Winter PE

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share a few thoughts.

Over the 2 months or so that I have been pumping it been cold here and I must say it appears that warmth is a key issue in this whole process. I have found it difficult to get good erections prior to going in the pump as well as maintaining pumped feel with a cock-ring after my sessions.

Now in the last two days I borrowed a small but efficient fan heater and the difference has been noticeable by increasing general temperature in the PE working environment (my office with no heat at all an about 15 deg cent.

Tonight I had a good session and the cock-ring has stayed tight enough maintain engorgement.

Oh in case anyone is interested when I started I was on the 7.25” (Boston pumpworks thick walled 1.75 x 10) at 5”hg and could achieve a similar result with a strong erection so I hadn’t noticed much length while under pressure. Now I hit the 7.5 at 5”hg with increased girth at the base showing 5.25 from 5 so at this stage all seems to be going along nicely. Incidently I am not claiming a gain here just yet, I’d like to see it more often before locking it down as a gain.

On the pumping and permanent gains issue. I have done some weight training when I was playing a reasonably high level competitive sport and guess what! I increased my strength, muscle mass and tone of my arms and shoulders. While I continued the work, I maintained the results and now many years later it’s all but gone. I used to worry about the permanent gains and pumping question but I find comfort in the fact that just like any form of body building while you work at it there is result and when you stop your body adapts and changes.

Hope there is something in that for you guys and gals as I often feel a but guilty for not contributing more. Hell, there are some many in here who know it and seen it all.


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