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Wrapping Question

Wrapping Question

I need to increase my base & mid-shaft girth so I’ve just ordered a pump from

My girth just behind my head is about 5.5” and I don’t really want it to get too much bigger.

I’m not sure what I should use to wrap.

I know that ACE self-adhesive bandage is recommended but I’m based in the U.K. so I’m not sure if I can get any or what might be a good substitute (I might try and order some online)

Is it possible to wrap successfully with theraband or is it too flexible?

Is there a recommended size of ACE bandage? What size should I look for? (I might be able to find some on ebay)

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Size Myths in the Porn Industry

The first thing to do is just learn how to pump au naturel. You are not going to make instantaneous gains so pump for a couple of months naked to get the hang of it. Then you will be better prepared to make adjustments as necessary.

Thanks gprent :)

I’m still a little curious as to the options available— is ACE bandage definitely the best?

My measurements are:

5.5” top of shaft / 5.25” mid-shaft / 5.5” base-girth

My ideal measurements:

5.5” top of shaft / 5.75” mid-shaft / 6” base-girth

I’m planning on wrapping just the top of my shaft more or less every time I pump, to try and get to my ideal measurements, but from what I’ve read it seems that base-girth increases fastest— is that correct?

Previously known as Mr. Fantastic


Size Myths in the Porn Industry

Depends on your own tissue dynamics, Mr. F. There’s no predicting. You might get more overall girth or confined to one area.

We do tend to pack the tube though, from base upward.



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