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2 months in - became a firm believer

2 months in - became a firm believer

Just wanted to post after lurking here and PEGym for a while. I started by reading but being very skeptical at first, but didn’t really do much with the information. After a few days, I decided I would try it out while I shower as it couldn’t hurt. I would warm up and down using the hot shower water (not too hot), then use some shower gel or shampoo as lube and would do 3x10-15 jelqs but never really kept it consistent. Sometimes I would add 1-2 minutes of stretching, again with no consistency. I started at BPEL 6.125 x EG 4.8 and didn’t really measure again for a few weeks.

When I measured again about 2 weeks or so later roughly, I was 6.2x5! I think it was mainly the EQ but at this point, I was hooked on reading the forums and started to add some more consistency to everything. I also started increasing the heat in the shower as I felt like I was neglecting the heat aspect of any routine before. I upped my total jelqs to 80 as well.

I just measured again at about 2 months after I started PE and I’m just shocked! 6.8x5! I think adding the heat really helped a lot and I’ve just bought a heat pat so I can start to do PE out of the shower. I looked at buying a bathmate and Phallosan but the shipping times are just too long for me since I travel a fair amount.

I feel so happy that I discovered PE and that it actually works! Before, I thought penis size was the one thing a man couldn’t change. At this point, I’m absolutely hooked and I’ve been reading other peoples success stories who have reached crazy gains of 1.5-2”+ and I’m absolutely committed to get 2” more length and my goal is to add another inch girth.

Thank you to everyone for sharing all this wonderful and helpful information! Hopefully in the coming months I can contribute back as well!

Always glad to see people gaining, motivate me to keep going and staying positive.

Originally Posted by e1169801
then use some shower gel or shampoo as lube

Any skin irritation? Not the ideal to jelq with any kind of soap or shampoo.

Common lubricants: KY jelly, coconut oil, canola oil, olive oil.

Originally Posted by e1169801
Hopefully in the coming months I can contribute back as well!

Make a Donation :up:

Start 6.8” x 4.7”

Now 7.5” x 4.9”

Regras do Fórum

That’s fantastic man!

After years of PEing on and off without heat, I have come to realize how irreplaceable heat is for a routine. Good on you for starting out the right way.

Do the newbie routine, and keep doing it until you get no more gains. Only then should you start thinking about other advanced techniques and using various apparatus.

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