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why is pumping with water different?


You sayin’ I am finished, base? F U!@!!@#JD!!@

<insert overly verbose anally technical argumentative babble here>

Rifor, if you pump out the thermal energy then you are altering the system. The temperature rises because the same amount of energy is in a small volume, and the energy inserted via pressure makes itself known as thermal energy also due to friction etc..

Maybe I still don’t get it, but if you take away the heat ‘generated’ by this situation, then that is not the way it really happens - you end up fucking with the system and obtaining false results ie constant temperature or whatever.

Yeah, true! I think that’s why I don’t get thermodynamics!

Onto Bt’s point about different liquids to pump with that don’t cause blisters. Would the blisters be caused by some kind of osmosis? OK there’s no way I’m going into another sciencey debate thing again, I can remember very little about biology, which is why I’m very careful in PE and use this site! :D

I’d say the best thing to do would be to carefully experiment with different household liquids, except of course bleach and other cleaning fluids! :eek:

Maybe a thicker liquid - cooking oil or washing up liquid, would that be harder to pump, and therefore make blisters less likely simply because you can’t pump it as well? What about coating your penis in a thick layer of Vaseline or something, would that make it less likely the skin would tear away from the penis to cause a blister? :-k

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Are an unusually high percentage of water pumpers physicists?

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So is shouldn’t exceed pressures and temperatures above 100 bar and 2000 Kelvin when pumping? :D


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