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Why I pump ?

Why I pump ?

Dear all,

I am pumping since a bit more than 4 months, before that I was PEing for one year, my lenght has increased for one inch. I start pumping to increase my girth. I have no to much morning erection since I start PE, when I start pumping I had very good night erection, then these last month nomore. It seems from I start Peing I loose some hardness and the ability to get 2 or free good erection during love. Now also I smoke 20 cigarettes per day this could also be the cause of very low night erections.
I start PE because since my first relation I was complexed and I see alway some deception on the face of my girl friends when they have seen my penis ( before PEing 6.4 inch lenth 5.3 girth). My current girl friend after 5 min love making she doen’t feel me any more, some times I think she will soon betraid me, I dont know what is it to feel a man…I feel often humiliate…I am some fear to damage my penis forever while peing…Today I pump 2 to 3 x 10 min per day…4-7hg with some dry jelk, wet jelk, and Uli…I often experiment some discoloration that last one or two day maximum (tiny red spots). I reach my erected lenth at 6-7 hg…I have read a lot of litterature, a lot of contradictory things have been sayed….I am planing to pump one to two hour at low pressure before love….Who are using cock ring for love making ? Who has lost hardess with pumping ? Who pump before love making ? ……………..

One or two hours before sex to me would be a horrible thing to do. I pump but would never pump that much before sex or anyother time.

Even at low pressure, if you pump for 1 or 2 hours, you are going to draw lymph fluid into the skin and have a very bloated effect which will feel kind of spongy. I think you will find that 30 minutes total is an optimum time and you can put on a cock ring after that for a maximum hard on that will even get a bit bigger in girth.

You have plenty of size, and if your girl friend can’t feel you, it’s her problem, not yours.

Originally Posted by gprent101

You have plenty of size, and if your girl friend can’t feel you, it’s her problem, not yours.

I am happy to “ditto” that.

You know? A lot of us get really nutso about this size thing.

In addition to obsessing about size (which goes with the territory here at Thunders; we are most of us fucking obsessed), we should be spending at least as much time trying to figure out how we can offer more emotion/intimacy to the sex we have with our partners.

Most women (and men) love the sexual connnection but more than that they love the intimacy; it is what they are really going for, not just the grinding. If we don’t believe that, we are barking up the wrong tree. Or just flogging along while plugging a hole, to mix metaphors.

I was talking with Thunder privately about this issue recently, my observation being that there is so much emphasis at this site on size and so little on making sex better, more fulfilling, for both partners. You will hear me talking more about this in the New Year.

Building a bigger cock is super, don’t get me wrong. Feels terrific. Nice to flaunt sometimes, even. But I know that in the past I have been a very lousy lover when I was just thinking about plugging a hole and working up more friction. There is more to sex than guys just getting a load off.

And I’m not beating on you, Dansan. In fact, I thank you for the opportunity to bring up something I have been thinking about, re: this very wonderful site.



Thank Avocets,

My question is that the penis size is optimized with the phisiology of each one: hardness, erected angle and so on. I am skeptikal on the reel effectiveness of Peing, increasing the volume you will loose something else, to compensate you will intake some supplements..and enter in kind of vicious circle that you will have difficulty to go out….You start pumping…you loose hardness, you use cockring…than Viagra…and so on. Why all this, because every man who PEing has feeled maybe humiliate, or want more power to posseed his lower….We are living in a world of competition, coming back to the animals rules and forgetting LOVE…If my girl friend was satisfied I neve PEing. We are all obsessed by a lover better and bigger than us. Our ancester put in place some rules to protect the dignity of each one avoiding competion with mariage and virginity, fidelity. Now every relation is brittle, put in danger by the “BETTER” word, “enjoy your life”….but nobody is anymore satisfied….gooing away of the the LOVE law to be simply happy. We are also contaminated by porn ography…perversions….alway more…I make part of this world. Sometimes when I PE I feel like it is not good what I am doing….I hope this feeling is wrong….Hoping we can continue this discussion later……


Dan and Aveocet—Truer words have never been written. We PE for ourselves and not Really for our wife (partner) The size issure is in OUR mind—most of the time unless your girl or wife has a real wet vagina. This is a phislogy condition giving much less friction and thus NOT feeling the penis. What we should be concerned with the the intimacy of presex and emotion of our wife/girlfriend and sharing their views and feeling—NOT just jumping her bones and cuming gysers. I personally feel that men view having a larger cock with give a better orgasm. Any others care to share their thoughts. Steve

A8, et al -

A8, as usual, you hit the nail on the head about the intimacy thing. Your biggest sex organ is . . . your BRAIN - and so it is the same for your partner. That’s why the intimacy angle is so very important. How many times do you guys (and gals) have mutual simultaneous orgasms with your partner(s) that are not faked but the real deal? I think that is one measure of getting it right - and, in my own limited experience, learning how to use language, gestures, music, smell, kind words, a gentle caress, as well as prolonged foreplay all work together to make it happen. Not that mutual climax is an end unto itself but for us it happens quite a lot . . . and, it’s a blessing indeed.

All the Best,


I just wanna say guys, you have really showed me something I didnt believe existed in men, It’s so nice to see you all thinking about love and not just pleasure. I like this topic and I totally agree, Making love is much nicer than trying to compete, It is natural though to feel inferior and to want to blow their minds by being a sex god. It’s a shame that all men couldn’t start at the same length and girth and get bigger with the amount of effort and time spent on PE safely without having to rush to try to beat everyone.

Love and connection is far more important than having crazy sex (although it is nice sometimes). You guys get what I mean?

Well? Sometimes love doesn’t have anything to do with it, although that’s really a wonderful thing when it happens.

Sometimes people just come together for sex. I think what I was getting at earlier can include those occasions; like thinking a little more about giving than you are thinking about getting or just showing off?



Originally Posted by MrTips
A8, et al -

How many times do you guys (and gals) have mutual simultaneous orgasms with your partner(s) that are not faked but the real deal? …

Good question, Tips. Those are often difficult to manage but when they happen they are super. Problem is, people’s heads are frequently in different places - you are horny or somewhat, or not, or you had a hard day, or…etc.

Your post reminded me of something I have not thought about in years. I remember an occasion when I was so horny I could hardly sit still but my ex-wife was not. I wanted sex; she did not just then. For whatever reasons it became one of those “make a point” things (I, I guess, trying a little too hard to make MY point). She said, in a rather snarly way: “You want to have sex? Alright. Go ahead. I’ll deal with it.”

Put in those terms, I got unhorny very quickly. The idea of having sex with a person I loved only making herself available as a recepticle had no appeal at all. I think we went to sleep. Or had a fight. I can’t remember.



Well, that would’ve caused a fight if that was me and my girl, lol. If I get upset, she gets upset, frustrated and angry and in turn I get worse, e.t.c.

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