into logging my stats and routines.

Starting stats:
BPEL 6.125”
MSEG 4.5” (I think, but will have to measure again to check)


Since my length goal is a lot more modest, and I’m more interested in making girth gains anyway, girth-centric exercises will be my priority.

Right now, my routine is:

5 min rice sock
10 min clamp, 5 min dry jelq and edge (3x)

This gives me tremendous glans and CS expansion. CC expansion is there, but not nearly as pronounced. The CC are what I want to grow the most, so I’ll be working on ways to target them better.

I’ll measure again as soon as I can to verify my current stats, then re-measure each month to check for gains.

start 6x4.5 -> goal 7.5x6 -> dream 8x7

Well, good news for me. I measured again today and these are my actual stats:

BPEL 6.125”
MSEG 5.25”

So to keep in line with my intention of doubling my volume, I’m adjusting my goals accordingly:

MSEG 6.75”

So I’m basically looking to increase 1 inch by 1.5 inches. Based on what I’ve read, this is fairly realistic, although it’ll take time. I may change those goals as I go along, but for now that seems good to me.

start 6x4.5 -> goal 7.5x6 -> dream 8x7

That was a quick 0.75” gain, I think you will do well, and reach your goals by about Sunday. :chuckle:

Actually just stopped by to say you can use your hands to squeeze the CC’s while clamped to target them more proportionately, but watch out it is an advanced move.

Xenolith also used an advanced method, the tunica tenderizer, to target microtears/microbends in the CC’s while clamped, and while not adding any extra stresses to the CS. Could be worth a look.

Good luck with your progress. You really will do well, you’ve got the right mindset for it.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" volume 7.3 ci ////// Now 7.4" x 4.9" volume 14.1 ci

Hey BD, thanks.

What point do you squeeze the CCs at? What hand/finger positioning do you use?

I tried searching for the tunica tenderizer exercise, but it seems to be buried. Do you have a link to a description?

start 6x4.5 -> goal 7.5x6 -> dream 8x7

For clamped CC squeezes, I’d start with fingers crossed, then squeeze the wrists together on the CC’s. Then you can work up to using the arms and legs to squeeze more. Any form of adding pressure to the sides works.

Tunica tenderizer, not sure if pasting a search will return the results after 15 minutes. But I just did a search on “tenderizer” in posts by “xenolith” and “view results as posts”. He’s got about a dozen posts where he explains it. Basically a contraption that you tighten over the CC’s of a clamped dick that add a microbend component to the exercise. It’s one of the most intense things I’ve ever tried, so use caution.…earchid=5663922

You could also try elliptical tube pumping - the CC’s have more room to expand than the CS.

What’s your motivation for targeting the CC’s more? Aesthetic purposes? Hardness purposes? Most guys gain girth fairly proportionally through all the chambers so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" volume 7.3 ci ////// Now 7.4" x 4.9" volume 14.1 ci

Aesthetics, and point of view! I can only see the CS chamber from a mirror, would be nice to be able look down and see some serious width.

start 6x4.5 -> goal 7.5x6 -> dream 8x7

Tonight I did another clamp session. Same routine as before, messed around with some squeezes, jelqs, and compressions while in the clamp but during both sessions I got those tiny red dots all over my shaft by set 3.

I actually don’t mind discoloration that much, but would like to minimize it if possible, and burst capillaries never seem like a good thing. So I’m going to lay off the squeezes etc for a while and focus on clamping by itself before adding anything new. If the spots persist, I may take the clamp a couple notches back as well.

Right now I’m doing 1 day on, 1 day off. What is the current consensus (if any) on the optimum number of rest days?

start 6x4.5 -> goal 7.5x6 -> dream 8x7

Tonight was:

-5 min rice sock while stretching SO
-10 min clamp, 5 min jelq (3x)
-10 min edge

I think doing some linear stretching beforehand really can help girth expansion as per dickenschwarz recommendation, especially since I was draping a hot rice sock over my shaft while doing so.

