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Would this speed up....??

Would this speed up....??

Hello everybody, I’m new to this site and I really think this is a great site, and thanks for having me onboard. Now I have a question about pumping, has anybody tried using pumping along with some penis pills, or this liquid-rx, or any other kind of liquid to enlarge their penis?? If yes how much did u gain and how long did it take?? I’m just trying to gather some info because I wanted to try a combo like this (pump and pills/liquids). Also my goal is to gain at least one inch within a year if possible?? Any advise for a newbie??Thanks all!!

Hi Pico,

Welcome to Thunder’s Place, you have reached the best resource available for all the latest PE info.

Pumping, if used wisely, can be a powerful PE tool.

Penis Pills can have some good effect on circulation, however there is no evidence that it can cause any growth whatsoever. Read this thread.

On the other hand - jelquing, squeezing, hanging, stretching and various other PE exercises *do* work, and this forum is a great testimonial for this.

Combining pumping and jelquing as described in this thread will be far more beneficial than combining pumping and pills.

Good luck!


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