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2 Newbie Questions, Hyper Newbie post, really excited

2 Newbie Questions, Hyper Newbie post, really excited

Hey everyone, I’ve been a longtime lurker but I’m finally getting in the game. I’ve been taking tongkat ali which spiked my testosterone so much so fast and it’s given me a huge drive to crush all my goals, including nailing my PE goals of 7.5” with a thick 3.5” hang (I’m just under 6” right now erect, and my flaccid is HUMILIATING)

My 1st actual jelqing session tonight and I feel so pumped! Like the first time hitting biceps in a gym, seeing it all jacked and having a huge flaccid hang is really cool.
So super naĆ­eve question:

1. What does it actually take to get a 3.5” and pretty thick flaccid hang if I’m around 1”? I’ve read the big gainers and it seems like Bib et all put in 1,000+ hours of hanging and insane advanced stuff. I’m scared of all this!! I feel like I’ll damage myself .

2. Does jelqing actually deliver gains? If so, why all the aforementioned advanced craziness, clamping, pumping, and so on?

3. Who here experiments with nofap and refraining from ejaculations? In terms of bodybuilding and raw will power, and the actual strength and “heaviness” (for lack of better word) in my genitals, from nofap and tongkat, I definitely think this helps me. But I don’t think retaining indefinitely is gunna get me those extra inches.

I know this has been asked AD NAUSAUM and I hate that I’m being such a noob right now, I’m just so excited that this is actually real. Any help and straight answers mucho appreciated.

1. It’s impossible to tell, flaccid gains are usually first to appear though. The quickest way to gain is to PE and use your brain. Read the threads on “physiological indicators” and “less is more”.
Rest is as important as work outs if you want to grow. Learn to read your body responses after a work out and on the next day.

2. It often gives gains, EQ gains first, and other girth gains since there are 1000 ways to jelq (various grips, erection level, duration of strokes etc…). As you get conditioned and exhaust these easier newbie gains, you may move on to more advanced exercises. Many move on too quick to these exercises and toughen up the penis or injure themselves. Some have gained and sworn by sole jelqing.
Slow jelqs around 60% EL (at the start) , with a correct grip, not too tight or too loose, takes already a while to master (some never do).

3.I think it’s useless, we have a few pleasures in life and I don’t see why you should prevent yourself from releasing. On the other hand I do believe edging many times a week and release only once or twice will make you feel like a beast, will help with gains, and will be fun.

Why do you take testosterone supplements?

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