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I have just started pumping so my unit is not very conditioned but I find that anything over 2.5-3 HG makes my erection quality go down.

Started May 2010- 5.9 BPEL X 5.5 MSEG

January 18, 2011- 7.0 inches/17.7cm BPEL X 5.5 MSEG

Goals- 8.0nbp X some more base girth

Did 40 mins again last night and there was a greater build-up of lymph fluid than the previous time a few nights before. I guess it’s maybe too much of a workout to be done on a regular basis but might go back to 30 mins and do the 40 once a week because it really did stretch it out longer than it’s ever been that first time.

Originally Posted by avocet8
I found that anything over 5 HG was counter-productive. I admit that I have gone as high as 8, experimentally, but for me that was a mistake.

For you new guys, Avocet is one of our very best, most informed and biggest gainers with pumping so pay attention to ANYTHING he says.

Yeah, you’re right sparkyx. I should have mentioned that what I do is not advisable for most pumpers, never mind ones new to pumping. My bad.

4-5hg, no higher. I have experimented also, but I can feel that high will reap no reward.

I have found that I achieve the best expansion with superminimal fluid build up when releasing pressure every 8-10 minutes. I don’t remove the tube, I just ebb down to 0.5-1hg, relax for a minute or so, kegal for 30 seconds, then pump him back up.

I picked 5-6 but I usually pump all the way up to 6-7. If i get close to 10 my dick start to itch/sting.

After years and years of injuries pumping around the 10’s I have finally got control of myself and am pumping 4-5 hgs now. I lost some length for a while but that’s back and now have a pink dick instead of a black and red one and no more blisters that plagued me for so long.

I believe the typical vacuum gauge on the brake bleeder pumps most guys are using (including me) are neither accurate nor precise. So one man’s 5 might be another man’s 3. I have 2 gauges and they are 2” off at exactly the same vacuum.

The concepts of EQ (erection quality) and PI (physiologic indicators) helped me the most in determining what works best for me.

Always below 3hg for me at the moment and thats in warm water, 3hg in water feels about the same as 6hg in air to me, would have been interesting if people had mentioned if they were air or water pumping when they posted their pressure.

I use 3-4 in/HG normally. I’ve just started using a condom and have found I can pump at higher vacuum with less fluid buildup. Condom pumping I can comfortably do between 5-8 in/HG. All sets are minimum 30 minutes.

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

A good seal for me can’t be achieved with anything less than 7 to 7.5.

Commitment, Dedication And A Positive Attitude (measure gains on rest days) My Motto: "fill her up!".

2007-05-13 BPEL=7.250 EG=5.500 FL=5.500 FG=4.000 EW=1.751 EV=17.452

2008-03-01 BPEL=8.250 EG=6.250 FL=7.875 FG=5.500 EW=1.989 EV=25.645

I’m not a pumper yet, but I’d like to see more results from this poll.

Correct me if I am wrong but you are creating a vacuum with a pump not pressure.

Originally Posted by stash01
Correct me if I am wrong but you are creating a vacuum with a pump not pressure.

Both, but it is technically negative pressure. Atmospheric pressure at sea level is 29.92 inches of mercury, the pressures listed on the pressure gauge of a pump subtract from this amount. So if your pump gauge reads 15 inches of mercury then the pressure inside the cylinder will actually be 14.92 inches of mercury (29.92-15).

4 HG is better for me.

Starting sept 2012: BPEL 15.5 cm - NBPEL 13.5 - EG 13,0 cm

Today: BPEL 18.5 cm - NBPEL 15.3 cm - EG 14.0 cm

Goal: BPEL 19 cm - NBPEL 17.0 cm - EG 16 cm


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