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.5'' in first month

.5'' in first month

Hey everyone!

I first found PE at the ripe age of 15 back in 2003, and did PE until I was 18 and moved to college. Between the ages of 15 and 18 I managed to grow from 6.2” x 4.7” to 8” x 5.5” (NBEL x MEG). Whether this was because of puberty, PE, or both, I’ll never know, but I am grateful to have found PE back then. I did mainly jelqing and stretching, with spurts of hanging for about 2 months at a time.

After 12 years I am starting PE up again, but I am now well-versed in the field of medical cellular biology (studied it in college). So it is exciting to get gains, and equally exciting trying to figure out how this is all happening, and how to improve it.

So my numbers.. (I am only focusing on girth)

Start: 7/20/15: 8” x 5.5” (NBEL x MEG)
Now: 8/22/15: 8 x 6” (NBEL x MEG)

NOTE: I think it is very important the time of day is consistent in order to compare measurements. Therefore every measurement is done in the morning when I first wake up after getting an erection.

Lets hope that these gains continue and they are permanent!

- Jjohn

Always good to go back to PE! I just started again, after my first failed approach (sadly). I am curious, could you describe your routine?

My routine starts when I wake up and I go to the gym , I do cardio and strength training for ~45 minutes. I then come home and drink a protein drink and hop in the shower to start my PE routine.

I first rinse myself with warm water and clean my ‘business’ with soap and water. Then I move out of the way of the water while its still running in order to increase the temperature of the room. I then lube up my entire business region and for ~2 minutes I do quick flaccid jelqs (about 1 second each jelq) to get warm’d up.

I then stimulate to ~30% erection and then tightly grip the base and continue stimulating until my penis looks to be about the same size as when I am erect. (!IMPORTANT! The base where I am gripping never gets “stiff/firm” as if I was erect, the grip at the base is trapping all the blood in the penis which causes the rest of my penis to be large as when I am erect, I think this might be known as ballooning?)

Once I am in this state I do half jelqs, I keep my grip tight and move it about 1/4 - 1/2 way up my penis, never all the way, then release and kegel at the same time and grip at the base again, all within a .5 -1 second. Try not to lose any blood in the penis while doing this. Basically you are trying to force the blood to expand the penis to the size of your normal erection. When my grip gets tired I stimulate myself to erection for about 1-2 minutes and then let myself become flaccid again, then repeat. I do this for about 10 - 15 minutes.


I leave the shower and go watch some ‘quality videos’ while sitting and stimulate myself to 100% erection, I then TIGHTLY grip the base and slide my grip maybe 1/2” up towards the tip, I am focusing on expanding the tuinca albugiena by forcing it to its limit. I hold for ~5 - 10 seconds, then do as above (release, kegel, and grip at the base again all within .5 seconds). I ALWAYS jelq up, as if I’m pulling my penis towards my head. I feel pressure in my penis, however if I ever feel sharp, acute, pain (usually at the base) I immediately let go. Usually about 20-30 seconds into it the base is easier to grip because it is not as stiff. I repeat these grip, pull, release, for about 3-5 times, then stimulate myself back to full erection and repeat.

(Side note: rather than sliding my grip up, sometimes I hold my grip in place and move my butt backwards to “pull” my penis through my grip)

After about 5-10 sets of the full erection jelqs I measure myself and I find that I have ~1/4 - /1/2” more girth than what I normally measure, I think that this is important because I feel I am actually stretching the tunica albugiena.

I didn’t start doing the full erection jelqs until ~2 weeks ago.

Also, I think the flaccid -> semi -> full erect jelqing processes is important for reasons.

Also, I think working out before my session and drinking a protein drink is important too (to increase testosterone levels and help with healing)
- Jjohn

I never mentioned that when I am doing semi erect and full jelqs my grip never slides along the skin, instead I keep it really tight and force blood towards the tip.

For .5 in one month, I think that’s amazing!! I want to try doing your routine but I am starting with a newbie routine, so I’d like to wait a few months to be safe.

Keep updating this thread! Hope you gain a lot more.

Nice gains thus far my friend… are you going for any length or is it just girth… either way goodluck

NBPEL 6.5 X EG 5.80

Always open to the best way to get that length!

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Well I have changed my routine to include clamping, and I have dropped full-erect jelqs since I slightly injured myself doing those. It seems that when I was doing my erect jelqs I was clamping down on some veins or arteries right below the skin by the base of my penis (11 o’clock position) which caused them to hurt throughout the day (just a sore feeling), a tylenol reduced the pain and it subsided after 2 days.

I think this is because when I clamped at the base during the full-erect jelqs, I would push the vein or artery against my fully erect penis, which has little cushion since it is hard, unlike when I do the ballooning where the base my penis isn’t erect and not stiff at the base, resulting, in my opinion, more cushion. So during the erect jelqs I think I was basically crushing my veins or arteries against a hard object causing it to be sore. Stupid in hindsight..

So now I just do the ballooning/half-jelqs, then clamp for 10 minutes. Then repeat 2x for a total of 3 ballooning sessions and 3 clamp/half-jelq sessions. I keep a lose clamp and if I am not constantly doing kegels or lightly stimulating to increase blood flow into the corpora cavernosa’s (CC’s) I do become flaccid and the clamp isn’t constricting against my penis. I do this because of my previous injury and don’t want to crush my veins or arteries against my erect CC’s at the base.

Something I have seen is that when I measure my mid erect girth after each clamping session, I have noticed that in each progressive clamping session my erect girth increases. I have pinched the skin multiple times to see if the increase in girth is just due to possible fluid build-up underneath the skin, but the actual CC’s seem stiff and have increased girth, therefore I do not believe it is due to fluid build-up. The past three times I have measured on my last clamp session I reached 6 3/8” mid erect girth. Usually on the first clamp session I am just over 6” mid erect girth.

Interestingly also is that this increase in girth is present upto 10 hours after my session, however it isn’t at 6 3/8”, but it is consistently slightly over 6” mid girth. However when I wake up in the morning the measurement drops to just below 6” erect girth.

If expanding the tunica albugenia (which is the connective fibrous tissue that sourrounds the CC’s) by stretching it is really the goal in PE, then I think I am on the right track.

My goal of right now is to see if I can get to 6.5” mid girth on my last clamp session by the end of this month, and see if this correlates into increased girth in the morning.

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