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Who makes the best tubes, and ships ontime and reliably

Who makes the best tubes, and ships ontime and reliably

I am back at the pe game,debating whether to pump,clamp,hang or just get a surgeon to beef it up,but for now I am leaning towards’s the one thing I saw some results with was pumping, although they were short lived I think with a dedicated routine and the right technique,maybe there is potential here, and try as I may I cannot convince myself that surgery is the way to go.

So my question is,who sells good quality pumps at a good price? I now have a pumptoys 2” er but I think for my 5.2 girth a 1 3/4 mite be better suited, I could pack the 2” with marathon sessions at 5-7hg but I’d rather pack a 1 3/4 much quicker and easily I would think ,and try to cement that 5.5 girth before moving up to more.I think I mite could be learning things as I get older, a couple of years ago there is no way I would have considered going back to move forward,now it makes perfect sense.

Any suggestions, my key concerns are cost,quality and speed of delivery.all else is fluff as far as I’m concerned

i got my setup from ebay look for a seller named eveshut, very fast an discreet, 1.75high quality kaplan pump/cyclinder for cheap too. i made 3 orders so far, lat order was made on fri for 3” 2nd expansion cyclinder and got it on monday for $50 shipped good luck

Ooops, sorry thunder, I was typing 1 handed while pumping in my kaplan pump. :D

Sometimes there’s just info that we don’t need, goodhead. (Just kidding)

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

L.A. Pump has been very very good to me.

Chico “Sixer” Escuala

cead mile failte :lep:

L.A. Pump. Great quality and service.

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Thanks for the input guys , after researching the forum and surfing the net I decided to go with NW pumpworks , read alot of good info on them and their price was reasonable.I just hear to much negative feedback on LA pump regarding cracks and shipping delays, so anyway thats what I went with,hopefully by the weekend I’ll be packing that baby up. With 5.25 girth now I expect to pack it quickly , but thats ok by me,once I pump and jelq that 1/4 inch into place good and solid I will move up to their 1 7/8 .and then the ultimate goal to pack the 2 incher without any fluid buildup whatsoever.

Just received my pump from nw pumpworks , not very impressed, my tube from pumptoys is much sturdier and I don’t expect I will be buying another from these guys, I’m not even sure the 1 3/4 tube is actually 1 3/4, I measured with a tape and get just over 5 3/8 circumference inside.yea they suck.

I always make my own tubes it’s easy to do they will cost about 10.00 each. I made a 1-3/4 up to a 2-1/4. I now fill this one so I will make a bigger one. I also made a short one for my wife that is 2-1/4 by 3 in long.

Ok, I have now tried out the nw pump,and although I am still not impressed with the construction of the thing, it does seem to be a decent pump.just putting it out there for anyone else who might be looking into buying a thing that struck me as fucked up right off the bat was the sticker on the tube. It read “for novelty use only” , I just dropped 70 bucks on what I intended to be a good quality pump,and to see that just didn’t sit well, but like I said, 3 pumps in and it is serving it’s purpose, no leaks,good seal,nice comfortable flange at the we’ll just have to see how it goes.

I have a Vacutech Thick Wall cylinder, I like it just fine. I use Mityvac Pump. I posted pics in another thread. SiamGuy’s Pumping Pics and MvacSide..JPG

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