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Would it be possible...

Would it be possible...

…for me to carry out a pumping routine for a few months and then return to (and gain from) a manual routine?

Would it just toughen up my unit too much for manual PE and also cause me to lose any possible gains I got from pumping when I’d go back to the manual routine?

I’ve only been doing some basic manual stretching and jelqing with some quick ventures into some of the more advanced exercises, clamping, ADS wearing and pumping.
But I think I have some gain potential in a manual routine, even with basic manual stretching and jelqing since I haven’t been too consistent.

Logic would dictate that I should just exhaust all of my gains from manual PE and then start pumping but when I tried pumping
for a while, I fell in love with it and want to do it now. On the other hand, I don’t want to mess up any potential gains because of it.
So, it’s like a Mexican standoff - pumping vs manual PE.

One idea would be to incorporate a manual stretching routine with pumping. Maybe that would work. Then I wouldn’t actually need to stop pumping.

What do you guys think? Would it be possible or is it “once you pump you CAN’T go back”?

It probably won’t hurt - switching stuff up is likely good.

I’m in the same boat, I like the pumping. Stretching is too rough on my skin and I frequently have to take breaks. I want to give pumping a go again since it’s easier on my skin, seems to help with EQ, and I want to see if the lasting power in the bedroom claims are true. Read avocet’s pumping 101 thread, I just got done reading all 20 some pages. At first I was thinking I was just going to pump too. After reading the thread, I think jelqing & pumping is the way to go. From my previous pumping experience, water pumping with heat is the way to go if you can do it.

Keep terrycloth cleanup towels handy, it’s much easier to clean your hands between pumping and jelqing. Makes the mess with something like vaseline manageable.

Those are some good tips. Thanks a lot. I had too look up what a terrycloth is though. :D

Maybe it would be possible to go back to a manual PE routine after a decon break.
But before that I would probably have to cement any gains I might have gotten through pumping.


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