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Which pump to buy?

Which pump to buy?

I want to give pumping a try.

My size is pretty small at 5” lenth and 4” girth. I’m unsure what size pump I should buy. I was looking at the LAPD pumps and they seem pretty pricey. I want a pump with a pressure gage and I was wondering if there are any alternative pumps in the market.

LA pumps are very good. And service seems to be great too. A bit expensive, but it’s worth it if you commit to pumping for some time.

If your girth is 4”, your “packing” tube diameter is 4”/pi = 4”/3.14 = 1.27” . So, the best diameter of a tube for you to get is 1.5”. This is the minimum cylinder size LA sells.

1.75” can be too big for you now.

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I got mine from LA Pumps 4 weeks ago and am very pleased with it. I emailed them my size and they got back to me with the proper cylinder sizing info. I got the hand held pump with gauge. I generally pump for 10-15 min @5-6 hg, then jelq for 7 min. I do 2-3 sets of each and have noted increased flaccid hang and increased girth, both flaccid and erect.

Use the money to buy a kite-surfing rig, it is much more effective at delivering the high you are looking for i.e. a huge smile with enormous lift. Pumps are a joke, however, they will demonstrate to you what is possible under a good PE program. But you will still have to put in the time to get at your hidden penis. To get at whats in that cylinder will require a disciplined technique.

Another approach would be to go to Aspen with your gal and experience a full body pump, approx. 3Hg, @ elev. 8000, your gal will love the new you and all for the price of a fancy “left coast” tube.

Banned for posting bullshit.

Whats the site for LA pumps, anyway to buy them without them being shipped to you? I would like some info

Whew! I’m glad Salvo came along to give us the “real deal” about pumping! :whatever:

Been browsing the pumpers forum lately, Sal?


Originally Posted by hungenigma
Whats the site for LA pumps, anyway to buy them without them being shipped to you? I would like some info

The site is

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