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Which pump to buy??

Which pump to buy??


I posted a thread about my length gains here:

Whoo hoo!! and… DOH!!!

I’m about 1.5in across and have thought about pumping in order to help gain some girth through more efficient jelquing (blood stays int here longer and more of it in there so it seems to reason that more would be pushed around).

Can anyone recommend a pump? I’m at 6.3x4.5 right now and as mentioned 1.5 across, I’ve heard a 2” tube but I wonder if that’s enough? I’m so new to this since the only time I’ve seen the suckers is at the adult store in our neighborhood and I wasn’t sure of the quality there.

Anyone got any good routines to use with pumping and jelquing? I think I saw one where you pumped for 5-6 mins and then jelqued for a while and repeated the pumping 3 times with 2 peroiods of jelquing in between?

Appreciate the help, I’m also interested in a veinier unit and I think pumping may help with that - even if it’s not perm, it could be an ego booster since I’m a little down the totem pole on girth.




Consider the one made by LA Pump:

Their “deluxe” model with brass pump and gauge costs something like $129 plus shipping and includes a cylinder you can order appropriate to your girth. See the “Sizing” section somewhere at that site. A 2” tube might be too wide to start with; I think you’d get better overall girth expansion with one a little narrower but check out the chart. In any case, the pumps sold in adult store are usually cheaply made and not worth their cost.

Several of us here are thinking that more moderate pumping likely gives better size gain than long periods of time spent in the tube. That combined with whatever jelking program ends up feeling right for you. We’ll look forward to your own inputs.

Read “Pumping 101”, take it real easy in the beginning, and have fun.




That LA Pumpworks site has a bad link for the order page. I went to an affiliated site and ordered one there. The only thing that worries me is that when I placed my order,”CC info and all”, I didnt get a confirmation that my order went through. I was only sent back to the homepage. I ordered 2day UPS and if I dont get it by the end of the week, I’ll try to contact them. Has anyone else tried to order on this site ?


You might try emailing them to ask for a confirmation that they have the order, if the place you ordered from is an affiliate.



I have used NWPumpworks before and they seem to be OK then. I don’t think that they are an affiliate of LA Pump though. Try sending an email to NW Pumpworks and ask them to confirm your order. You might also suggest that they look into making an order confirmation part of their sales process.

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Thx for replies....

Like I said, I was a bit worried about the no order confirmation screen but I’ve just received an E-mail from them with an order#. Just figured I’d clear their name and not give ppl the wrong impression about this co.

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