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You Ever Travel With Your Pump?

You Ever Travel With Your Pump?

I just took a four-day trip to another island in my state where I had some business to handle. Previously when I’ve done this I’ve taken my pump along. This time I did not and wished later that I had.

I used to pack it in my carry-on when I travel, until the time the pump set off some X-ray alarm and I was asked (by a female security guard) to explain in front of fellow passengers what this thing she was holding up was. She, fortunately, decided it was a SCUBA diver thing before I could say anything. I agreed (with relief) that it was that.

Airport security has become much more attentive with the new Federal system. On this trip I discovered while unpacking at my hotel that my checked-in suitcase had been gone through, tooth and nail. Everything I had packed was rearranged, including my cock ring and a few other highly personal objects. But very neatly, I have to say.

So I am wondering if you other pumpers have any travel ideas. How do we handle travel with a pump and cylinder? What do we say if we’re questioned?



Did I ever tell you

about my experience at Chicago O Hare airport in July 2000 with

the old modified Bib hanger? Remember we used those electric

screwdrivers…………………I was frisked and thrown up against the


Years ago I took a lung capacity test as part of a physical. I had to blow in a hose connected to a tube containing a ball. They timed how long I could maintain the ball at a given height.

Pack a ball with your tube and you are taking a lung capacity tester to Cousin Emma who was recently diagnosed with emphysema. :)

What pump

The great thing about learning to use your mouth for sucking on the tube for vacuum is you have no pump to hide ,no embarrassing moments and no money spent

I’m like “myeight” in that I don’t use a pump but just my mouth to create the vacuum inside my cylinder. So, I never have to worry about explaining a pump/gauge to airport security. I have traveled with my cylinder though on trips to the mainland, but my cylinder was placed in my checked luggage. This was prior to the extreme security screening that is now a regular part of airplane travel. I am traveling to Las Vegas from Feb. 13 - 17 for some quick R&R, and I’m still deciding if I will take my “cylinder and hose buddy”. I guess if I were questioned about it during a security check, I could always say that the cylinder is a holder for my meditative votive candles. Maybe that’s just New Age enough to be believable.


packing the pump provides for those ever so humorous ‘Austin Powers’ incidents at the airport. Just tell them “these things are my kind of bag!” and whala, laughter ensues.

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