I think warming up with a stretched shaft might heat the fibers more deeply and thoroughly than just heating a loose flaccid like I normally do, which leaves the tunica fibers coiled and therefore thicker.

On the first clamping set, I kept the rice sock wrapped around my shaft the whole time and used it to gently edge and jelq. This really helped make the most of my first set, the glans got super huge, smooth, and shiny and after the first dry jelq set my TA felt like putty.

Got really great expansion on all sets, especially set 2, and while looking at the shaft from the side I noticed that maybe my CC chambers are expanding more than I thought, but that the expansion is more vertical than lateral.

The edging I decided to throw in for blood circulation purposes, as well as to promote EQ and nocturnal/morning erections. I think having rock hard wood as much as possible between exercises is a good idea, since it’ll help keep the micro-torn tissues expanded.

I would like to reach a point where I’m feeling more fatigue from these sessions, but I guess that will come with time.

start 6x4.5 -> goal 7.5x6 -> dream 8x7

Today on my second clamping set I used a muzzle hanger at the base to add 2.5 lbs. This worked fantastically well, and I experienced no pain, tingling, numbness, etc. I think this further affirms that I’m cursed with an iron johnson. I’m not gonna use this again for a while, since I’d rather build up volume first, but it’s good to know that I have this option at my disposal should regular clamping fail me again.

start 6x4.5 -> goal 7.5x6 -> dream 8x7

Continuing 5 minutes rice sock while stretching, 3x10+5 minutes clamping+jelqing, 10 minutes edging. Doing this every day now. I really enjoy these sessions, and making them a part of my day feels effortless.

start 6x4.5 -> goal 7.5x6 -> dream 8x7

After finding that many of the big gainers in clamping spent 1 hour per day in the clamp, I’ve decided to start increasing the volume of my routine by one minute each set per week, with the goal of eventually doing 3x20minutes.

If I reach a point where more volume in a set feels harmful or dangerous, I’ll just add on more sets instead. Juke did 3x20, Drilla did 4x15, Big Girtha stuck with the 10-minute limit and did 6x10.

So tonight I’ll try 3x11 minutes and report on how that goes.

After I get to 1 hour of volume, if I don’t see gains in a month I’ll need to consider increasing intensity, and that means either adding manuals while clamped, or weight.

start 6x4.5 -> goal 7.5x6 -> dream 8x7

3x11 minutes felt fine, definitely could have gone longer but I want to make sure this is a gradual, incremental process. At one point during the third set, I kegeled and felt/saw a BIG increase in stretch on the lower half of my shaft on the top side. Seems like my TA may be starting to get more elastic, but since this was just one area it seems that that is not a uniform process.

start 6x4.5 -> goal 7.5x6 -> dream 8x7

Continuing with 3x11 minutes. I didn’t use as much heat this session, and I could really feel the difference. I think it may be worth my while to invest in an IR lamp again. Still a pretty good session though, my flaccid girth afterward is a pretty motivating sight.

start 6x4.5 -> goal 7.5x6 -> dream 8x7

Continuing with the same routine. I haven’t been taking any rest days, haven’t missed a session. I’m also back to edging for the entirety of my sessions, but that seems okay. It’s what drilla9 recommended anyway.

I really do suspect that clamping on its own won’t lead to any gains for me since I am not experiencing anything like fatigue at all still, so the gradual effort to increase volume is basically just for conditioning purposes.

If I start to gain with it, I’ll stick with it… Always shooting for the lowest intensity necessary to make gains.

Still dreaming of having a dick like a Red Bull can.

No clamping tonight! Out of town for Thanksgiving, so I just did 8x30 seconds bundled stretches (360 degrees), 60 jelqs, and one 30-second horse squeeze in the shower.

start 6x4.5 -> goal 7.5x6 -> dream 8x7

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