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WOW! synergy - extra fast packing

WOW! synergy - extra fast packing

Synergy is when 2 things work together more effectively than the total effectiveness of the two, separately. Well, some of you have discovered how effective heat-pumping is. But you can really pack a tube if you combine heat pumping with methyl salicylate. Rub some on your penis and then heat-pump. In 15 to 20 minutes I pack my tube…girth wise. Heat packing alone takes me 25 to 30 minutes. With none of these it takes 45 min to an hour. Here is how it works. Methyl salicylate dilates capillaries. Blood flows in rapidly. Combine this with the heat pumping and you pack in record time. Methyl salicylate and camphor are ingredients in “Ben Gay” “Icy Hot” etc. Read packages to find the ingredients. Methyl nicotinate does the same thing. I mix 8 parts hand lotion to 2 parts “Ben Gay” Blend well. Apply mixture to penis and then heat-pump. Yes, it will feel hot. That is extra blood entering the shin. If your mixture is too uncomfortable just dilute it with more lotion. 18 minutes of CH-pumping (chemical and heat pumping) and I wear a huge crotch bulge down my leg all day. Folks really take notice. I wear a Velcro wrist strap for an hour afterward to train things to hang long and fat. Man, you sure get stares all day ….and it only takes 18-20 minutes. A good investment of time. Hope this helps you guys. What say ye, lads?


Thanks for sharing your personal discovery. Something new for me to try! I always wondered about the effectiveness of possibly using Ben Gay/Icy Hot, and now you’ve confirmed your results with it. On to Walmart for a purchase…


Would this help normal girth work like ulis? Sorry to crash the pumper´s forum with such a question but if it´s not the case there isn´t much point starting a paralell main member thread.


Good question, ICM. I’m wondering the same thing.


There is no replacement for displacement

Originally posted by ICM
Would this help normal girth work like ulis? Sorry to crash the pumper´s forum with such a question but if it´s not the case there isn´t much point starting a paralell main member thread.

I wouldn’t think so. When doing “regular” girth work like Ulis the goal is to trap more blood in the CC. Most of these creams increase circulation only in or just below the skin. (Which is why some sports therapists say they’re a bad idea, they don’t increase blood flow to the parts that matter. It only feels good.) But to be really sure I guess you’d have to try it.

I think MagnumXL’s results in the pump comes mostly from building up circulation outside the tunica. Might help flaccid size in the long run but probably won’t do anything for erect size (aside from the effects of pumping as such).

2010-01-09: BPEL: 19,7cm [7.75"] EG: 15,0 cm [5.9"]

2010-04-24: BPEL: 20,4cm [8.0"] EG: [???]


I agree with your assessment. The methyl salicylate would mostly affect packing a tube by allowing the accumulation of fluid. However, this still gives one a full, fat, flaccid hang that lasts all day. It is cosmetic. HOWEVER, I do think the heat-pumping has potential for permanent size increase. It softens the tunic and ligs to allow more stretching. But one would need to follow the heat-pump session with a cool pump session to “harden” the tissue at the increased length. So if you heat-jelq (using a shower type hot water bottle that enfolds your dick while stretching and jelqing) for 10 - 15 minutes, then CH-pump (chemical/heat-pump) for 20 minutes, and then cool pump for 10 minutes you should get the best of all 3 worlds. In about 45 minutes one might get a great fat penis from fluid accumulation, a longer and fatter penis from a good stretch and jelq-pump inflation while penis is hot, then cool-hardened at the greater length and girth. Bigger penis plus added fluid accumulation girth. Gradual true growth with immediate fluid accumulation girth. not a bad deal. MXL


Thanks for relating your experience.

I’ve posted this here before….that my dick/nuts/cylinder develop synergy, i.e. when Ii first started ramping up from my 1 3/4 x 8 > 2 x 9” cylinder…my nuts would be sucked up into latter. Not so now.

This recalls high school sports days….atom bomb. I’m anxious to try Ben Gay…will pick up some today.

BTW…anything with “gay” in name has to be good

OR eon

cool pumping

Cool pumping is for ‘hardening or cementing” your unit in its bigger state. I forgot to mention that the most effective way to do this is to wrap a chilled Gel-pack around your tube while you are cooling down your penis under vacuum. Cools your unit down in about 4-5 minutes. But then the blood in your penis will raise its temperature back into the 90’s. That is why I follow up with the one hour Velcro wrist wrap around balls and penis as has already been discussed in this forum. MXL


I like this combo of hot/cold/chemical pumping.

Cooling your dick in an expanded state under pressure would effectively increase the sunction (as your dick would attempt to shrink slightly), one might be able to coax more gains by alternating hot and cold pumping.

Neat stuff, Magnum.


Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.

Just a warning. I decided to try jelqing with Ben Gay / Lotion. The 1:4 mixture mentioned above is definitely too hot, at least using “Ultra Strength Ben Gay.” Also if you get any of this stuff on your balls you will not be happy.

I’m going to try this again later tonight with a 1:10 mixture and with some extra safety precautions too keep it far away from the sack area.

Other than that the experience was positive. I had a hard time not getting fully erect while jelqing after applying this stuff.


There is no replacement for displacement

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