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Why size penis pumps? Does it matter?

Why size penis pumps? Does it matter?

I’m curious as to why one needs to size a pump. I understand that if u have a 10inch dick and try to put it in an 8inch pump then it wont work for obvious reasons. My question is if your cock is 6inches who cares if you use a 9,10,12 inch long pump. What difference does it make?

Also, if you have a girth of 5 what does it matter is your pump is 2, 2 1/2, or ever 3 inches in diameter??

Wouldn’t it be easier to buy and oversized pump and hope to grow into it?? I.E. for a 6x5 get a 10x2 1/2 pump… insted of getting and 8x1 1/2 and growing out of it and having to buy another? and another? and so on?

The length is obvious as you state, and I really don’t think another couple of inches of blank space at the end of the tube will make any difference whatsoever in terms of the stretch you will feel. The only benefits/deficits I can see are that if you are growing length then you will have the space to gain a fair bit before trading up a size. Alternatively, if you are a little silly like myself and have a 13” cylinder (:D ) then it just takes up a bunch of space which could possibly be inconvenient depending on your stance/position etc.

I know that the diameter had several effects also. For starters, if you have a very wide tube that’s too big for you, your balls will be sucked in with an unpleasant *thunk*. That ain’t good at all. The other reasons escape me at this point, but I’m sure the more experienced will jump straight on it.

On the length issue, as long as the cylinder is longer than you are, the length really doesn’t matter. Your cock really doesn’t know the difference. But if you have 6 inch cock and a 12” tube, you are carrying around 3 or 4 inches of plastic that just gets in the way.

As far as diameter goes, secjay hit one of the main points and that is too large a diameter makes it easy for your balls to be sucked in. But a diameter that is just a bit larger then your actual girth has another advantage as it helps with length. When the cylinder is the right diameter, it allows just the cock shaft to be pulled into the opening and that focuses on drawing out your length. When the cylinder is too large, you are sucking in surrounding fat pad and the emphasis is not focused on your cock shaft as well as it would be with the proper diameter cylinder. I hope this makes sense, as I am afraid I am not describing it well. So buy a cylinder with a circumference that is 1/2” to no more than 1” larger than your base girth.

I found that initally, my damn balls got sucked into the tube, as my girth is probably least at the base… but now, they never do, and I’m totally used to it and comfortable, despite making only relatively minimal base gains since I got the pump..

man girth is everything. Length is nothing. I would kill for a huge girth.

I have a massive glans in comparison to my midshaft - ie, in the 2.25” cylinder my glans packs the tube, but my midshaft is still 5.25” on a good day

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