Will this vacuum hanger/self regulating pump work?

I looked at the powerstretcher2 site and I reckon I could make a vacuum hanger similar to it.

Get one PVC tube about 1.25”IDx10” and get another 13” length of PVC which fits snugly around the outside of the thin tube. Now heat and flare out the bottom of the thin tube. Plug the top of the wide tube and make a hole in it for a pipe or plug. Also attach a hook on the wide pipe for weights. The easiest way is probably to heat the top of the wide tube in boiling water or with heat gun and squeeze it together flat so it walls touch each other. Bore a hole in the flat section for the hook, then pour some PVC cement into the tube to seal the top, now bore another hole in the tube for the plug/vacuum pipe. Now place the small tube on the penis and put vaseline or grease on the outside of the tube, now slip over the wide tube until it hits the flared bottom of the small tube. Now suck the air out of the tube like a normal pump, with a gun or manually. Now attach your weights and let it hang down.

The wide tube should move down a bit as the weight causes a vacuum. If there are any small gaps for air to get in then the wide tube will simply move further down the thin tube but the vacuum will remain the same.

This is the principle which could make it work as a self regulating pump for a normal cylinder setup. Take a normal cylinder and have its tube connected to the top of a pipe and put another wide pipe on it with the weight attached, it will create the vacuum as it tries to fall. You could have 2 tubes in the cylinder to prime up the vacuum by mouth or with a vacuum gun pump. Or the hole could be on the other tube if you dont want to ruin your cylinder.

Of course an even thinner tube could be placed in the flared tube instead of one on the outside, but the volume per unit length is less so it will move down faster than the wide tube as it looses vacuum.

Another idea which gets rid of tubes altogether on the hanger is to put the thin tube on and get a bit hard so you fully seal the bottom, then pop the wide tube on so it hits the bottom, now fill the wide tube with water and plug the hole. Now when you pull there is only a small bit of air in the tube so the vacuum is created very quickly as water expansion is negligible compared to air expansion in a vacuum.

I mentioned using 1.25” ID tubes, if you go for wider you can handle more weight at the same vacuum level. If you go thinner a small enough weight will cause a large vacuum which may cause blisters. Also a wide tube may cause an erection and I have always heard that hanging with an erection is a no-no. You could hang over the shoulder with it which may be a bit safer if you have a bit of an erection. Any other comments on danger are welcome. Do not go trying this before reading a few more replies. I plan on making one unless I hear comments on something simple that I missed which will cause this not to work. I think you may have to hold the flared tube in place at the start to let the vacuum really take hold.

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